Pullmantur Sovereign 10/27/2012

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CatalpaAndy - You do not need to bring any towels. They change room towels frequently and you can get pool towels on deck by signing them to your room and returning them whenever you want a fresh one.

We had plenty of hangers in our room and you could probably ask for more if you needed. If you are first time cruisers, the advice is pack as light as you can, recycle outfits and use their laundry for key items if you need to. This ship seemed to offer very reasonably priced laundry services

We did not personally use the ship's excursions, but we heard a bit about them. As far as we know, there was no food provided on excursions. You have some free time in different locations and are on your own to eat as you choose. For Tunisia and Villefranche, the trips are short enough to eat on the ship before you go and when you return. The longer day trips are all in Italy and we always saw plenty of places to eat for a variety of options. We had a 15 year old boy with us, so pizza was the lunch of choice. Authentic Gelato in Italy is also a must do.

Bottled water is available on the ship, however, it is in large bottles (2 liters or larger). Much too big to carry with you on an excursion. Just go to any bar on the ship and ask for bottled water and they will give you a new bottle to take back to your room. I would suggest bringing smaller, reusable bottle(s) that you can fill from the larger one and take with you on your excursions.

Enjoy your trip!
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Hello again njgolfer!! I thought of one more question...What kind of electrical outlets are there on board? As we are from the States and the ship is European, I was wondering if I need to bring an adapter and converter?
Welcome aboard CatalpaAndy! One week away...my husband and I are very excited as we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary!
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The Sovereign has European outlets. You will need an adapter for the plug.

You may or may not need a converter. Most modern electronics can handle 110 and 220 current. Look at your charger or device and if everything you plan to plug in says 100-240v, then you don't need a converter.
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njgolfer67, many thanks for the information, we are now mostly packed and can't wait for our flight tomorrow.

nan4, thanks for the message, maybe see you in the week.
Ottawa, Canada
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We just got back from our Med cruise on the Sovereign. This was our second Pullmantur cruise, the first being on the Pacific Dream out of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic a few years ago.
Our first cruise was generally better than the Med cruise for several reasons, but the overall cruise was a great experience. The Sovereign is a bigger ship but getting tired. Our first cabin had a faulty toilet that could not be repaired so we switched cabins. The food was good but not great, but the wait staff were very good as was our cabin attendant who, BTW, if you change cabins is still responsible for you even if on another level.
We took in one excursion, shopping in Tunis,and it was very interesting and the tour was in English. The tour guide was very informative and I expect h made a few extra dollars or dinars for having directed the group we were in to some "special" fragrance and rug shops.
We also purchased bus transportation from and back to the ship for Rome and Florence. These we part of a package with the Tunis excursion that we booked through Pullmantur in advance of the cruise and which saved us about 20 euros each doing so.
This cruise is a real bargain if you live in Spain and don't have to fly across the Atlantic to get to the ship, and I expect that many Spaniards use it just to go shopping in Italy and France. It is probably cheaper than driving for them.
We enjoyed the cruise but in some ways there were too many ports in too few days and we were exhausted from seeing so many new things and from a lot of walking too.
We will probably go on another cruise with Pullmantur, likely the Eastern Mediterranean, but with a cabin upgrade to a suite and ideally on a smaller ship.
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Cruisingpat we will be on this cruise departing October 27th. We are from Australia so good to know there will be a couple of English speaking people on the trip.
njgolfer - thank you so much for the informative feedback.
We are currently trying to book excursions but finding it very confusing.

We have sailed with Celebrity before so have no dreams that this is going to be a luxury cruise. Just looking forward to seeing different places before we depart on another Celebrity cruise out of Rome on November 5th. It's a long way to fly from Downunder, so we thought we would make the most of it!
New York, NY
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Great information, NJgolfer. Thank you! I am also from New Jersey and will be taking this cruise with my mom on the 3rd of November (their last sailing of the year). For anyone who has taken the Breezes of the Mediterranean... do you know how early you can drop your bags off at the cruise terminal? How about getting onto the ship? Our flight lands in BCN at 6:15am, so we'll have the whole day to kill. I've been to Barcelona before but my mother has not, so I was hoping to drop off our bags and take her around for a bit. We may very well be exhausted from our red-eye flight from NY, so I am also considering booking a hotel that will hopefully allow an extra-early check-in so we can rest before we get on the ship. Any thoughts? Also, when does Pullmantur send you your final information packet with boarding information, documents, etc? Is it after you pay the final deposit? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Me and my sister are going for our first time cruise the week after you, 03rd november 2012.
I heard a lot of positive notes about the boat, yes a lot of spanish links but most things are in English too. The atmosphere is very relaxes, and it's value for money!
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Hi everyone, we are from the UK and have seen Pullmantur cruises advertised with the Liverpool Cruise Club.

The prices looked very cheap ( £429 pp, one week inc flights and all inclusive based on an April 2013 sailing for one week Med)

We have only sailed with Thomson and Rci so far can anyone tell me a bit more about Pullmantur and how it compares.

Who do other UK customers usually book with please and is the price i have seen typical?

Many thanks in advance !
Stoke on Trent
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I am going on this ship in April. Would love to knwo how to book on shore exhusions.
Amyone else going at this time?
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Stoke on Trent
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Hi Guys thanks for all info about this ship. We are due to travel with them to the Med in April 2013. We have curised just once last year and are really looking forward to this years. Does antone know how I book shore excurions from Pullmantur please?
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My wife and I are also interested in the Pullmantur cruises because the prices is so reasonable and the ports are great. We are intersested in either the Greek Island Cruise/
Turkey or the Baltic/St. Petersberg and the Norway cruise. (back to back)
Since they do not always leave from makor port cities, how hard is it to get to the cities they leave from...example Ravenna Italy or a city I had never heard of in Sweden
Also noticed that a couple of their itineraries require visas-is it like other crusielines
that say as long as you go on the ships's tours, that the visa are already included.
I am refering to the cruises going to St. Petersberg and to Turkey.
Tipping? I noticed on their website that their recommend tipping is higher than US lines
$100 per person for a week. versus about $77 for major lines.. Is the service good?
I would appreciate any help as we are planning to go the first part of June and need to get our airfare tied down.
Also read where 17 and under are free...is thatstill true?