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Southwest Florida
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We have reservations for cave tubing + ATV tour. Has anyone here done the ATV tour? I can't find a lot of information or any reviews of that part of the tour. Is it long? Is it on trails? Is it worth the extra money, or should we just stick with the tubing part?

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We are booked for this excursion also. I also couldn't find very much feedback regarding the combo, and I was wondering the same thing. The only negative thing I read was about people getting stuck a lot due to it being too muddy. I hope someone else chimes in.
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Thought I'd come back and post my experience. We were able to get on the 9:15 bus. Yhony introduced himself and assured us we would not have to pay until the end. He was very funny and sent us on our way. Donisha was our head tour guide for the day and she introduced the other guides and also passed out the cashew wine and rum punch. All very funny! They got a count of how many were doing tubing & ATV combos, and then dropped us off at the ATV site. When we arrived there was a place to change if needed and the ATVs were already in 2-rows and running. After some brief instruction we were on our way. The trail was really muddy so I would suggest you wear something dark or a bathing suit b/c you will get splashed. A Be careful of the hot engine on the sides. They warned us not touch them with our legs, but I went over a bump and my calf got burned. It didn't ruin my fun, I just slapped cool mud on the burn and kept it moving. I'm short and found it easier to stay on the ATV if I stood going over rough areas after that. The ATVs have more power than I was prepared for and they can really get through anything! Never got stuck. They only problem I had with the ATVs was there were several that had mechanical problems and we had to stop often so one of the guys could fix it. Lots of stopping an waiting.

After ATVs we were able to rinse off and then get into passenger vans that took us to the caves. It was a short ride and once there we received our head lights and began the hike to the water. There were at least 3-sets of "natural" stairs with wooden handrails, and twice we had to walk through water over slippery rocks. Honestly, it was fine and we made it with no problems (even 1 person with asthma had no problem), but I think others should know it's not a leisurely stroll. I was glad to reach the water and it was definitely worth it. Our trek was sped up to give us enough time to do both caves and catch up with the others from the bus. Sean was the guide for my group of 8 and he was great and very knowledgeable. He really tried to make it interesting and the tubes were comfy. After the tubes we all got back on the tour bus and stopped by the ATV site for yummy tamales. We had to pay for drinks and chips only. $3 for rum punch. I had two and they were great!

We made it back to the port with some time to shop, but I purchased cashew wine at the ATV site for $10 so we just went back to the ship. A great time! They hustle and work very very hard to make sure you have a great time.

Feel free to ask questions