CENTURY 3-12 to 3-19 Western Caribbean

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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Joined Jan 2003
This cruise was my 3rd on this beautiful ship, 2nd time on the Western Itinerary.
I had a category 9 on Vista Deck Inside #9167. Joyce was my attendant and Marco her assistant. Both were lovely people.

I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around noon and took a cab to Amerisuites. I had booked a room there through Hotwire. It was extremely clean, nice free breakfast and complimentary shuttle to the port.

I had lunch at Carlos and Pepe's and for dinner I met one of my friends from my Constellation cruise, Carol. She lives near the port and we had a wonderful time at Bravo's, which is located on 17th Street. It was my 3rd time eating there and it was as good as I remembered.

Saturday morning I took the first shuttle to the ship. I got to the pier about 10:30 and met 2 folks from our Roll Call there as well.
We boarded about 11:15. I dropped my carry on in my cabin walked around. It was so nice being back on this beautiful ship again. I felt like I had come home.

About 12:30 I went to see the Maitr'd, Richard, from Poland. He was extremely nice and told me the request my TA had made had been granted. There was another single gal from the Roll Call and we were cross-referenced to sit together. We were at table 587, lower level, by the window.
Our tablemates were fantastic. Stacey from Virginia, Noah and Michelle from California, Raad and Mandy from the UK and John and Lynn also from the UK.
Our waiter was Zoren from Masadonia and Asst was Jesus from the Phillipines.
Both were superb. Our Wine Steward was Nilos, also from the Phillipines and our Ass't Maitr'd was Nelson from Portugal.

Every night was wonderful and I always looked forward to seeing my tablemates. They enhanced my cruise very much. We all drank wine and shared bottles. We were like a family of 8.

The 2nd formal night Stacey and I were invited to the Captain's Table. We did enjoy it but I must be honest, I really missed my table.
We went to 3 different shows together as well. During the day we pretty much did our own things but I always saw some of my CC friends and tablemates around the ship.

Ports were the usual on the Western Swing. In Jamaica I just walked up to Margaritaville and in Grand Caymen I just walked around as well.

Cozumel was the "Mexican Cuisine" excursion. It was one of the best I have ever done. Everyone else made the same comments. I recommend it very highly. It was alot of fun, informative and interesting. We all had a good time.

Key West was the "Pub Crawl" for my birthday. 3 of my tablemates went too. We had a great time. The Guide was Lou and he has been doing this tour for about 2 years. He was very fun and we all had a good time.

I was invited to a Galley Tour and that was very interesting. And I was also invited to a "Meet the Sr. Officers" cocktail party which was extremely nice.
There was also an invitation to an "Elegant Tea" I attended in the Crystal Room.

The shows I saw were quite good. There was a comedian named Louis Johnson and he was very funny. We also saw 2 other Broadway style shows and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Our dinner table also went to "Caribbean Night" up on the pool deck. One of the Activities staff found 2 tables and 8 chairs for us and we danced and had a great time.

I saw quite a few crew members I knew from prior cruises, which was really nice.
Nelson, our Maitr'd, had been on the Mercury when I sailed her last March.
Earl was on board too. And my very first waiter, Diego, from Columbia was on board this cruise as well.

Images, the sports bar is now the Martini Bar. Ryan, from South Africa was the bartender. I was there or in the Rendez-Voux for drinks pre-dinner every night.
I was told by Ryan they are going to turn Images into a "New Martini Bar" when she goes into dry-dock. I think this will be a good move. It is a good size bar right now and I think they can give it a "good ambiance" for a Martini Bar.
Right now it is still a partial sports bar/martini bar. Oh, speaking of Martinis, I had quite a few over the week. The peach was very good as well as the Martini Delight. There was another one I had and for the life of me I cannot recall the name. But he put 2 raspberries in the bottom of the glass for me.
I also had a creamy chocolate.

There was a culinary/drink demonstration in the Rende-Voux and that was really fun too. They had 4 chefs, who all do different things, one bartender and a couple of the Wine Sommeliers. We all got to taste wine, a miniature Century Martini and the food was excellent. They made filets for everyone to taste (slices)with a burgundy sauce.

My one big problem was fixed in about 2 days. My bed was horrible. I needed a bed board, as I prefer a firm mattress. I received it on Monday so the rest of the nights I slept better.

I know reviews are really cruisers opinions. What pleases some of us doesn't please others.
I felt like I had truely come home again. Century is still beautiful and I had a marvelous time. The staff was as friendly as ever. 4 of the gals at Guest Services and the Future Cruise Consultant sent me a vase of flowers for my birthday.
The Cruise Consultant is wonderful. Her name is Demitrius and we got along famously. A genuinely nice person.

Overall, I would definitley recommend this ship and yes, I would sail her again.
Poinciana, FL
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Joined Jan 2005
Lois it is so good to hear that my favorite ship is doing so well. I'm glad that you had such a great time. I know you spent some time with our friend Shawn, could you just tell me if the sad news I heard about his son is true? I hope that it is not. All the same, I'm glad you had time to talk. Sounds like your table mates were a real treat. We can't wait to go again.
McDonough, Ga
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Joined Aug 2003
Lois - I've been watching for your review, I knew I'd enjoy it! I just love hearing about my favorite ship. I didn't know they had moved the martini bar to Images, but I think it's a better location instead of hiding in the back of the Crystal Room. Glad you had such a good time, I don't know when I'll be able to sail Century again, her new schedule doesn't work too well with mine, but I know I'll be on her again sometime.

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East Brunswick, NJ USA
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I too was anxiously awaiting your review! I can't believe that in less than 5 weeks I'll be sailing on this grand ship for the first time.

Looks like we're in for such a treat.........everything you wrote in your review has just jacked up my anticipation level by another 100%!!!
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Lois you had me drooling for the martinis.Moving the bar should be a good move.Thanks for the review.

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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Joined Jan 2003
Hi Terri, I don't know when I am going to be sailing her again either. That is one reason I am so glad I jumped on this now.

Kathy, yes it is true. I had no idea what news you were talking about prior to sailing. I felt terrible for him. But he seems to be doing ok. I think his family has a lot of faith and it keeps them going. It is just not in the natural order of things to lose a child

And his wife is not too happy about the ship's itinerary change either. He is hoping to be able to get on Zenith next year. So we shall see what happens.
It was nice spending some time with him though.

Ruth, you will have a wonderful time
Poinciana, FL
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Joined Jan 2005
Lois thank you for confirming for me. My heart breaks for him and for his family. It is a very hard way to live, to not see your loved ones at their most dier times. I'm sure that their faith will see them through. I sent him condolences, but I don't know if he ever got them.

Tell me did you use the T-pool, it is my favorite spot on that ship? That and any dance floor we're on. Love to party and live life to the fullest. You made me relive the dance party on the deck.
Jacksonville, FL USA
48,705 Posts
Joined Jan 2003
Kathy, I used the T-Pool once. I didn't post about it in my review. My legs had gotten quite sore from walking I mean really sore. Feet had swollen up too. Weird...I did treat myself to a massage but to be honest, I think it might have aggrivated my legs, rather than helping them.
When I got back from Margaritville I went straight to the spa. The Manager was really nice. Her name is Catherine and she gave me a deal on just a leg massage and t-pool together.
(I had the first massage a day earlier). So I went into the t-pool and let the hot water beat down on my legs. I then bought some ben-gay from the ship's store.
I think that helped more than anything. I was going to buy some spa cream but it was 94.00 . The Ben-gay was 10 bucks.
Poinciana, FL
2,586 Posts
Joined Jan 2005
I hear you...those spa products are very expensive. I carry an arsenal of Rx products with us (small sample sizes of course) for just such emergencies. My DH has had several surgeries and he is very athletic in nature...you know "no pain..no gain mentality". We usually have to break open the kit at some point during the cruise. You know you may have been fortunate, as it could have been a blood clot...that causes a lot of pain and sometimes swelling. My mom had one and it was very painful for her. Perhaps the alcohol at Margaritaville helped to fend off the evil. Glad you found a remedy and were able to enjoy the rest of your trip.

Did you see the little dog "that knows his limitations" in Key West? That 6' area on the bar he covers is down right funny!
Harpenden, UK
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Joined Nov 2002
Thanks for your review Lois. I enjoyed reading it. Great to see you enjoy Century again before she moves to pastures new.

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"It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere......."
Laguna Beach, CA
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Joined Apr 2002
Sounds like a terrific cruise, Lois. And the martinis sound yummy!

After that pub crawl, how much of your bithday do you actually remember?

Jacksonville, FL USA
48,705 Posts
Joined Jan 2003
Hi Linda I remember ALL OF IT. We went to 5 bars and I only ended up with about 2.5 drinks all afternoon.
We had wine with dinner and I was given 2 different sets of flowers. One of the Bar Managers bought me a Chocolate Martini too!

It was a fabulous birthday
Fort Lauderdale FL
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Joined Oct 2000
HI Lois: I was sooo happy to read your review and that you had a wonderful B-day cruise !!! Of course I knew you would !!! I have six more weeks till my B-day cruise on the Century (4/30) !!! I am meeting my cruisemates for the Martini tastings the first night. Do you remember what time it was held?
Jacksonville, FL USA
48,705 Posts
Joined Jan 2003
Hi Nanci

The Martini Tasting was on the first evening (Saturday night). It was before my dinner and I had late seating. I believe it was at 7:30. Can't promise you it was exactly then, but I remember it around that time. It was in Images, which is now the Martini Bar. And it was FUN!
The bartender was Ryan but I know he told me after this week he goes on vacation. So, I am not sure who the bartender will be for you.
If you see Jeanette though please tell her hi for me! And Erol too
Jeanette works the Mast bar (pool) during the day and she is the bartender in Michael's club during the evenings. She is a doll!
4,374 Posts
Joined Nov 2004

Only 2.5 drinks and 5 bars! You did good girlfirend, and I bet you even managed to remain on the barstool! And thank you for the Martini update. Did you happen to remember what was in the Martini Delight?
Jacksonville, FL USA
48,705 Posts
Joined Jan 2003
Hi Renorita

I really don't recall what is in the Martini Delight BUT......it is DELIGHTFUL

Yes, I stayed on the Bar Stools LOL actually some of the bars we just stood and talked. It was about 20 minutes in each bar with a narrative from Lou about each place. (Lou was our guide).
Boca Raton, FL
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Joined Mar 2002
Hi Lois !

Great to hear that you had a wonderful week on Century. Your review was great too.

Did you have a chance to talk to Diego ? I hope he is doing well.

Welcome Home !
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Jacksonville, FL USA
48,705 Posts
Joined Jan 2003
Hi Andy Yes, I spoke with Diego! And at first he didn't remember ya'll....but then he thought about it and said yes, he did
New York, NY
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Joined Nov 2004
Lois, is the Social Hostess on Century Amanda Grant?
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