Cabins located under the ship buffets

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Dallas, GA
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I posted this at the Hawaii site for POA, but I think it applies to all cabins, buffets, and ships - has anyone stayed in a cabin directly under the great outdoors/buffets and experienced any noise problems, etc?

It seems convenient, but I was not sure if I should worry about the noise.
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We have stayed under the buffet twice before we started sailing in suites (Pearl, #11124 and Star, #11176) never had any problem with noise. I think that once on the Pearl we heard something scrape above, but that is it. They are very convenient that's why we book them, one flight up to the buffet, great outdoors, pool, spa.

To us it is a win-win situation.
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Boston MA
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We had a wrap around aft cabin on the Carnival Valor, and it was a great cabin, but the noise from above was pitiful late at night. I got earplugs but what bothered me most was when I complained nothing was done. That cabin was not cheap. Really think about it. Some never experience this and some do. You may get lucky, but I for one will not take that chance again. Just saying. Good luck.
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Dallas, GA
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Thanks autierobin and Whiskers1 - I know that the buffet opens around 6am (we are early risers) and it closes around 10pm (we never go to bed until 10 or later on a cruise. So we will probably be OK for the convenience of the buffet and Spa. Haven't sailed Carnival, so perhaps the sound proofing and open times are different?
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On the Sun we were in an aft under the Great Outdoors. We had a few chairs scrapping around 6am for a few minutes. A bigger problem and this will vary depending on ports, but the seagulls would grap food from Great Outdoors and deposit it on deck along with some other droppings on railing.
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San Diego, CA
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If you're under the eating area you should be ok. If you're under the kitchen area, that's an entirely different story. On our Epic cruise last year we were in 14022 under the buffet area and didn't hear one peep from upstairs. On a DCL cruise we were under a common kitchen area that serves 2 dining rooms and all we heard all night were large objects rolling around, things falling, etc. as people worked through the night in the kitchen.
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On our cruise on the Sky, we were directly under the Great Outdoors Cafe in an ocean-view cabin. We heard all sorts of noise overhead all night long. I don't know if they were cleaning the decks and moving chairs or what they were doing but, not even complaining stopped the noise. Ear plugs didn't help and they couldn't move us as the ship was full. As a result, we got very little sleep during the cruise. I would NEVER AGAIN pick a cabin under the cafe.
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It probably depends on how sensitive you are to noise. We were once under a restaurant, heard them moving chairs and tables cleaning after passengers ate. It was not loud to complain, my husband didn't even hear, I've heard on the level of "oh, they are cleaning, so what"
Dallas, GA
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I do sleep lightly some nights, so I decided to drop down from deck 10 to deck 9 based on some guidance from my TA.

We are finally going to Hawaii!!!! And by getting the inside cabin my airfare is free!!! That is what I am telling DH anyway
desert SW
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Originally posted by sdmike
If you're under the eating area you should be ok. If you're under the kitchen area, that's an entirely different story. On our Epic cruise last year we were in 14022 under the buffet area and didn't hear one peep from upstairs. On a DCL cruise we were under a common kitchen area that serves 2 dining rooms and all we heard all night were large objects rolling around, things falling, etc. as people worked through the night in the kitchen.
Exactly what we experienced when we had a mini-suite directly below the galley for the buffet. I wouldn't book a cabin in that area again!
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We were under the buffet on one ship and constantly heard chairs scraping as people pulled them in and out. I said I would never take a cabin under a restaurant again.
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Central NY
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We were under the garden Cafe in a mini suite on the Gem on deck 11 aft. We did not hear any noise from the Cafe but did hear the basketball court on deck 13 during the day. Constant thumping! Not good if you like an afternoon nap or even if you like being in your cabin during the day and you are sensitive to noise. We were very surprised we could hear it 2 decks up and it wasn't better sound proofed.
Portland Oregon
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Stayed in an aft penthouse (now owners suites) on the Sky - deck 10. We could hear them every morning around 6:00 and evening around 11:00 for about 1/2 hrs setting up and tearing down and cleaning the deck. On BBQ days the smell was overpowering - but nice. We wanted to yell up at them to send some food down - I guess I could have sent the butler .
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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We stayed in a balcony cabin under the buffet on the Sun once, and had no trouble. Couldn't hear any noise, and were never disturbed!
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upstate sc
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we just got off the star and were on deck 11 under the outside eating and pool area. we never heard anything except one night someone dropped a bowling ball up there. that was the only time we heard anything
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