Any pics of Cove Balcony?

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Hi! We are considering booking a Spring Break cruise on Dream and would love to see pics of Cove balcony! Esp. in relation to how close to the water it is and if it is very private?? Thanks for any info!
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This is going to be a stupid question but why does everyone seem to like the cove balconies? How do they differ from the regular ones?
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Originally posted by robin13
This is going to be a stupid question but why does everyone seem to like the cove balconies? How do they differ from the regular ones?
They are on deck 2.. instead of deck 5 or 6 on other ships that have balconies.. closer to the water...
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Originally posted by robin13
This is going to be a stupid question but why does everyone seem to like the cove balconies? How do they differ from the regular ones?
I can't speak from personal experience (yet ) but we booked one based on its location. It's very low and close to the water. It's also semi-enclosed so a little more private. Take a look at the pics and you'll see what I mean.
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Had this cabin on the Magic. It is amazing, you couldn't get me into a suite over one of these cabins!

There's something about being that close to the water that is just so mesmerizing and calming at the same time. I think it really makes you feel like you're out on the open water vs. viewing the water from up high.

These cabins are for those who truly just love cruising. The feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. Being close enough to the water to feel the spray on your face (not in calm seas, of course). And just being able to enjoy the water.
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This picture that I took of the workmen on the boom lift painting the lifeboat cradles 2 decks above us should give you an idea how close to the water the Cove Balconies are.

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Originally posted by babyblue78
Try this link, TONS of great pics! They convinced me to book our first cove next year.

what a set of pictures!!
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I wonder if anyone has tried to fish off of one of those.
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I liked how it was so close to the water and also how it felt enclosed. Seemed more private to me.
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How often and for how long on average would the doors be sealed?
And sorry I am not sure I understand the pictures Are the balcony dividers opened up and is the balcony door sealed?
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Originally posted by katiepe
How often and for how long on average would the doors be sealed?
And sorry I am not sure I understand the pictures Are the balcony dividers opened up and is the balcony door sealed?
Every other balcony divider can open to have a large connecting balcony. Those that aren't dividers are used to seal off the balcony doors.

So one side of a cove balcony has dividers - open these to the next balcony to make a large balcony.

the other side has waterproof doors - if this side is opened, it seals off the balcony doors

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d these balconies get wet from Sea Spray?
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Originally posted by serene56
d these balconies get wet from Sea Spray?
There is potential depending on wave and wind directions. Ours have mostly not. The last one did get drips from (best guess) automatic window washers a deck of two up.

Anyway, the beach towels they leave in the room are great for covering a wet chair and sitting on the towel. And the cabin steward will replace the seat covers nightly. P.S. don't leave unattended towels on any balcony, but it is less risky on cove balconies.