Just back from B2B on the Explorer

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sarnia ontario
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Arrived in Miami on the 20th after two glorious weeks on the Explorer. The ship was wonderful and we did all our excursions on our own. The whole trip was awesome. I have been on the NOS but I think this ship has more for kids with the water slide and play area in the back.
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I'd love to hear a nice long review of your thoughts, experiences , meals etc.... We're on Explorer in july... Please comment on the eastern itinerary...
Expensive Southern California
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The explorer was my very best cruise ship, so far. I hope to change that soon when I sail the AOS. I'm always eager to read other's explorer reviews to know what they thought of places that we went to.

So if you do post a long review, I'd love to read it!
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I would love to see a review. Especially of the Eastern. Can't wait to sail on her.

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sarnia ontario
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Our cruise was wonderful. The Eastern was awesome. Lots of shopping but we did bus trips, privately. Around $20 each for three to four hours. Went to Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas. The scenery is amazing but get there as soon as the ship docks because it gets very busy. The cab ride alone with the scenery is worth the trip in itself. At St. Maarten's we took the shuttle at the dock with another couple and we toured the island. We did all of the tourist sites, a 45 minute stop at the market for shopping and bathroom break and a trip to the nude beach and regular beach. The cabs are right at the dock with the rates and just be adament that you want to only go with another couple. They want to jam you in but insist on a small group. You might have to wait a few minutes but it's worth it. You have ample time to come back after the island tours to shop if you wish. At Puerto Rico we took a cab to the old city and walked around. It was great. We did not want to do an island tour so the walking was great. Everything is right there with the old forts and everything. In Nassau we again took a shuttle around the city and it was very enjoyable. These guys are very knowledgable and you get your money's worth. Every one of our tours was longer than we expected. They spent the extra time and we found that these people are very happy to have you share in their island. They want you to know everything. Phone cards. A phone card in Puerto Rico to call Canada or the U.S. was $10 for 240 minutes. You just ask and someone will direct you. Don't try your calling cards. This is the cheap way to go. I gave mine to some other people when we were done calling. I got a phone card for $5 in St. Maarten's. There was ample time on it. The ship was everything we wanted and more. We checked on our dining room table as soon as we got there and we were at a large table with a family. We had asked for a table for two and they changed us the very next day. Remember if you have the late dining, we found out this cruise, that the days that you are in port, your dining is pushed back one half hour. We were some nights getting out of the diningroom at 10:45 to 11.
I found it very late but I have had both dining times now and it's a little easier on port days but I would never recommend it to people with children. It's just
too late. I could go on and on and if anyone has any othr questions, let me know.
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Please could you describe how the back to back part of your trip worked? What happenened on changeover day?
Did you stay on board?
Did you get any perks the second week? Which week did you enjoy the most?
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Staten Island,NY, USA
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We have a group doing a B2B in january on the Explorer.This wiill be our first RCI cruise after 17 straight cruises on Celebrity.
How was the food,entertainment and the service? Did you eat in Portofino's?I'm also interested in how you liked Belize and Costa Mayo?
But it's nice to hear that your cruise was a success.
sarnia ontario
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We had to move the scond week but we upgraded to a balcony room. Everyone doing B2B met in the Champagne bar at 11 in the morning where we all then went through customs and then back onto the ship. It took very little time but everyone must go through customs irregardless of if you're still staying on the ship. After we got on, we toured the whole ship looking into all the different rooms. Wow, that Royal Suite is something else. The room attendants let us in to look at all of them. Someone asked about Costa Maya. There is a lovely set up right at the port with a huge swimming pool, bars and restaurants and a beach. There is a lot of coral on the beach and it is quite rough so you wouldn't swim there. You can sit on the beach on the deck chairs, no charge the whole day and the shops are also right there. The view is awesome and you can take some pretty nice photos there. Belize was a little undeveloped for us but I'm sure that in the future when there is more there, it will be okay. We took a tour there with a guy right at the dock named Joel and went went to the Mayan ruins. It was very scenic and it cost us $74. Great day, even though Belize itself has very little in the way of a village.
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We are sailing the western route on the Explorer in May. I would love to hear more about the excursion you took to the Mayan ruins in Belize. We will have our children with us ages 8 and 10. Was it a long drive to the ruins? Were you worried about getting back to the ship on time? Thanks for any information.
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i didn´t know explorer had a slide???overall comparing it with navigator you like the explorer better?trying to do a cruise with my kids and done the navigator wanted to see a differnt one please help with comparasion
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Brentwood, NH, USA
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Just curious if anyone has been on both of these ships? We did the Southern route (St. Thomas, St. Martin, Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua) on Adventure 2 years ago, and we are doing Western on the Explorer next month. Just curious how the 2 compare to each other. I know Explorer is a little older, but can we expect vitually the same ship?

Also, we have a JS which we also had on Adventure, roughly the same size room?

sarnia ontario
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We hired a private tour at the dock and the trip was about 3/4 of an hour to the ruins. The roads are very bumpy. Joel, our guide gave us a great tour and it lasted about three hours. We left at about l0 in the morning. When we left the ruins we also toured the whole area of the city. The guide seemed very knowledgeable and on our next cruise, he will meet us at the dock and take us cave tubing if we desire. After all the snake stories, we are a little undecided. The tour was $37 per person.
Manchester, VT
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You mentioned that at Costa Maya, the shops were right by the port. What about Belize? Do you need to take a taxi or bus to get to the town?
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