solo on royal caribbean

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Originally posted by eightofninekev
I am thinking of going on a cruise with royal caribbean .What are they like for solos? can anyone give me information on what kind of things they do ?
I did a TA solo on the Navigator a few years back and it was fine. I would agree with the other posters, join the roll call, and partake in the trivia and other events aboard ship to meet others. I enjoyed the trip. I would go with the traditional dining as it will give you some people to connect with aboard the ship. Sometimes you end up at a table that is not the most enjoyable but other times you end up with a great table. Our table connected very well and we participated in the trivia as a team and we were a very diverse group. Two of us were solo's, one couple was an older couple from the UK and another couple was from Alaska. I did not attend any of the single functions aboard the ship because as others stated, either no one was there at them or had other conflicts, Happy sailing and I hope you have a great trip.
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My last cruise was solo on the Explorer and I had a great time; it was my 2nd solo cruise and although I did get lonely at times because it was 9 nights (plus 2 nights pre cruise in New Jersey), I'm so glad I opted to go by myself.

I joined my Roll Call early and I'm glad I did; met great people from there and even joined an excursion with a few of them; I also loved having my own room and being able to do my own thing and not have to worry about anyone else. I was at a 8 top table and after the first night, I was highly questioning who made the seating arrangements, but it got better and now I miss my table companions. We had quite a few singles' events that were planned in the cruise compass, but I didn't attend any of them; just wasn't that interested to do so.

I recommend trying it; I'm already looking into my 3rd solo cruise for April 2013 and I can't wait to start all the planning all over again.
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Originally posted by jjb415
Hey barbyj,

I see that we are on the same itinerary. See you onboard.
Hi Jack,
Will see you at the sailaway party. Are you on both legs?
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Originally posted by barbyj
Hi Jack,
Will see you at the sailaway party. Are you on both legs?
Yes, both legs and looking for a possible reduction in price to Singapore.
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Originally posted by westcoasttech
Just got back from travelling on the Radiance (14 day Aus/NZ) as a solo.
My recommendation - definitely sign on to the rollcall, go and check out any "singles" or solo get together listed in the Compass (you can always leave if you feel uncomfortable). Attend the trivia games - there's always room for one more in a trivia team, and you might win something (managed to win a T-shirt and a cruise wallet)! Go for breakfast/lunch at the main dining room and just chat to the other people at the table - you'll meet people from all over the world!
You could be my twin. I have just booked this for 2013. Solo. I can't actually believe I have done it. I am married but hubby isn't into cruising. I am really looking forward to doing this cruise where I can make my own decisions about what I want to do. Nap. Have a snack at midnight. Play bingo. Trivia. I have just been on QM2 for four nights with my mother and this opened my mind to possibilities. I have no desire to travel with mum again, it was nice but enough, but now I know I can do it on my own. I am doing mtd but will ask for a larger table. Or take my kindle!
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I am an RCI newbee but have sailed solo before on DCL. Will the table assignments for Tradional dining be all solos? I have a fear of showing up and being the only person at a table.
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Originally posted by tontok
I am an RCI newbee but have sailed solo before on DCL. Will the table assignments for Tradional dining be all solos? I have a fear of showing up and being the only person at a table.
I don't think RCI does "solo" tables in the dining room. When I sail solo, I always put down that I want to be seated at bigger tables. I've never shown up to be the only diner at the table. I do remember one time that the whole table (including me) went to one of the specialty dining venues so that the whole table was empty. We did let the waiters know ahead of time though. I like set time dining because I like to get to know my table mates. I've also been included in port excursions by table mates. Just my opinion. :-)
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I just completed a 9 night cruise with Royal Caribbean in June. This was a solo trip and although I was hesitant at first, I couldn't have anticipated all the fun I had. I met a lot of fun and nice people and even a few solo travelers. The Compass had a 9:00 (self led) meet place for solo travelers.

All in all, I am going to do this again. What you do doesn't depend on others traveling with you. If you decide to stay on the ship when docked at an island, you don't have to get off because everyone else in your party will.

I can't wait to go again!

If you are considering this, you won't be sorry if you do!
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I've had two different experiences on RCCL as a solo. The best experience was on a Mediterranean cruise. I met another solo on CC roll call, and she managed to get us re-seated at a larger table with other CC members. My other experience, in a studio cabin, was awful. The room was cramped and the solo gathering was non-existent. I couldn't tell who were the afternoon drinkers and who was there for the gathering. Second day, same thing. So, sadly, I now travel mostly on NCL.
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I've done RCL solo a couple of times. I, too, have had mixed experiences. Looking back it was probably my fault. I took a B2B on the Oasis during holiday time and it was kid central-- my bad.

On the other side, I took a November transatlantic from Southampton to Miami on the Adventure OTS and met lots of age appropriate solos and had a fabulous time.

While I agree that NCL makes more of an effort in the solo department, I'm happy as long as there are enough other solos cruising. One way or another, we'll find each other.

But there's no substitute for planning the right cruise.

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Taking my first solo this weekend on RCL. It was a last minute decision, so I couldn't get assigned dining. I did make a reservation in the dining room for 3 nights using MyTime dining, and I'll see how it goes if I ask to be seated with others. (I'll bring my Kindle, just in case I end up behind a potted plant next to the kitchen at a table for two.) I will be going to the Windjammer on formal nights.

My last cruises were with my kids when they were in college and grad schools, and I seldom saw them except at dinner time. I figure those vacations were "solos with training wheels," getting me ready for trying solo by myself. Sometimes I met other friendly people whose families were off doing something else, and I'm hopeful the same thing happens on this trip.

I'll report back - wish me luck!