How many swimsuits do you take for a 7-day Caribbean cruise?

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Deck yourself out for your next cruise! What clothes should you bring, and what should stay at home. Offer up packing tips, and savvy shopping info, too
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I'd take 3 for the 3 different ports, and then 2 for the other 5 total.
& the only reason I'd bring so much is because I have so many of them so I might as well bring them and put them to I don't like wearing dirty swimsuits.
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Originally posted by jacksmom09
I have gotten 5 new swim suits and can't wait to wear them! We will be on a 7 night cruise with 2 days at WDW!
you sound like me! I already bought 3 new ones, and I'm sure I'm going to end up picking up at least one more smh
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I took four swimsuits, but only used two. However, I did not do beach excursions when we went into port. If I had done beach shore excursions, I probably would have used all four. I took several coverups also.
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I take 2 so that I always have a dry one. I wash one out after wearing it and then hang it to dry and alternate suits every day.

But I don't like to pack a bunch of stuff and I hate swim suit shopping so this works well for me.
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Question are there ways to protect your bathing suits so they don't get bleached if there's way too much chlorine in the pool/hot tubs? just asking.. I only wear dark colors.
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I didn't take special care. (probably should have, but was too busy doing fun cruise things.....) However, I did jump in the shower with my suit on for a few minutes and drench it in water to try to wash out the pool water and/ or spa water. Took it off and soaked it some more and then showered myself. Rolled it up in a beach towel to absorb the water. Then hung the suit up to dry. Not the perfect solution, but it had to help a little bit. I'm sure washing the suit in the sink in woolite or some other special wash would have been much better. But I don't like to wash clothes or iron on cruise, if I can avoid it.
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For a 7 night cruise, I usually take 5 or 6. For longer cruises, I will take 7 or 8. I have many of them, and like to use them.
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Two so I always have a dry one....I also jump in the shower with my suit on let the water run on it, wash my hair using a shampoo to remove chlorine and let that run all over the suit while it's still on my body, finally take the suit off, rinse out my hair, rinse out my suit, squeeze it out and let it dry. I've never needed more than two suits although I own more than two.
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I take usually 3, sometimes 4. I make sure to take at least 1 one piece that I wear towards the end of the cruise after I put on a couPle too many chocolate melting cakes. I am a strange size though, I have a large chest so I never find swimsuits off the rack on sale that fit me. I have to order my suits online based on my bra size, so it costs me too much money to keep buying new suits.
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Maybe three. I just bought one swimsuit top last weekend and another top and bottom today. I also buy for summer.
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I bring two. Often I only wear one of them.
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I bring 2 for a 7-8 day cruise. I couldn't imagine taking 9! and I'm sure people who take 9 couldnt imagine only bringing 2
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Originally posted by michelle1836
I bring 2 for a 7-8 day cruise. I couldn't imagine taking 9! and I'm sure people who take 9 couldnt imagine only bringing 2
LOL! I'm the one that said I'm bringing 9 for a 7 day with a day before and after. You're right...I can't imaging bringing only 2, but I also think 9 is a bit much. However, since I have them and they're small, I'm bringing them! I shudder when I see people talk about "mixing and matching". I do that at home. I have so much cute stuff that I want to wear it/use it on a cruise (or any vacation). That includes shoes. Of course, I don't have to worry about luggage weight...I am platinum status on United, so I get 3 checked bags up to 70 lbs free. I'm young and healthy, so I can totally manage my own bags. To each their own...nothing wrong with mixing and matching...just not for me
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I take at least three. One in my suitcase, one in my DH's suitcase, and one in my carry-on. I can't just run out and buy a swimsuit if my suitcase is lost or delayed. (I take my favorite in my carry-on.)

(We also cross-pack clothing so if one of our suitcases is lost, we still have stuff in the other.)

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I take 2-3. I typically travel carry-on only, but on the rare occasions I don't I pack one in my tote so I can head to the pool when I board.
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I usually take 2 plus an extra top with swim shorts. I can't stand a put on a wet suit. I usually wearr the swim shorts on boating/water excursions.
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Originally posted by Robin7
I take at least three. One in my suitcase, one in my DH's suitcase, and one in my carry-on. I can't just run out and buy a swimsuit if my suitcase is lost or delayed. (I take my favorite in my carry-on.)

(We also cross-pack clothing so if one of our suitcases is lost, we still have stuff in the other.)


That's a really good point! Finding a swimsuit that fits well is not something you can guarantee finding at a local port shop.
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