Fire on Quest

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Merseyside. U.K.
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Just heard this myself and am shocked and saddened.
I hope those who have been injured will soon return to good health .
Having sailed on Quest I have no doubt that the officers and crew would have reacted with the total professionalism that they always display .
Cheshire UK
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We pray that all the injured crew members on "Quest" will make a speedy recovery ,and thank all the ships personnel for their professional handling of this serious situation. Our thoughts and prayers to our "Quest" family.

Regards John & Caroline
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Berkshire, UK
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BBC reporting the following coast guard update:

A coast guard spokesman, Lt Cdr Algier Ricafrente, said the Azamara Quest was carrying 590 passengers and 411 crew.
Azamara Club Cruises said the blaze - in one of the ship's engine rooms - had been immediately extinguished.
The injured crew members suffered smoke inhalation and one of them needed hospital care.
Azamara Club Cruises said engineers had restored power to one of the ship's engines to restart air conditioning, running water, refrigeration and food preparation and the vessel was in "calm seas".

"While the ship does not have propulsion capabilities at this time, it is in the process of being repaired," it said.
Lt Cdr Ricafrente said a Manila-based ferry and towage company had alerted the coastguard to the fire but there had been no direct contact with the ship's crew.
He said the coastguard would investigate why the Azamara Quest's crew had not issued a distress call.
The boat had been 139km (75 nautical miles) south-west of the Philippines' Tubbataha Reef when the coastguard heard of the incident.
Lt Cdr Ricafrente said two coastguard vessels and a patrol boat were expected to reach the ship later on Saturday.
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Read that some of the crew were injured. Hope they are doing OK. Just left the Quest in Hong Kong. Sorry to hear this news
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Latest from Azamara Facebook page

Azamara Club Cruises Statement
March 30, 2012, 11:30 p.m. E.S.T.

Engineers onboard Azamara Quest continue to work on restoring propulsion to the ship. Once they have restored the ship’s propulsion, Azamara Quest will sail directly to Sandakan (Sabah), Malaysia. When propulsion has been restored to the ship, we will be able to provide an estimated time of arrival. Until then, we will be working... with our guests to determine how we can best assist them with next steps and travel arrangements.

Larry Pimentel, president and chief executive officer, will be flying to Sandakan in order to meet with Azamara Quest guests personally. Mr. Pimentel is scheduled to arrive in Malaysia on Monday morning, local time.

Unfortunately, five crew members onboard the ship suffered smoke inhalation during the fire. The crew members are being treated in our medical facility. However, one crew member is more seriously injured and requires additional and urgent medical attention that can only be provided in a hospital. Once the ship arrives in Sandakan, the crew member will be immediately transported to a local area hospital.

The damage caused by the fire will require us to cancel the rest of Azamara Quest’s voyage once the ship arrives in Sandakan. We encourage guests on the April 12, 2012, sailing of Azamara Quest to monitor this website on Monday, April 2 for an update on your voyage.

If you have specific questions regarding Azamara Quest, you may call toll free 1.888.829.4050 from the United States and Canada. Guest outside the United States may call direct or collect to 1.408.916.9001.

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Great to get info right from Azamara. SO opposite what happens with other cruiselines.

Hoping the crewmembers recover quickly and completely!
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The company said it would be offering passengers a full refund for the cruise and was planning to cancel the rest of the cruise once the ship reached Sandakan. The company's president and CEO Larry Pimentel was planning to fly to Sandakan to meet passengers personally.
Royal Caribbean International said there were approximately 300 Americans on board out of a total of 617 guests, NBC reported. Azamara Club Cruises is a member of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

As of 2 hours ago still no propulsion
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Thank you Bill for keeping us all updated. Our thoughts and prayers are with all on Quest. Azamara's crews are special and we hope the injured crew members recover well and that the more seriously injured member is able to receive the required hospital treatment.

Hilary & Colin
In a house !
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[quote=Lottie A;33139203]Thank you Bill.


It seems the whole emergency has been handled very professionally by Captain Karlson and the crew,

I have sailed on the Quest with Captain Karlson and can concur that in my opinion he is a "Top Captain/man" .Pity all other Captains are not like him.
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Up North and Down South, UK
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Just posted on FB :

We are onboard. We have started moving now and the atmosphere onboard is calm. We are all (staff and passengers) eating at the moment. The internet access has been opened up for guests just now and will be open to staff in approx 90 minutes. We are being well looked after. Lights and plumbing are working, the only service not working is the air conditioning.
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Hi All

Passengers have been chatting live on the BBC, all appears to be well

given what has happened, sad news about the crew,

yours Shogun
Fife, Scotland
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Originally posted by NorbertsNiece
Just posted on FB :

We are onboard. We have started moving now and the atmosphere onboard is calm. We are all (staff and passengers) eating at the moment. The internet access has been opened up for guests just now and will be open to staff in approx 90 minutes. We are being well looked after. Lights and plumbing are working, the only service not working is the air conditioning.
Glad to hear that
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Hot Spings Village, Arkansas
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Once again, Google Is Your Friend. Looks like the Quest is under way.

A cruise ship temporarily stranded off the south Philippines coast after a fire disabled engines, injuring five crew, is heading for an eastern Malaysia port under emergency power, the Philippine Coast Guard and the ship's owner said on Saturday.

Coast Guard Captain Perfecto Eden said the Azamara Quest, carrying 600 passengers and 411 crew and which made a port call in Manila on Wednesday, is now on its way to Sandakan port, in the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah after the fire was put out on Saturday.

"All passengers are safe," Eden told reporters about the status of the Azamara Quest, a vessel operated by Miami-based Azamara Club Cruises.

A Philippine Navy ship is escorting the cruise until it crosses the Malaysian maritime border, Eden added.

The rest of the cruise, carrying mainly Americans and Western Europeans, has been canceled the company said, adding that "the captain deemed it necessary to muster all guests at their assembly stations."
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Latest posting on CNN web page:
Mar 31, 2012 06:18 AM PDT

Fire strands cruise ship off Indonesia
By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- Engineers are battling to restore power to a cruise ship carrying about 1,000 people after it was left adrift off Indonesia by an engine fire, cruise company Azamara Club Cruises said.

All of the nearly 600 passengers on board the Azamara Quest are safe but five crew members suffered smoke inhalation during the fire, the company said in an online statement.

One of the injured crew needs urgent medical care and will be taken to a hospital as soon as the ship reaches shore, it said.

The cruise liner is expected to head straight to Sandakan in Malaysia once propulsion is restored, the company said.

"The damage caused by the fire will require us to cancel the rest of Azamara Quest's voyage once the ship arrives in Sandakan," it said.

As of Saturday morning local time, the ship was located 200 miles off the port city of Balikpapan, on the Indonesian island of Borneo, in calm seas, the company said.

The fire broke out at about 8:20 p.m. local time in one of the ship's engine rooms, where it was contained and quickly extinguished, the company said.

Power was restored to one of the engines late Friday, allowing the ship to restart its air conditioning, running water, plumbing and refrigeration, Azamara Club Cruises said.

The fire broke out after the Azamara Quest had set sail from Manila, in the Philippines, Officer Francis Wong, chief of communications for the Philippines Navy, told CNN.

The ship's captain reported the fire to the Philippine naval authorities, who sent a Cessna aircraft and two patrol gun boats to the cruise ship in response, he said.

As of noon Friday Philippine time the fire was under control, he said.

Wong said he did not know where the ship was headed next.

"When we left the ship was safe and close to Palawan," he said, referring to an island province in the Philippines.

The Azamara Quest was on a 17-night sailing voyage that departed Hong Kong, China, on March 26, and was due to include port calls in the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia before concluding in Singapore on April 12.

Azamara Club Cruises, which operates two cruise liners, is part of the giant Royal Caribbean Cruises group.
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I too want to extend good wishes to those on the Quest and hope that the injured make a speedy and full recovery. We love the Quest and look forward to sailing on her again next year.
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I am on board and wish to add that everything was handled very professionally. It really was a serious situation. Our muster station in the restaurant was full of smoke so we assembled in the casino where there was a little confusion and lack of space but things improved when we were allowed on deck. We returned to our cabins (in the dark) at about midnight and lights and toilets functioned at 3.45 a.m.

The crew member is seriously injured and as of a couple of hours ago we are proceeding to Sandakan for his further medical attention. Passengers will also disembark there and be flown to Singapore. We have the choice of staying on there till the 12 April.

Everyone has handled this well, despite suffering the heat without airconditioning. Officers and especially crew have worked so very hard and should be commended.
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Originally posted by Lottie A
Thank you Bill.


It seems the whole emergency has been handled very professionally by Captain Karlson and the crew,

I have sailed on the Quest with Captain Karlson and can concur that in my opinion he is a "Top Captain/man" .Pity all other Captains are not like him.
I have to agree with this. This is the Captain you want in an emergency.