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Originally posted by Typhoon1
HALs standard cabins seem like a suite when compared to Carnival or some of the other low end lines.
LOL ain't it the truth! I was in an inside on the Rotterdam and I swear I had as much space as I did on the "mini suite" I had on a Princess ship. I forget the name...it was the one that had the fire a few years ago.

I met someone who was in a balcony cabin on that ship. I saw his cabin - I thought it was tiny! He was very impressed by my bed linens in the mini suite. I asked "What do you have? Some scratchy old wool blankets?" It turned out he did!
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Originally posted by GmaPajama
I don't know where HAL "officially" stands in the hierarchy of upscale cruiselines - but, for me, HAL is the perfect fit and I'll not be wandering off to try anything else. I love everything about the line - the ships, the service, the crew, the itineraries, absolutely everything. My first cruise was on one of the lesser lines, and I nearly didn't cruise again. I'm forever grateful to have discovered HAL and the amazing world her ships have opened up to m

Sure, the economy is having an effect on almost everyone. Corporations and people alike. We all compromise a bit, just to get by. But MY compromise would be to a lesser cabin, not to a lesser line - nor to any other line, for any reason.
I agree completely!
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What really confuses me is when people say how well they are treated on HAL. No one has ever treated me like royalty or anything other than one of 800-1200 passengers. Actually, the service at dinner (anytime dining) is just OK. We've been on most of the cruiselines and it's the same on all of them. Regent treated us better, even though the tips were included and the drinks were already paid for.
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Originally posted by Typhoon1
HALs standard cabins seem like a suite when compared to Carnival or some of the other low end lines.
I've seen no difference in the standard balconies between these two lines on the Spirit Class ships. They carry more people mostly because of the one level of SA cabins on HAL. While HAL's insides do seem to be larger.
The oceanviews all look the same to me for the most part.

HAL calls that same cabin a 'suite' on the S & R class of ship. What's up with that?

Hugh in Dallas.
California - Italy - Switzerland
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Originally posted by hensghan
I once read something to the effect that saving up and paying for the Presidential Suite at a Motel 6 only means that you are still staying at a Motel 6. Is cruising coming to this? Is paying for a Deluxe Suite on a ship that is apparently not always being properly maintained the rough equivalence of the Motel 6 analogy? Is it now starting to make sense to consider paying for a lesser cabin on a more upscale cruise line than opting for high end accommodations on a perhaps declining line? Me, I haven't yet taken the plunge to try out a standard cabin on a luxury or semi-luxury line, but I'm wondering it it might now make sense to consider doing so. Any opinions or experiences?

PS -- This question is not a jab at HAL. It just seems that economic realities are forcing most cruise lines into somewhat of a quality decline. Many cabins are being almost given away just so as to fill them.
We have now done two Crystal Cruises and enjoy the higher-end decor and finishings and a little more formality in dining service than HAL. But beyond that, HAL wins in cabin size, layout, bathrooms, service, breakfasts, breads, buffet choices, cheese plates, enrichment lectures, port excursions, libraries, quiet nooks, outdoor spaces, tea time, and passenger mix. It is all how you want to spend your money and time. Both ships get you there. I think the HAL Neptune suites and amenities make the best package for the price between the two.

We too are glad we discovered HAL after starting out with Crystal - see above, so did not feel it was much of a step down. If you are in the lower price range cabins on a Crystal ship, you might as well be a "step down" too for the overall value and compromises at this cabin level with Crystal. But yes, they are darn pretty ships inside.
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Untill recently Crystal was the laggard. What you lacked on Crystal till this year, Regent was offering back in 2001. Regent is all suites, all veranda balconies, no tipping, all liquor and shore ex. open seating all restauraunts.. Huge cabins, astounding food and much more casual and relaxed than Crystal..better laid out less stuffy.
Crystal ships much larger very formal... totaly different; charges for a lot of what Regent provided... .

I am doing Oceaina now as a jr Regent... same vibe

Pick what you want.. I do Holland for economy/ variety. as a break
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Originally posted by Hawaiidan
I was not comparing Holland to Motel6 My point is that there is a point fo diminishing returns that you receive from trying to be luxury where it can not exist.
Holland some say gives then a wonderful sence of being a VIP and can not imigine being treated any better. I am happy for you.
But having sailed a lot on true luxury ships and Holland, I can make the statement: The highest possible service, food, facilities provided by Holland are vastly below even the basic suites/cabins on a Luxury ship.

Too, I find it less expensive overall to take the luxury cruise than to take a Holland America Cruise , because on a Luxury ship... everything from tip to Liquor/wine/ meals, shore ex, etc is all included. Top name hollywood pesonalities for entertainment, 1/2 the passengers, enrichment talks .like Astronuats, Ambassadors, World news makers, scientists... I had a 2 week talk on oceans with Costeaus son and went diving with him !!! No port shopping lectures on daimonds !!!,

All passengers on Luxury ships are treated as one class out of the cabin the service is so professional and low key, not stuffy. that you have to experience it.
On Holland all passengers are treated too equaly, so getting a " top cabin" on Holland is not going ot buy you any real tangible experience. They guy in the $65 a day cabins gete the same service at the $400 a day passenger. Pays the same for a dring and the same for tips, meals etc.

I sail Holland for variety because anything to excess reduces its value, Regent one cruise , Holland the next..

So, decide what you want a nice cruise or a luxury cruise.

Because no matter how much money you spend on your car its never ever going to drive and handle like a Ferrari or Lamborgini... If you want quality start with quality. You can not get value from spending more money on a lesser product. That is reality and my point I used with motel 6..
I found this very helpful, thank you! I started out on Princess, had a good time, but wasn't that impressed, moved to HAL and I love it. But, I love HAL because they are higher end on the things that are really important, and casual enough to not cause me any stress.
That being said, I will never leave HAL. But, I'd like to experience a higher end line.
To me, a good analogy is having dinner at your favorite higher end restaurant close to home (HAL), and sometimes, venturing in to a large city for a $$$$ dinner. I need that sometimes.
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