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What is in the mind of people who tip with $2 bills on cruises is not to carry less bills, it is to make themselves more visible, be conspicous, be cute and/or maybe get some special treatment on the cruise. They are not using them at home.

I think it is a weird for those reasons above to give them out, and crew have told me they would rather not get them, but I am sure the crew will find a way to use them. So if it turns a person on or gives them joy to pass out $2 bills as tips for whatever reason...... I guess to each their own, go ahead.
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I am simply stating the fact in answer to the person from the UK who has not seen them in trips to the US that people use them to stand out. Two dollar bills don't normally circulate. It is like people who spray their hair purple, pink or green. It is a way of getting attention. If that is your personality, go for it!
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You seem to be saying that being rude to the staff by inconveniencing them is okay? Whatever, it is your vacation....
I apologize to others in advance, as I usually attempt to restrain myself from responding to ridiculous posts...but

Sir, please enlighten me...How exactly am I, or someone else, trying to stand out, be cute, get special treatment, gain attention etc...if, in the privacy of my cabin I happen to give the Room Service staff member a tip with a $2 bill ? or perhaps include a $2 bill with other cash in a sealed, end-of-cruise, extra tip envelope I may happen to slip a special staff member?

Secondly...after all these years..when my wife and her friends, and even my son on occasion have sprayed/dyed their hair pink, or put pink extensions in, I always thought it was because they were showing support for another friend(s) who was/were celebrating another year of breast cancer survival...or perhaps undergoing their first round of chemo after breast cancer surgery. I never knew it was because they were trying to get attention !!??

My point being...you have know idea...unless you ask, why someone might spray/dye their hair purple, pink or green...or perhaps even Clairol Auburn Brown !!

Thirdly...I guess since it is rude to give staff a $2 bill...it would also be much worse if say I were to give them a $500 bill...since it is in fact quite rarer than a $2 ? Somehow I think they will gladly tolerate the inconvenience to deposit it or send it home !! I have always received genuine appreciation for whatever cash tip I might give a staff member...and never once since my first cruise in 1974 have I ever received a reaction that led me to believe they thought I was being rude !

Venting done...I now revert to my normal routine of not responding to posts that irk me !!

Happy Cruising !