Where would you stay overnight?

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Loved the Intercontinental!! It was one of the best pre-cruise stay experiences we have ever had. The festivities started that first night at the bayside market place. So much fun..The location is perfect.
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DH and I have stayed in Miami twice pre-cruise and never did we feel unsafe.

The first time we flew into Miami and stayed at the Holiday Inn Biscayne Bay. It was nice and just across the street from Bayside. We walked to Bayside at night and never felt unsafe. It was a short taxi ride to/ from the pier/ airport.

The second time I made a deal with William Shatner and landed the Hyatt Regency Miami for $60 a night. While not at the bay, we had amazing views of the Miami river. This hotel was soo nice! We had flown into Orlando on this trip and rented a car and drove up the coast without incident. We also used our rental car to visit Bayside and Palm Beach without incident. We visited several local restaurants and shops and never were in a situation where no one spoke English or we felt unsafe.
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We are staying at the Holiday Inn this year. Last year we stayed at a nice hotel as well (can't remember the name but it wasn't a "brand name" hotel). The front desk staff was VERY RUDE. Hopefully the Holiday Inn will be good... "Port" one on Biscayne Boulevard. I will let you know when I come back... I set sail in one month! wow.

As far as traffic... it is like any other big city, lots of "one way" roads and lots of crazy cabs. Treat they city like any other city, be aware of your surroundings and stay in the "tourist" areas.
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Originally posted by karonijo
DH and I are sailing out of Miami on Carnival Liberty in Sept...not too excited about hotel choices there but do hear of a few good ones downtown. We like to get out and explore a little while staying ..but not sure Miami is the place for us. We have stayed many times in FLL...and love to hang around there..and then of course we love to see "our" ship in port just waiting for us to board. Not sure that is possible in Miami anyway..so my question is ...Where would you stay? Do a lot of you CC'S stay if FLL and drive down to Miami to board..if you stay in Miami...where abouts do you stay? We are not really looking to stay at airport..would rather be closer to port...and what is there to do there that isn't "too" risky? LOL

Thank you all for your help. I get a lot of good information on these boards.

I also recommend the Intercontinental. It is going for $128 for Sept 7th on last minute travel . com

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Thanks for all the responses ..out of all the wonderful things I hear about bayside ..I would really love to give Miami a try ..so I think I may just do that.. I also got a little feedback from my boss who is from down in that area...keep the responses and suggestions coming please...I really take to heart the wealth of information I have learned here..
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Originally posted by AmberTeka
You can stay at the Hampton Inn at Port Everglades..(F.L0 they have coupons now .... go online to the travel guide) watch a lot of ships go in and out..and then a 15 mile drive on the safe interstate to Miami's Port.
How bad is Miami? And it about time someone told tourists the truth. The Police in Miami carry AK 47's and they are still pittifully out gunned. The dredges of the Caribbean, Central and Latin America live there..........it is Old Havanna on Steriods.
You are totally ignorant.
I've stayed in Miami for several cruises including one the week of April 21st last month. Most people speak English. I love Miami.
And, no I do not speak Spanish.
And second, NO police force in the US carries AK-47s. NONE.

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Originally posted by Harrier1961
You are totally ignorant.
I've stayed in Miami for several cruises including one the week of April 21st last month. Most people speak English. I love Miami.
And, no I do not speak Spanish.
And second, NO police force in the US carries AK-47s. NONE.

Correct. I'll bet the poster you quoted couldn't identify one anyway, just the name.
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Originally posted by karonijo
Thanks for all the responses ..out of all the wonderful things I hear about bayside ..I would really love to give Miami a try ..so I think I may just do that.. I also got a little feedback from my boss who is from down in that area...keep the responses and suggestions coming please...I really take to heart the wealth of information I have learned here..
Miami is a great city, the options can be overwelming but there are plenty of places you'd like. Narrow it down to the area you want to stay in (SoBe, downtown, etc) and go from there. Have fun!
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Two that typically are decents rates in September and are exceptional hotels are:

InterContinental Bayside, and
Casa Moderna (formerly Tempo)

Some like to stay in SoBe at the boutique hotels as well....
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HAve stayed at the IC and Hyatt Regency both are very nice. We always book through a name your own price. Bayside is kinda touristy but we didnt mind. They had entertainment and food and shopping for anything you may have forgotten. IC was closer but the Hyatt was pretty close . We walked out front door of Hyatt crossed the street and walked along the water to BAyside. I always go with the cheaper one more money for drinks
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We've stayed at the Marriott, the Hyatt, the Holiday Inn, and the Intercontinental...all close to bayside and all decent hotels. Never have had a problem there.
(You're probably wondering why all the different hotels....we tend to use the discount sites...have never paid more than $90 per night yet! )
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Originally posted by AmberTeka
I would not stay in Miami.
My DH is a Florida Native..and it is hard for him to visit Miami. he remembers when it was USA. We don't speak Spanish and in an emergency...that is a big drawback. ..


You also might not like the far northeastern part of the US where many people speak French .

I love Miami...It's my absolute favorite sail away port!! We always stay at the Marriott with a bayview room to see the ship when we wake up (usually it's shipS...many of them!!)
I love the entire South Beach area...LOVE Bayside shopping/restaurants.
There is so much to see and do.

I love to fly in to Miami, stay in Miami and do as much as possible IN Miami before we get on the ship.

Embarking in Miami is fabulous...they have it down to a science.
I have sailed from FLL once (not impressed)...I have never felt the need to stay outside of Miami for any reason.

I am confused as all heck about the 'fear factor' here
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Originally posted by t1adams
We cruised out of Miami last year and stayed right at the airport in a nice cluster of nice hotels area. We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. We felt safe when we saw all the nice--very nice, and CLEAN looking hotels all together off the interstate. You'll have plenty of days to enjoy views. There's a famous golf country club course really close by. Very high society. However, we ate at an Applebee's that night before and had the RUDEST waitress ever. The type you only see on sitcoms, lol. But the area was CLEAN (as you can see, 'clean areas' are super important to me). Now I hear that the other side of the interstate is rough. But you can tell just driving down the road which side is which. If you absolutely couldn't stand being at the airport, and just had to see the ocean that night before, do what the other posters recommended and stay in Fort Lauderdale. Right on the ocean is clean and nice there. (I especially love "Little Fort Lauderdale") Stay away from the port area to be really safe.
Would this "cluster of hotels" be where we might find La Quinta?? We will be driving from Maine and need a "safe" place where we can stay and leave our car for the duration of our cruise.
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Originally posted by Cruzayear
I am enjoying this helpful post. We are cruising out of Miami next year but I think that I will take the advice of the other posters and not stay overnight in Miami. Safety is huge for us.
I see you are from Jacksonville - Jax actually has a higher crime rate than Miami. Just like any city there are good and bad areas. You will be fine downtown (use common sense and take a cab after dark) or the south side of the airport (north side is not so nice.) There are plenty of wonderful things in Miami to see and do and if there were that much crime against tourists you'd hear a lot more as many thousands of cruise passengers depart there every week and the many thousands more who spend time there on land trips.
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