Voyager of the Seas - Current photos

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Thought I would share some photos I took on my recent cruise on the Voyager. The ship looks amazing. Ok there were people complaining that some of the hand rails didn't have fresh varnish on them and everything else, but hey, I like in a home that could probably use a new coat of paint and its only 6 years old. For the boats age, it looks amazing!

Taken in port in Goa, India

Adults only pool viewed from deck 12. There weren't many children on cruise

Main pool

Disappointing thing was that the childrens pool area at the back of the boat was boarded off so didn't even know what was behind that area until second last day. Didn't get told that they were doing renovations either, which was a big surprise getting on board. Shops were closed and changed around during the cruise. Was a bit of a mess in that aspect.

The icecream area! All you can eat soft serve. Flavours were varied during the cruise between vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Two of which were on offer at all times. Also help yourself to tea and coffee.
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Thank you for the photos..we are on her out of Singapore on the 11th of June.
I have found like you we are on a bit of a magical mystery tour as RCL are not very forth coming with information
But thanks for sharing..can't wait for our cruise
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Library. I did hear comments re peoples disappointment with the lack of reading material on board. This being said I never used the library once.

Main Dining room anytime dining level

Looking up. Always fun on a boat like this, as the artwork is everywhere!

Peek a boo section. The scooter cracked me up!

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The Gym. I was actually surprised by how many people continued to use these facilities especially with how hot the cruise was! That being said proudly didn't put any weight on at all during the cruise

Change room (ladies) their showers, and the steam room and sauna think the last photo a touch dodgy sorry, but gives you an idea if nothing else.

Oh re those rooms, apparently in the mens section as hubby walked in just checking the rooms out, some of them were in their completely naked. Not sure with the womens part, but just a pre-warning.
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Cleopatra's needle (not sure why its called that). They held the art auctions in here. I went along when I could just to see the artwork and hear about the artist. The man holding the auctions sold the work well.

Forward lifts

Schooner bar - was a gorgeous bar with a real nautical theme. Didn't drink in it at all. Actually only had two drinks the entire cruise, but looked a lovely place to sit and chat.

Main Theatre - Looked awesome. Entertainment on the cruise was a touch ordinary. That being said, some nights they held 3D movies in it as it's now part of the Dreamworks family, which were very well done actually.

Portifino's (think thats how its spelt). Never ate in there.
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Oh I ran on board before the majority of people were able to board by the looks of things, hence lots of empty photos with no people. Was kind of lovely actually That being said I was onboard at 12:30pm, so not drastically early

Mini golf - now I have to admit, the course was lame. The carpet coming up slightly in some sections, and didn't have the fun of courses where you had to go around it properly as there were no barriers. So the ball would end up going into other peoples games and things like that. Also didn't have an official starting point so had to use your imagination really.

Climbing wall

Windjammer - ended up eating most meals in here. Liked the more relaxed atmosphere and self serve pace. That being said a couple of early mornings, it was take away service only as there were no spare chairs with everyone being up. With all the selection there was usually something you would want to eat.

Cafe Promenade - Now I didnt actually understand before boarding that this was a free place to eat. Open 24 hours, you could go and ask for anything they had in their little windows. Think all the time they had their freshly baked cookies on offer. Breakfast they usually had pastries and donuts, Lunch they had little croissants, and rolls and pizza. Was usually fun to see what they had on offer. Was a nice little chatting section if you could get a table.
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I heard that they were doing some refitting so the ship was suited to the new asian market. I do know they redid the casino. I wonder what they were doing to the kids pool at the back?
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Studio B - the ice skating. Their performance probably the best thing onboard. However unfortunately I was dragged out onto the ice for ten or fifteen minutes of the performance, and as fun as it might have looked I completely hated it. Nothing I fear most then having the spotlight on me, so in a way, I couldn't relax for the rest of the performance and just so disappointed I couldn't have just wanted and enjoyed it.


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Lots of stairs everywhere!

Front of Ship and Helipad - yes I know I'm supposed to be facing the other way, and also the ship is going to be going, but unlike the movie, husband didn't have a crane to stand on to take the photo! Was a bit surprised they didn't have it blocked off due to the movie, but was the most amazing experience one of the days going to the front and feeling the wind in your hair watching the water pass under you from this position. Was entrancing!

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Muster - last comments and photos will have to be of this. Now in Dubai the temperature was about 40 degrees in the shade. Our muster was delayed and when held, we had the assistant from well not the nice place. He was bossy and grumpy and kept screaming at us to all move over, which when we did, he then screamed at us for having blocked off an emergency door - um well you just asked us all to move that way! ugh! One poor couple figured he must want everyone in other position, but they were picked out like school kids and directed to a set spot at the front to stand on like naughty little children! Was kind of funny, except it was too hot and we were partially in the sun. Was a bit mess up boarding and the mustering seemed to last forever. During the presentation the faces this particular assistant, who was part of the band made when the announcements were made in a second language just meant I didn't actually pay much attention to what was being said, more about what the guy was going to do next! Apparently they dont all run that badly, so people told me!

not pointing out the attendant, but he was photo worthy :P
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Originally posted by littlesteelo
I heard that they were doing some refitting so the ship was suited to the new asian market. I do know they redid the casino. I wonder what they were doing to the kids pool at the back?
I had known they were doing that on the transatlantic section, and those on board were compensated. Not sure what they did in there, as it didn't all amazing or anything. That being said hadn't seen it before either.

As for the kids pool finally saw it that last day on the ship, and was so disappointed that we weren't able to use that area. Of all the areas this one was the most covered, and being such a hot cruise would have been lovely to have sat around it. Also the kids pool just looked fun. Not sure they actually did much to it or anything either. Would have been nice to have known they were working on the cruise while we were on board though.
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Great pictures. Thanks for posting. You would never think that the ship is 13 years old. Still looks great.
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Thank you so much for a trip down memory lane. The Voyager is a very special ship. Love her!
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Hi Bluekat74

Great photos, thanks for posting .

I just had a question for you. Does the adults pool have a retractable roof (as in solarium type pool that are on most of the ships?).

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Wonderful pictures, couldn't believe how empty of people your shots were. Thanks for posting.
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None of the swimming pools had any type of shading. The whirl pools had shading however.

The photos are devoid of people because most of them weren't on board. We were initally told months ago that boarding would be 12 noon. This was later changed to 2pm, and figured there was no way I was going to wait til 2pm to board. The wait to get onto the ship really blew out just after we got on board. We literally walked through, very quickly it went out to 2.5 - 3 hours before boarding. The majority of photos were taken within first half hour of getting on the ship. I put it down to the excitement of seeing where everything was!
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Originally posted by Bluekat74

Thanks for the photos, I enjoy looking back at Voyager since she was our first cruise. In your first photo, I could see my first balcony. In this photo I can see our first ever dining table. Its a 6 seater round near the pillar in the upper left.
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