New cruiser - questions about art supplies

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Moon Township, Pa
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I'm surprised no one asked this question----where are you planning on doing this art work? You didn't write what kind of cabin you're in, but unless you're in a huge suite, there's no place to do sculpting in a cabin, and I'm sure using epoxy-anything in a public room will be very much against health rules and regulations. So, I doubt you'll be allowed to use any public tables to do your sculpting. Also, I'm not familiar with epoxy sculpting, but does it have an odor? If it does, and it is strong, you won't make your neighbors happy nor will the cruise line be happy. Also make sure that your things aren't seen as something for bomb making. Believe it or not, that stuff could be mistaken for bomb making materials, and they will take you off the ship and ask questions later.

Doing needlework or using watercolors are totally different from using epoxy sculpting materials.

Do your in-laws know about you and your wife's "taste" in food? If so, why did they choose Carnival? While no mainstream cruise line serves gourmet food (you have to go on a luxury line like Crystal or Seabourn for really great, gourmet food), there are lines other than Carnival where the food is a lot better. Just be aware that there are a wide variety of foods to choose from, including fruits, veggies and other vegetarian items. You can also speak to your head waiter about your food choices and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

But I have to agree with others who have said you're setting yourself up for a miserable cruise. Like another poster said, there's more going on here than doing sculpting. Sounds to me like you need some major communicating with your in-laws on this so everyone can come to some understandings.
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Originally posted by pdmlynek
Well, no kidding. He is trying very hard to make sure that he wont enjoy it, because he thinks that has a good reason to...
Agreed, and agree with the rest of your post. You were very patient explaining things.

OP, please try to surrender and enjoy yourself. Resistance, as they say, is futile. Just having some fun with ya, but seriously... there is more than enough onboard to keep you busy or to help you relax. Although, it already seems that you are bound and determined NOT to enjoy yourself, in which case, no offense, it does seem rather unfair to anyone travelling with you.

If you are not a "cruise person" and you have already made you your mind about this, then for heaven's sake, why are you going? Wow.
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I carve stamps, and had no problem taking my carving tools and supplies on board (HAL). They're the same type of tools I use for working with polymer clay, so probably similar to what you use.
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Originally posted by Cruisin' Chick
Am I missing where the OP mentioned Carnival? ...
Last paragraph of his original post.
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New to cruising, but an experienced traveler
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I'm more of a 'don't plan beyond the hotel and flight' and just jump into a strange city type of vacationer.

Being an "artist", I know you can think outside the box. Pretend the ship is a "foreign city", and jump in with both feet, hands and heart!

You stated you enjoy spending time with your in-laws. What is it you enjoy doing with them? Why not bring that on board instead of your "art supplies". The tools really does seem to be an issue, as far as: Will you get the tools aboard? - if not will they confiscate them? Where will you set up? - all of this really does not seem worth the hassle. It's 7 days, not a lifetime.

You mentioned your wife is not going to be happy about the food situation either, but you never mentioned whether your wife is into going. It seems she is trying to plan around the food by bringing a bag of apples (?). To me that seems she is trying to work around her issues. Is she looking forward to spending time with her family? If so, let her enjoy it without worrying about how you are going to handle it. Support her.

Bottom line:
-forget your tools - you'll be going into this without the added stress.
-you will find something to eat - you will not starve.
-you will be spending time with your family, and that my friend is something we can all use a little bit more of.

As gourmet guide from glasgow put in another thread (I love this!):
Life’s not about waiting for the storms to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

I really do hope you have a surprisingly great time!
Kent UK
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Yes, I also loved Gourmet's great quotation and am painting it very amateurishly into a picture to frame. Its so true.

The best advice I was given on my cruise was 'just go with it'... 'just go with the flow' .. 'go with an open mind'. We did, and it was awesome.

How they do such food for so many people is amazing.

We 'just went with it' when two ports of call were cancelled. Nothing we could do, no good fretting. At one we had people waiting to greet us. They understood.

We were also told it would be too 'posh' (P and O). It wasn't. It was mostly people living their dream. I didn't meet any 'up their own b*ms'

We weren't together the whole time.. we did our own things for a few hours a day. We like different lectures and events and would not dream of dragging the other one to something not of remote interest. That was a great move.

My advice is lighten up and go with the advice I got and keep a totally open mind. You might just enjoy it.....
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How about looking up artists that share your interests in your Ports Of Call and visit their Galleries, shops, or plan to visit the artist in person?

You can haul all of the fresh fruit and apples you want to your cabin from the buffet
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Originally posted by SMerritt
How about looking up artists that share your interests in your Ports Of Call and visit their Galleries, shops, or plan to visit the artist in person?

You can haul all of the fresh fruit and apples you want to your cabin from the buffet
Not a bad suggestion at all but 'art' is a very general term, I dont think there is much in my 'area' of art in the southeast Americas at all. I am hoping to find some wood carving or something while in port, I've dabbled in that and really appreciate the skill, but gallery art in a port town I'd expect to be much like the art here in the South - not my thing.

I'll poke my head in if I walk past something though, and I wouldnt have without your suggestion, so thanks