My "Dream" Double Birthday Cruise September 22-29, 2012

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East Coast By Way of Midwest
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Hey All, just off the Carnival Dream today. This was the first cruise fresh off of drydock for the Dream.
We went on this cruise to celebrate my husband's birthday (Sept.22nd) and mine (Sept. 23rd).

Who Joined Me?: DH, DM(Mom), and myself.
Location: DH and I had the cove (7C) room 2349. Excellent noise loved loved the location. DM had room 2351 (inside) which was across the hall
Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean; Nassau, St. Thomas, and St.Marten
Things We Did out of the ordinary? We chartered a boat to go deep sea fishing in St.Thomas

Hopefully, i can get this review up and running with details and pictures as soon as i can figure out how to post pics. Why do i wait to learn how to post pics?
Batavia, IL
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For pictures, the easiest way is to open an account on Photobucket and upload your pictures there. Then, when you want to include a picture into your post you type in what ever text that you want, then add a blank line and then go to photo bucket and put your mouse over the picture in your album and a set of links will pop up. Click on the link labeled IMG Code and it will be copied. Then come back here to your post and paste the link, add another blank line, and either add another picture or type some more.

You can also compose your post including the picture links in Word and then cut and paste the whole thing here.
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Wahoo! Thanks for sharing your cruise adventures with us.
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Southeast Florida
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Hope you had a great cruise and can't wait to read your review!

Btw, How was the food? Food porn pictures would be great if you have them!
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East Coast By Way of Midwest
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okay thanks for the photo review tips..i'm going to upload the pics tomorrow...hubby and i took over 1700! So bare with me. I promise to finish this review this week.

Also if anyone have any questions shoot.
The Dream got the "Taste Bar", "Red Rum Frog" Bar, "Blue Iguana Bar", and "Cherry on Top". The "Taste Bar" is located next to the coffe shop. It's on deck 5 mid ship. The new bars are located on the Lido deck by the pool.
And the "Cherry on Top" is located on deck 5 right outside the casino and smack dab in between the Fun Shops.

Oh yeah i slept with a celebrity!
East Coast By Way of Midwest
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Originally posted by alreadypacked
Hope you had a great cruise and can't wait to read your review!

Btw, How was the food? Food porn pictures would be great if you have them!
Already packed. Of course out of 1700 pics not one..nada was of the food. We did eat ALL of it if that's any indication of how the food was. It didn't stay long enough on the plate.
Syracuse, NY
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Look forward to your review. The Dream is a beautiful ship but its been a couple years since we sailed her. With the dry dock and upgrades it must be amazing. I'm sure there may have been a couple minor glitches from dry dock but they certainly shouldn't have dampened the fun on the Dream. I'm sure you got pics of the new "stuff". Can't wait to see them.

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Orange County, Calif
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Looking forward to your review and all those wonderful pictures you took.
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Hope you had a great Birthday! This was for my husband's and my 17th Anniversary. We had a few problems, but they worked out in the end. In all the cruises we have been on, this was the first one we had problems on. So I guess we have been lucky! Can't wait to see what you did in the ports! I always like to know so when I go back I want to do something different.
Peach State, USA
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Can't wait for more!

We have sailed the Dream two times and have two more booked for the upcoming year. She is fantastic.

Also, love them coves, we always book one......

On our way to St. Thomas........2010

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Looking forward to your review
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Can't wait to read more! We are going on the Dream next year, I think.
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Welcome Back! Hope you had a good cruise. Looking forward to reading your review and seeing your photos!
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Tampa, FL
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Looking forward to reading your review. I will be sailing on the Dream for the 1st time in November with my DH. BTW, happy belated birthday to you and your hubby
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Happy Belated Birthdays!! Can't wait for the rest of your review!!
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Silver Springs, Florida
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So looking forward to your review......we sail on her this coming Saturday Oct 6th!
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Originally posted by saltybones
Can't wait for more!

We have sailed the Dream two times and have two more booked for the upcoming year. She is fantastic.

Also, love them coves, we always book one......

On our way to St. Thomas........2010

Our 1st cruise is soon and we can't wait to sit on our balcony and see this view...beautiful...
Greater Cincy
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