*** PHOTO Trip Journal aboard Carnival's CONQUEST (Sept. 2012, Caribbean) ***

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Thank you for posting all these wonderful photos. I really have been enjoying viewing them. My first cruise was on the Conquest. Keep up the great work and I will continue coming back to your picture review.
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  10. Carnival Breeze Jan 2017 - Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman Islands *Our first Lido deck cabin!
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  13. Carnival Conquest April 2018 - St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Jaun, Grand Turk *We turn Platinum!
  14. Carnival Fascination-Oct 2018 - St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten
  15. Carnival Magic Jan 2019 - Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk *Our first Balcony cabin!

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We are a cruising family of three and want to weight in regarding some of the latest comments. Our 2 cents may be biased as we happen to know the beautiful person behind the camera.

Premise: We thought our DD that if you don't have something nice to say, it is better not to say anything at all.

With that in mind, the OP did not post a review per say but chose to share with the CC community a personal trip journal - a Caribbean pictorial or in other words their own story told by the photos taken during a recent cruise in the Caribbean.

Would I have done it differently? Probably! Would anyone else would have done it differently? Sure! We all are unique individuals and the CC community has numerous reviews of the same sailing depicting different stories and different experiences and some of those are positive, some are negative.

Is it one right and the other one wrong? I don't think so because we are all coming from different walks of life, have different values and cruising for different reasons. Not to mention that we all may define "fun" from different perspectives.

Anyway, more than once, DW and DD had different opinions than myself on the same picture posted here.

Let's take a concrete example: OP posted a picture in Jamaica showing clearly the text of a young lady shoulder tattoo (can't see her face or full body).

First, raw reactions in our house: 1) DW: She's a pretty girl and she has a tattoo! 2) DD girlfriend (visiting our DD): I like her hair but she has acne on her back! 3) Myself: Interesting quote (tattoo) for such a young lady!

In conclusion, this is the OP story and it takes guts and lots of time and effort to post it here!

As long as the images are not offensive, the story is not compromise IMHO. So far, the OP showed respect for everyone's opinion and stayed away from judging people on this sailing or deliberately offending anyone.

Ultimately, we all have choices: don't like this type of review or the selection of the pictures? Don't visit! The CC community has so many shared reviews, so the offerings are not lacking!

As for us, we will continue to enjoy and to follow this story told on the CC board, the youtube channel and the website with the online photo albums. This is our choice and we do not ask anyone to agree with us but rather make their own decision!

White Marsh, Maryland
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Thank you for your comments on th OP. Everyone views a photo differently and their thoughts are different. I am enjoying following this review.

Her photos are beautiful. Yes there were some that I would not have posted but I was not there when they were taken and do not know the story behind them. To each there own.

Let us have more beautiful pictures to enjoy so we can dream of this cruise as if we were on it also.
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Thank you all very much for the positive feedback and words of encouragement.

In addition, note that the criticism is also appreciated.

Moving along... Friday evening offered, as usual, various activities aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship.

We enjoyed very much the evening show that took place in the Toulouse Lautrec Lounge - "The juggling mastery of Victor Zuniga."

The master, originally from Mexico, proved to be a skilled juggler, but also a great comedian and entertainer.

VIDEO (The master juggler interacting with Abby from Australia):

The way he interacted with Abby (the girl from Australia brought on stage) proved that Victor Zuniga is also wonderful working with kids.

Bottom line: a talented and funny man, so we had a good time!

VIDEO (The master juggler and his apprentice, Abby from Australia): http://youtu.be/nY97mlkTD8g

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After the evening show, moved to the SPA to get into the... Twilight zone!

The relaxing massage was a nice way to relax and get ready for the evening's MEGA DECK PARTY
(listed as one of the day's top 10 activities)!

The party started slow at first - - with music played by the Pool deck:

Once the late seating dinner ended, the FUN & DANCING seemed to pick up!

Our neighbors had some of the best seats in the house! : - ))

Mega Deck PARTY aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship (Friday night, September 28th 2012)

(Mega Deck PARTY aboard the Conquest ship): http://youtu.be/j-NOp33jKR4

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VIDEO (CONGA LINE during the Mega Deck PARTY aboard the Conquest ship): http://youtu.be/R8fTZGkZZfs

Squishy, the Activities Manager/ Cruise Director Assistant (from UK) challenged us to beat the number of people
that got involved earlier in the Conga line aboard Carnival's Magic!

VIDEO (CONGA LINE finale @the Mega Deck PARTY aboard the Conquest ship): http://youtu.be/FLQwpy_gKs4

Based on the count of people lined up for the CONGA, we won!

Only few people made the difference, so despite MAGIC having so many more passengers aboard the ship than us,
the CONQUEST cruisers were more active and won the Carnival Conga Line contest that Friday night!

Mega Deck PARTY aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship (Friday night, September 28th 2012)

TIP: Don't come to the dance floor with brand new shoes because you'll end up... dancing barefoot!

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Illuminating DRINKS @ Mega Deck PARTY aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship (Friday night, September 28th 2012)

Mega Deck PARTY aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship (Friday night, September 28th 2012)

Now if you're wondering why there are NO dinner pictures posted for Friday evening... The photos below are the reason!

(got a tip from the CD earlier that day that this dessert extravaganza will be available before Midnight,
so decided to skip dinner to fully enjoy it!)

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Unfortunately, the desserts did not taste as good as they look!...

Ended up enjoying coffee with some delicious... strawberry marshmallows! Hmmmm, so good!

Mega Deck PARTY aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship (Friday night, September 28th 2012)
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MEXICO ended up to be probably the best day overall of this Western Caribbean cruise!

After the Mega Deck Party and the fancy desserts, we enjoyed the Adult Comedy show.

Then it was time to say, once again, GOOD NIGHT, Moon!

Good night, STARS!
'til tomorrow morning - Last FUN Day at Sea!

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Originally posted by Hello...2 thumbs up
Thank you for your time for your trip review, really enjoying your pictures.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, especially seeing that you also had the fortune to sail aboard the Conquest in the past.
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