What is Jazzdagen?

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This was just posted on the V2229 info webpage

Thomas Hook, Piano/Vocals
Rebecca Kilgore, Vocals
Pieter Meijers, Clarinet/Saxaphone
Edward Metz Jr., Drums
Randell Morris, Piano
Nikki Parrott, Bass/Vocals

I hate jazz music(especially saxophone) and I could not get away from it on V0207.If they play all over the ship, I am going to really resent it, as it is not a jazz theme cruise.
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Jazzdagen is a special interest group that often books on longer sailings that include many sea days. Jazz is a broad category of music that includes Dixieland, Swing, Big Band and many more forms of music. Some of their performances will be private events held in the Palm Court, others will be open to the public in areas such as the Cove or the Starlite Club. Don't be so quick to paint Jazz with a broad brush of hate... Try it, you might like it!
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Carolyn, here's some additional information from an August Crystal Cruises Press Release


================================================== =

LOS ANGELES, August 27, 2012 – Live jazz brings an energetic beat to Crystal Cruises’ November 25th South Pacific voyage. From Los Angeles to Hawaii and French Polynesia, a host of prolific guest musicians will treat sea-goers to daily live music, ranging from ragtime to swing, while Louis Zamperini, Olympic champion and subject of the bestseller Unbroken; American musical theater author Herb Keyser; Clint Van Zandt, former Chief Hostage Negotiator and “Silence of the Lambs”-style profiler for the FBI; and General Nick Halley will also be aboard to rivet audiences as Crystal Visions Enrichment guest speakers. Also just added to the rich lineup is Discovery Channel & National Geographic “Storm Chaser,” Tim Samaras.

Clarinetist Pieter Meijers is set to lead a jazz ensemble of percussionist Eddie Metz; trumpeter, pianist and banjo player Randy Morris; keyboardist and vocalist Tom Hook; bassist and vocalist Nicki Parrott; and vocalist Rebecca Kilgore, thanks to jazz aficionados, Jazzdagen Tours.

Crystal Symphony’s abundant lounges, nightclubs and theaters, recently redesigned in a dazzling “extreme makeover, ” will also be bustling with full stage productions like new show Diva, solo headliners like comedian Dale Gonyea, lively piano tunes in the Avenue Saloon, dance hits in Luxe, “Magic Castle at Sea” magic shows and much more.

“While cruise insiders know that Crystal always sparkles on days at sea, this lineup of great jazz music, fascinating speakers, and breathtaking destinations is particularly stellar,” says Bret Bullock, vice president of entertainment.

Departing Los Angeles, the 13-day luxury cruise overnights in Honolulu, Hawaii and visits Mooréa, Society Islands en route to another overnight in Papeete, Tahiti. Until August 31, all-inclusive “Book Now” fares for the “Grand Pacific Interlude” start at $3,370 per person, with additional savings for Penthouse and Verandah accommodations and for combining this cruise with the following Papeete to Auckland voyage.

For more information and Crystal reservations, contact a travel agent, call 888-799-4625, or visit www.crystalcruises.com.
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Originally posted by haikou
This was just posted on the V2229 info webpage

Thomas Hook, Piano/Vocals
Rebecca Kilgore, Vocals
Pieter Meijers, Clarinet/Saxophone
Edward Metz Jr., Drums
Randell Morris, Piano
Nikki Parrott, Bass/Vocals

I hate jazz music(especially saxaphone (sic)) and I could not get away from it on V0207.If they play all over the ship, I am going to really resent it, as it is not a jazz theme cruise.
Guess our friendship is over, Carolyn, since you hate jazz and, in particular saxophone, my favorite instrument, actually tenor sax. Hate is a strong word. Perhaps you are not partial to jazz, or don't appreciate it, but it is one of the few truly American performing art forms and many of us love it. So naturally I'm looking forward to jazz theme cruise 3210 next year.

I am familiar with most of the artists listed above, including leader Pieter Meijers, and they are very talented.

Rest assured that they will not be playing all over the ship, but in specific venues at scheduled times, so you shouldn't have much of a problem avoiding the music you hate!

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Let's just say you will never catch me in New Orleans...If I want to hear sax I will go to Disneyland and visit New Orlean's square/I wish Crystal had posted this to the V2229 website months ago.Many of us do not subscribe to or read local newspapers-I get my news on the internet.I never saw Crystal mention it on their Facebook page either... The strange thing is I do no tmind the big band music at all and would sail on a bign=band themed cruise again...I am not sure what the diffrrence is to my ears but it is what it is...You ar eright Caliber 35, I should try to keep an open mind...Perhaps I will mosey around a bit up to the Palm court at some point, as it would be much nicer to enjoy the music than to try to actively avoid it...
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Carolyn, just to put you at ease somewhat with this large group on board. I have sailed twice when Jazzdagen have been on board and most of their events, if my recollection is correct, were private. However, they did do some special performances by the pool and also inside the ship in various lounges. I must say that having a large group on board did not interfere with anything in my opinion and the 'extra' entertainment was quite nice. I confess to not knowing a lot about the different styles of jazz music, but I can tell a good musician when I hear one and they certainly were not short of any talent. Keep an eye on the daily program as the Cruise Director may schedule some jazz performances with the Jazzdagen musicians around the ship and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. They had an informational table set up on the upper level of the Cove opposite the bistro at certain times in the day. This enabled their group to check in for events and connect. Most guests would walk past without realizing what they desk was for - they were very discreet. The Jazzdagen group have sailed with Crystal for years and know how to run their operation very smoothly without interfering with the day-to-day activities of other guests. I think their presence will actually be a nice thing on board and you may find yourself humming a Dixie tune

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I guess what bugged me the most on V2207 was the Sextet taking up time an dspace in "my" beloved Avenue Saloon,at times I would have liked to go in and sit in a quiet environment.There were times where other musicians were playing in the starlight lounge and or cove concurrently, leading me to feel like I could not go anywhere without having to listen to miusic I don't generally like. I did not know it was a large group Do large groups ever "take over" the ship, so that the other guests feel like they are on a chartered ship (or something like that?)
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If a boom box were playing on the pool deck every dayor there were rappers on the entertainment schedule, would you say that? Certain instruments grate on my ears/nerves and I don't see that changing.
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Of course not, and I wouldn't repeat the mistake by booking that ship again. However, there are many other venues where you could find peace and quiet if that's what you are looking for. My husband, for one, is thrilled there will be jazz on board.
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I can only hope they are not intrusive.If I choose to mosey on in out of curiosity that is one thing.I was not given the choice on V2207 with so many venues being used simultaneously or close to it. I will buy some ear plugs just in case. I will spend most of my time playing paddle tennis, jacuzzing, sunbathing, in the salon/spa, playing team trivia, and possibly bridge classes, Avenue Saloon.As I write this I realize there will not be that many hours of the day wher eI would likely be around the music if I choose not to. I am determined to have a good time , so it is time to stop anticipating problems and MAKE the cruise the most fun ever!
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Our problem with Jazzdagen is the music is not very good. As people who appreciate jazz we will not book on any cruise which presents their music. The people we met who enjoyed jazzdagen did not seem to know anything about jazz.
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We love most forms of jazz, but...........we were on one cruise with this group and they "plugged up" the Avenue way too many times. They also didn't move on when their gig was up and their music stands, instruments, groupies, etc. took up a lot of space. We much prefer piano music in the small Ave. on Symphony. We did not enjoy their jazz or their traveling companions being forced on us in the Ave. joyous
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I was on a recent Jazzdagen cruise. I am not part of their "club". Truthfully, if you are worried I would find another cruise as they are noticeable and can take over some parts of the ship. Why stress about it if you have other choices
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I thought Jazzdagen on 2207 was excellent. I really enjoyed them every night before dinner in the Avenue.
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Haikou, like you, certain sounds make me very uncomfortable, including sax. I carry a tissue and stuff my ears to ease the sharpness of the sound and overall decible level. It works with jazz, rock concerts and loud movies. I love music, just not loud or sharp sounds.
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The only problem we had with them was confined to the Ave. It is too small a venue for them and that results in LOUD! As I said before, we enjoy the Ave. for the piano and wished at the time that they would move along to another venue, for more than one reason. The Palm Court would be a great spot as those of us who don't like LOUD could position ourselves a distance away and still listen comfortably. J