Favorite and least favorite activities?

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Sun City Center fl usa
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Once aboard the ship what are your favorite things to do and least favorite?
My favorite activity is having a Martini at the Martini Bar before dinner.Relaxing with my husband and new friends talking about our day.
Least favorite shipboard activity has got to be Bingo.
Lincoln CA USA, 95648
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My favorite activity is people watching.

Least favorite is Art Auctions, and shopping in general.
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I'm not sure I can pick a "favorite." I have many. Including having martinis before dinner in the martini bar, relaxing by the pool or just out on the deck, talking with new friends made on board and EATING.

Least favorite....well there are two: Safety (Lifeboat) drill and disembaraktion. Actually make it 3....add packing to come home.

Anne Maria
San Francisco, CA
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We use our cruises to really spend quality time together. Our favorite is playing Scrabble every afternoon in the Cova Cafe, having an espresso or a glass of wine. Next favorite is catching up with our dinner table companions and, as CruisingChick says, EATING! We also enjoy using the gym and the spa for relaxation like you can't really get at home.

After disembarcation, our least favorite would probably be any pool game. I just want to sit by the pool and read a book; I don't want loud music and I don't want the entertainment staff to try to get us to "participate" in their games.
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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Our favourite activity was relaxing on our balconies with a good book.

We didn't have a least favourite activity, out of the stuff we did anyway. We enjoyed it all.
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Franklin, MA USA
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My favorite activities

1) Relaxing by the pool and in the pool/whirepool, reading
2) Having drink (and sushi or room service) with my husband in cabin
3) Caribbean night.
4) Production show.
5) Making new friends
6) T-pool on X
7) Used to be Eating but with all this dieting..it became a procedure full of stress and guilt.

Least favorite:
1) I don't participate in Bingo or all kind of talent shows, trivias
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Bolingbrook, Illinois
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There is no least favorite activity - if I don't like something, I don't participate.
Favorite activity - dancing ballroom style in the Rendez-vous lounge to the duo.
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My favorite activity is anything to do with music... Name That Tune Games(I am really awsome at), Relaxing in the Piano Bar/Cova Cafe, Karaoke, Production Shows, listening to the "Big Band" orchestra, The Sail-Away-Parties on deck with the Vibes Band---I love music....I usually sing in the talent show too.

On Hal I really enjoy the sing-along piano bar.

My least favorite has to be Bingo and Shopping presentations. Just not really my thing.

I also enjoy dining with good company and enjoying conversation with new found friends.
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Moorpark, CA
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Hmmmm, so many favorites!!!!! Sun, Martinis, good conversation with great tablemates.

The least favorite is very easy.............................disembarkation!!! !!
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Raleigh, N.C.
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Our favorite activities on the Century were spending time at the thalassotherapy pool and eating dinner. We had great tablemates. I try not to participate in any activities that don't appeal to me. Unfortunately, I did have to go through with disembarkation. It wasn't pleasant and could have been done better and in a more organized fashion. After all, the staff gets every week to practice doing it.
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Not all these are actual ship activities, but my top favourites are:

Coffee and a chocolate croissant in the mornings in the Cova cafe

Sailing out of port with a glass of wine in hand on your balcony

An iced coffee from the Cova cafe when I get back on ship (especially in hot-weather destination)

Dinner with your tablemates, learning what they did that day...

Choosing wine with our dinner via the in-cabin TV (I'm sure, it also shows the evenings menu so you know what you have to look forward to!)

Least favourite?
Disembarkation, there never seems to be a nice easy way to go about this unfortunately... kind of ruins a good vacation!
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standing against the rail on the promenade deck watching the water go by (even when we had a balcony room last cruise, the prom deck is CLOSER to the water and you can hear & sometimes feel it)

least favorite:
we steer clear of the pool competitions & art auctions
Franklin, MA USA
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Originally posted by trcori
least favorite:
we steer clear of the pool competitions & art auctions
I never participated in pool competition but like watching it.
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Middltown NJ USA
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Most favorite activity is planning my next cruise with the future cruise coordinator.
My least favorite is the last morning breakfast...everyone is grumpy.
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Dallas, TX, USA
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Well, I love the art auctions! Among many other things, of course. I even looked in to being an auctioneer with Park West. I also love the sail-aways, usually with a drink, trivia games are fun to me too, seeing what people know and how I measure up. I love being pampered and waited on in the dining room and I just love being on the water and watching it go by, and getting that first look out of my window when I first wake up. And I love going to the spa for a facial or whatever. I have to avoid the shows, especially the broadway ones since I have been in a few, but I usually love the comics. I only play the bingo if they are giving away a cruise, and my least favorite has to be the muster drill. I'm all for safety, but I just want to get going already! Great question.
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So many favorites....I think enjoying the sea at night has always been a highlight for us, we love to stroll the decks. We also have a tradition of jumping up and down, cheering in our cabin before we unpack for the cruise, this is done after behaving very civilised in front of the cabin steward.

Least favorite? Probably breakfast in the buffet, that only happens when we sleep too late for the dining room. Packing up for disembarking is always a drag.
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1. Least Favorite Activity on a ship - MUSTER

2. Second Favorite Activity on a Ship - EATING

3. Favorite Activity - Only my wife knows that answer, sorry.
Pa, NJ
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Least favorite: getting off the ship at the end of the cruise

Enjoy everything about the cruise however one of my favorite things is getting up early, having coffee and watching the early morning activities of docking, sailing or whatever the day will have to offer. I am an early riser and family is not so the quiet is really nice.
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Least Favorite - Muster (even beats disembarkation for me)

Favorite - Sunning, talking, reading, talking, eating, talking (do we see a pattern?)

Another least favorite thing after my last cruises - Mr. Century, Zenith, whatever
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