Voyager problems again

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BC, Canada
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We are trying to make our way to Shanghai and the ship has propulsion issues again. Our arrival is delayed 6 hours due to the propulsion issue and because we have missed high tide. We personally have lost 1 of our tours due to conflicting times, unfortunately it is one that was a big motivator for this trip. They have not mentioned to anyone on board that this is the 2nd time in the past couple of months the ship has had propulsion issues.
Not too impressed with the situation.
As well we are now missing 1 of our ports. Sounds vaguely similar to a couple of months ago on this ship.

FDR what is happening with Voyager?
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We are also on the Voyager. I'm guessing this problem with propulsion is same engine that failed out of Sidney. We will miss Xiamen but that was not an important port for us. They have rearranged other tours so we are not missing tours in Shanghai. I will miss the shopping I was planning this afternoon. We did have three wonderful days in Beijing. We traveled with some wonderful people and is nice to be on the ship with people we know. China World hotel was very good with excellent service. Other than problem with propulsion which I hope won't delay us any longer, we are having a good time. Internet is very slow as always. So far service has been as good as always on Voyager. The wines are good and they keep on pouring unlike someone who posted it was difficult to get a second glass of wine. I'll try to keep on reporting on cruise.
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Just called Regent regarding propulsion problem. They said the situation is stable and they are monitoring it. Am guessing this means they don't know what is going on. We are boarding in two weeks and would appreciate updates from those on board now. Thank you in advance.
BC, Canada
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Woke up to a sunny but slightly smoggy morning. The program said chance of rain but with luck the sun will win out. Off on an all day tour and looking forward to seeing Shanghai.
Indianapolis, In.
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I am sitting in the internet center because we could not take our tour! With the rescheduling our morning tour would not get back in time for us to take our afternoon tour and we wanted to do it more than the morning one. I refuse to be upset - just disappointed, especially since we will miss the next port completely!
BC, Canada
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Joined May 2011
No the problem hasn't been fixed. We are slowly making our way to Hong Kong and I do mean slowly. The plan is to deal with the problem there. Mind you they said they had dealt with it the last time they had the problem. Hoping for the best and that no more ports will be missed.
Surprise, AZ
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Hmmmmm? I rode 3 US Navy ships (plus a sub) for over 10+ years in the Pacific Theater. Oftentimes, under combat/high-stress/zero-tolerance-for-screw-up conditions and rode through the middle of countelss typhoons and 40-foot seas. Running at "flank speed" (30+ knots) oftentimes at night, underway replenishments, refuelings at sea, day and nightime flight operations.....and NEVER had a single engine failure or even a modest engine or flooding "problem" during that entire span of time. We never missed a scheduled port call or rendevous. Maybe good maintenance underway, good mechanics onboard, routine overhauls when called for, and not working the ships beyond normal repair cycles was the answer? "POD problems" on Voyager have been a long-running problem according to posters on this thread - along with the attendent (and disappointing) missed port calls and delayed arrival schedules that paying customers have had to put up with. Does Regent just not want to spend the "bucks" necessary to fix the problem, once and for all? Do they just "Band-Aid" it from one port to the other? Overhaul/dry-dock periods seem to be spent on installing new carpeting in the lounges or wood paneling in the Master Suites. Is any time/money being spent on re-engineering or upgrading the "important" things like propulsion systems, mechanicals, electronics, generators, water/sewer systems, or other "vital" infrastructure? I would have no idea? I'll bet Carnival passengers are wondering about these things at the moment. Am I being a bit too critical? I guess "you don't have a problem until you have a problem." It seems that Regent passengers are very "forgiving". We shouldn't have to be, for the fares we're being charged. "Things" happen for a reason - not by "chance". A ship and it's systems do not run on "luck". They run on good routine and thorough maintenance. Things don't just "happen" by themselves.. "Hoping" that a problem gets fixed before the next cruise starts - is not a solution to the problem. Regards to all.
Indianapolis, In.
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A letter delivered to our suite last night said the problem was precipitated by the cold water we went through - yeh, I believe that one. Had not heard the part about dealing with it in Hong Kong.

I will be interested in the Captain's noon report as he said last night we may be encountering rough seas today.
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Last night we had a letter stating that cold water had caused the propulsion problem. I don't believe it but I only hope we make it to Hong Kong as planned. We have two days to get there. We seem to be moving at a good clip now. Other than delay in Shanghai the cruise has been lovely.
Melbn, 'Straya
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We will be on Voyager for the month of June on a UK/Iceland/Baltic cruise so obviously these unresolved propulsion problems are a concern. Potentially being stranded in port is one thing: mid way across the North Sea is quite another, especially if "cold water" has such a devastating effect! We have taken several cruises on Voyager without incident but this particular issue seems to be a recurring theme. Is there an inherent weakness on the POD propulsion concept, or does it require more ongoing maintenance than other systems or is Regent simply not investing the necessary time and money to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ive often wondered how and when these important and possibly major maintenance and repair issues are scheduled as cruises are booked back to back throughout the year and forward by a year or more. "Cosmetic" items like carpets, new furniture, etc are very welcome but I'd prefer reliable propulsion systems please.
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cold water is that better than brown water? I am confused because Regent kept blaming the water we took on board at every port for the brown water. Only problem was that the cold water was clear the hot water was brown,
Regent please spend some bucks and put a filter on your hot water. we travelled in Indian waters last year which where so dirty that they hyper chlorinated the water and even than no brown water. Also, found out that the flood on 7 aft was not a new problem as the voyage before ours (singapore-hong Kong) also had problems. we were in 767 and they did take out the carpeting, replace the padding however when they replaced the carpet it still had stains and was still damp. what a shame not to maintain a lovely ship. regent please stop telling stories you are embarassing your wonderful staff. Wait staff in dining venues and cabin crew could not have been better. Let them just do their job and don't make them tell stories!
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What is wrong with Brown water? I think the water is brown to help offset the impact of the extreme amount of chlorine that they add to the water. The net effect should leave you with a nice shade of orange.
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BC, Canada
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i missed reading the letter delivered last night so wasn't aware when i posted this morning that our problem was cold water. Sounds a little odd but who knows. As far as my comment about the engine being checked out in Hong Kong I thought that it was part of an earlier announcement prior to the problem being diagnosed as cold water.
We are now in warm water and moving along pretty well. We are rocking and rolling a little and travelling through what seems like never ending fog. Seems we are either in fog or smog on this trip except our brief bit of sunshine in Shanghai.
Captain announced we are making good time and will arrive in Hong Kong sooner than previously expected and will let us know as soon as they have confirmed the time.
Melbn, 'Straya
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I'm afraid that smog is a pervasive problem in that part of SE Asia. Look at photos from blogs posted on CC and you will see what I mean. Friends of ours were forced to move back to Oz from Hong Kong because after 2 years their health was beginning to suffer with asthma and other respiratory problems. It's a fantastic, vibrant, fascinating city but the smog is a real issue.
Southern California, USA
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So sorry to hear about the problems that you are having. We just debarked the Voyager at Beijing, and our cruise was just about perfect in every way! We have booked "Storybook Enchantment" in September 2014 and look forward to cruising on the Voyager again!

Outstanding crew members to look for: Binu, Archer, Taupik, Darle San, Mala, Joydeep, I Gede, and our favorite - AURELIA in Compass Rose!

Enjoy the ship. Enjoy the ports. Enjoy the REGENT EXPERIENCE!
Peoria, IL USA
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Yee Gad what is happening with the cruise ships lately?
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Washington State
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Originally posted by toseaornottosea
If you believe the "propulsion problem" is due to cold water I have a bridge for sale you might be interested in.
Do you recall the Challenge disaster? It was caused by the cold "o rings" (amongst other things),

The Voyager is fine. Those that want to believe me -- that's fine -- I have it on excellent authority. If you chose to disagree, you can certainly do so.

BTW, posting live from the Mariner
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