Person Overboard, Dies on Coral Princess

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Cincinnati Ohio
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Very sad news to report. Today (Sunday March 24) someone went overboard from the Coral Princess while we were out at sea (in the Carribean) and their body was later recovered.

Around 2:00 - 2:30 Central time the Captain announced "Man overboard" and instructed the crew to their appropriate stations. The ship begain to slow down but of course it takes a long time to stop a ship this size. Sometime later we heard a page for a passenger. Then a bit later the Captain came on again to update us - he said that several passengers had witnessed someone going overboard.

Then around 3:30 - 4:00 maybe (I may be off there) all passengers were ordered to their cabins so that they could check to be sure who was here.

I later saw from my balcony a low flying prop plane (I think it was the US Coast Guard but I was looking into the sun and I'm not sure) circling a couple of times and more activity from the Princess rescue craft as we pretty much just stayed in one spot, occasionally rotating in place. Finally around 6:00 the Captain announced the sad news that the body had been recovered.

One passenger said that they "heard" the person had been climbing on the rail, and while that is very believable, I have no idea if that is accurate or not.

The person was traveling with at least one other person, and I can't imagine how they must be feeling right now.

For those curious, the Captain announced we would be arriving at our next port of call (Grand Cayman) as scheduled.

If I hear anything else, I'll update this post at that point - maybe some other people who saw more will be able to add more details.
San Diego, California
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Very sad indeed

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Does anyone really care where my next cruise is ?
Coastal North Carolina
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Aliso Viejo, CA
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Very sad.

Suicides are not unheard of and are more common on other lines than Princess due to the tiered balcony structure. On Princess, they would have to be on Promenade or an Emerald mini-suite on the Grand-class ships and the Coral/Island which limits the possibilities.
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Houston, TX
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That is heart-breaking. Whether an accident or intentional, someone has lost a loved one. If it was intentional, I can't imagine what despair that person was in to do something like that. Praying for all concerned.

Has to impact the crew, as well.
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05-26-2012 Diamond Princess

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Yes, this is very sad. It also has an impact on the Coast Guard crew that is deployed for a rescue that becomes a recovery. I'm praying for all involved.
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This is so very sad. Prayers.
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My parents are also on the Coral Princess right now. They called me today to let me know about the man overboard and to let me know they were ok in case I saw it on the news. They feel terrible for that man and his family. They are in my prayers
Toronto, ON, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Terrible news, my condolences to that person's family and friends.
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This is very sad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family.

Any updates are appreciated as our party of 6 will be boarding the Coral Princess on Wednesday.
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Originally posted by DoulaAnn
That is heart-breaking. Whether an accident or intentional, someone has lost a loved one. If it was intentional, I can't imagine what despair that person was in to do something like that. Praying for all concerned.

Has to impact the crew, as well.
I agree totally. So very sad either way...but to have such depression and despair to go overboard while on a cruise is heart breaking. I feel so terrible for the family and all those that knew and loved the person.
Gilbert, AZ
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We actually had a crew member go overboard in the middle of the night on our Ruby Princess sailing 2 years ago in the Mediterranean. We were awoken to the call "Man Overboard" and saw the lights off the side of the ship searching for him. They eventually did pick him up alive but the fiasco delayed our port time into Venice by many hours and the poor ship staff were busy handling people and phones to reschedule all the port tours for later times.
lakewood, Ca USA
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Has there been any other news as to why he was climbing the railing? Such sad news, the poor family. Prayers for them. Anyone see anything on the news ?
Southern Cal/Maui No Ka Oi
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Originally posted by Cori
Anyone see anything on the news ?
I searched online however the only references to this event was to this post on Cruise Critic. I'm surprised that no news agency has picked up the story but maybe eventually there'll be some additional information.
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So sad.
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