What exactly is a "Chair Hog?"

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Poll: What do you consider a "Chair Hog?"
Poll Results
What do you consider a "Chair Hog?"

Someone who is up at 6 am to throw a towel on a chair and is not seen until noon.

Someone who puts a towel on their chair, grabs some lunch, goes back to the room,ect.

Someone who leaves their stuff on their chair and takes a quick potty break.

Both # 1 and # 2

Voters: 438.  You may not vote on this poll.

Novi, MI USA
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What do you consider a "Chair Hog" to be?
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Rosie O'donald
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Parts Unknown
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Someone that reserves a chair by the pool and hardly sits in it such as the people that put their stuff on a chair at 7:00AM and leave and don't come back until after lunch. Similarly, the one person that goes to the theatre and claims an entire row of seats for people that are still in the dining room or the casino.
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Originally posted by Travelgrrl
Not to be the Chair Police, but I think that leaving for more than a half an hour is wrong, too. So I voted for #1 & #2.
Yep, me too.
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pittsburgh PA
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Originally posted by Travelgrrl
Not to be the Chair Police, but I think that leaving for more than a half an hour is wrong, too. So I voted for #1 & #2.
I almost voted for 1 and 2 but i think it depends on how long you are gone really if i go back to my room to get my camera or something then thats ok or if i grad a burger from JR or YADDA YADDA

I think its time that matters
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CHAIR HOG.....someone who sits down next to you poolside, falls asleep, snores and grunts so loud you swear a PIG was lying next to you.....LOL
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GRAND Princess "March 99"

The Lone Star State
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How many times have you wandered the deck aimlessly at 9am, searching through row after row of chairs with unused towels, hats, or even shoes sitting on them--only to be told by the one person in 10 chairs that "these are ALL saved" ?

Looking around at the 2 toddlers in the pool you just KNOW they aren't reading Jackie Collins!

I nearly throttled a woman one morning that screeched at me for having the nerve to set my bag down on an unused chair she was saving--only to have her girlfriend/sister/mom tell her 5 minutes later that everyone had decided to go to Snowball Jackpot Bingo!

Just a little courtesy please folks! We can all get along if we abide by those elementary school rules: treat others as you wish to be treated.

MouseMan--you were on my last cruise, huh? hee hee
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Thanks! 1 & 2.
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I voted #1 and #2 but I also believe that some people become chair hogs - i.e. doing the right thing only to never have a chair available thus becoming a chair hog. Yep, too much coffee and not enough food today!
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pittsburgh PA
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Originally posted by Nliedel
If you are gone a half hour or more you are a chair hog.
This is exactly what i was thinking you can do all the swimming drink ordering potty runnung you want in 1/2 hour its the time not the activity

but i will be honest with you
Ive been on 7 cruises now all rci and have never had an issue
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Jim Bulger
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Monterey, Tennessee
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I am an early riser and have seen people "claim" a number of chairs with towels and head off to breakfast.

I don't lie in the sun (being from Palm Beach) as I know the dangers, but just to have fun I remove some of the towels from the chairs and wait for the reaction.

Usually there is no confrontation, as the "saved" chairs are never tried to be reclaimed. Other times..............
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Carson, California
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Originally posted by Travelgrrl
Not to be the Chair Police, but I think that leaving for more than a half an hour is wrong, too. So I voted for #1 & #2.
Would you prefer "Chair Hawk" instead? [img]http://smileys.******************/cat/36/36_1_13.gif[/img]
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CJ at 2.5 Years Old

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Originally posted by Nliedel
If you are gone a half hour or more you are a chair hog.
I agree with that--If you're gone for that long, you just have to find a new one when you get back.
Elkhart, IN
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Someone who is up at 6 am-throws towels on 8 chairs and isn't seen at all until noon - at which point one person comes but won't share any of the other chairs although no one is in them for the entire day - with the exception of maybe 5 minutes. People ask and they are rude =oh no I can't share!!!! I always want to grab the towels and let them be billed for them.
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Originally posted by Nliedel
If you are gone a half hour or more you are a chair hog.
Yup, I disagree. We have particpated in the RCCL-run pool activities - many of which last about a half hour - and we have no choice but to leave our stuff on the chair for that long. Come to think of it, I have gone swimming in the pool for more than a half hour too, and of course left my stuff on a lounge chair - is this chair hog behavior?? By many folks' black-and-white 'half hour rule', I suppose it is, but what other choice is there? To all those self-proclaimed chair-hog police out there, would you stop and ask where the person was for the half hour before confronting them?
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Jacquelyn Hyde
Merion, Pennsylvania
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No, Jacquelyn. If I saw an empty (but toweled or shoed) chair, and chose to sit down, if someone came back and said, "Oh, I was in the pool (and you are dripping wet)", I would graciously rise and give you back your chair. We would both be happy. I would be using the chair when YOU were NOT in it, and YOU would get it back when you actually NEEDED it.

It's called simple courtesy, in both directions.

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Just sit and face the concequences. If someone starts to screech that indicates that they know they are doing wrong and got caught. If a person is civil to me, that's what they get in return. They turn into an ambulance siren and they get tuned out. I liked it better when you reserved a chair for the entire week. But, people complained about paying for a deckchair so they turned to the present system. Maybe it's time to go back to reservations through the deck steward.
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I have had pretty good results obtaining a chair on the cruises I have been on. If you want to see real chair-hogging in action, go to Las Vegas. We were at the Mirage a couple of weeks ago, and the Hogs had it down to a science. We observed (from our room) a parade of folks going to the pool area at the 8:30AM opening time. People were fully clothed (NOT IN SWIMWEAR) and placing towels, sandals and magazines in ALL the chairs. Of course, no chairs were available after this charade was perpetrated. It was really obnoxious seeing people saving 10 chairs at a time and then leaving to go back to bed or breakfast.

I even e-mailed the Mirage after our return, relaying our disgust that they allow and condone this behaviour. I got an assurance that it was a recognized and on-going problem with their pool staff. I suggested they charge, as do beach resorts, for the chairs. Maybe this would prevent some of the rude and selfish behaviour of some guests. I am awaiting a response.
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