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Celebrity Century Coastal Cruising on Century by sredish
We just returned from a wonderful five night Pacific Coastal cruise aboard the Celebrity Century. We originally booked this cruise several months ago on a promotion through our TA and decided at the time to "keep it cheap" and book an interior room. As the months crawled by, the prices fell and we were able to upgrade at no charge to an Oceanview room. Three days prior to our cruise, I thought to check prices one final time...and was stunned to see a 2A Veranda being offered at only $80 more than what we originally paid for our interior. I couldn't call the TA fast enough and he made the change for us. It was the start of a perfect vacation! Minutes after the change, the balcony price shot up to $400 more than what we paid, per person! I have no idea how we snagged this deal of a lifetime, but I wasn't going to question it too much!! We were sailing in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary, and decided that RELAXATION was the name of the game. And did we ever get it!! Continue reading... Coastal Cruising on Century

Disney Magic I've got the Magic in me! by CruisingCala
This trip contained many 'firsts' for our family. It was our first vacation as a multi-generation family, our first cruise, our first time to another country, and the first time we tried so many different foods! So you will all have a better picture, I'll provide some family background. My son is 7 and Autistic. He is severely verbally delayed and does struggle with some sensory issues. He also has eczema which can fluctuate between no big deal and disaster. However, we don't need any special dietary requirements for him so far. My mother is 61 and I am 31, and we are both cancer survivors. She has had two battles with the disease, and dealt with the permanent side effects of radiation. I went through a brutal course of chemotherapy that left me with nerve damage and bone pain, as well as some cognitive and memory issues. You may notice that my review might bounce back and forth a bit (like the rocking of a ship) and I do apologize for that. These days, it's a bit more difficult for me to organize my thoughts without forgetting them. This will come into play during my review! Continue reading... I've got the Magic in me!

Nieuw Amsterdam Wonderful time and beautiful ship by Aerun
We sailed from April 13 - April 21, 2013, the last Caribbean cruise for HAL for the year until November. Pros: Beautiful ship with unique art throughout every nook and cranny practically. Decent entertainment, lots of choices for things to do and see or just to relax and veg out, decent food, and lots of space in the cabin. Good high tea in the afternoon and friendly crew. Affordable elegance and not too many children (for those who prefer a relatively quiet cruise). Cons: Food can be bland (to be fair we really like it spicy), Lido can be really over crowded, and the pool area was often times very crowded with people saving lounge chairs for non-existent people, and not a lot of time at each port stop. Shows can be hit or miss. Not too many children for those who are looking for a family cruise, but they do have good programs for kids and go out of their way to entertain the few kids around. Pictures are way too expensive. Continue reading... Wonderful time and beautiful ship

Norwegian Epic The Epic Difference by Trvlr37
We arrived at Miami around 10:45 a.m. Embarkation was one of the nicest we have had. They took our photos at the counter which saved another line and you can board the ship from 2 locations to make it easier for the over 4000 guests. They started boarding approx. 11:30 a.m. and we were in the 2nd group. We were some of the first to have lunch at O'Sheehans and enjoyed our lunch. Then off to see our cabin. Cabin - We arrived at our cabin and had a wonderful surprise of fresh flowers and champagne we received from very good friends. What a nice way to start off a cruise! We liked our cabin for the most part. It was much smaller than what we were accustomed to in a balcony and the layout was a bit strange with the wavy walls and split bathroom. The closet was by the bed and drawers were by the balcony. Our cabin had the bed by the balcony and this configuration is much more preferred. Our travelling companions next door had the bed by the bathroom and hated it as they kept running into each other. There was plenty of storage all around the room and we kept finding more and more storage space as the week went on. Our cabin steward was adequate and provided what we asked for if anything was needed, but wasn't exceptional. I thought the decor was nice - I loved the wood look throughout the ship. The shower was spacious for a cruise ship, but toilet area was a bit un-private. We loved the 32" flat screen TV - largest we have ever had on a ship and we enjoyed many free movies in our cabin, although there could be a little more movie selection. Also loved the coffee maker in our cabin. Warning - back of Deck 9 cabins do not have cover! This can be good and bad, but we prefer our balcony to be covered to protect us from the rain and from people throwing things off the ship. Our balcony got "presents" each day of ping pong balls, cigarette butts, and disgarded drinks. Continue reading... The Epic Difference

Ruby Princess Finally a cruise for gluten free people by creampea
We flew from Phoenix to Fort Lauderdale on United the day before so there would be no hangup in getting to the ship on time. I recommend if you have to the time plan a day before and and day after your cruise date. We stayed at the Sleep Inn and they had arrangements to the ship and back to the hotel when you get back. On picking a cruise line we looked for a line that had meal options for dietary restricted people. My wife has Celiacs and was concerned about what she would be able to eat on a cruise ship. She has to be very careful or she will have severe pain. We let Princess know ahead of time so they could stock enough gluten free options on the ship, and they assured us that there would be options available. She was still worried so she took some food on board just in case. We got a letter waiting in the stateroom saying the dietary restrictions have been addressed and not to worry about it. We just had to let the head waiter know in the dining room. He took special care of her meals and each night came by with the menu for the next night to prepare what she wanted ahead of time. Continue reading... Finally a cruise for gluten free people

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