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Carnival Pride Carnival Has Changed by Annasgramma
All negatives aside, we'd rate this cruise as an 8 or 9 out of 10. However, the negatives were significant. Think long and hard about cruising on Carnival if you are disabled. Their website specifically says that therapy dogs are NOT allowed. So what do we see when we first board the ship? A woman with a tiny chihuahua on her lap that helps with her anxiety attacks, same as my son, who was not allowed to bring his dog because it was not a seeing eye dog. They would, however, allow him to use a wheelchair....for a fee of $150.00 for the week, no matter if he used it one day or all seven. When we said that we felt that Carnival was taking advantage of handicapped passengers, the clerk at Guest Services shrugged her shoulders. We informed the legal representative from Carnival that we would be filing a grievance with the Americans with Disabilities Act because of their ambiguous wording on their web site regarding Service Dogs. Continue reading... Carnival Has Changed

Norwegian Dawn 1 Cruise, 16 People, 1 Wedding = Longer Cruise Next Time! by EndersMom2
BACKGROUND - We had three suites (including the Deluxe Owner's Suite 12002) all in a row and one inside cabin across the hall. This was a family reunion for my sisters and I (5 of us in the graceful grip of middle age), daughter and nieces (5 cute young things between the ages of 21 and 36) and cousin and his family (3 adults handling middle age better than me and 3 adorable 20somethings). His son and girlfriend would be getting married on the cruise on the second day. PRE and APRES CRUISE: Stayed at the Hyatt Harborside at the airport for 2 nights prior to the cruise. INCREDIBLE views from the hotel. We booked months ago and got a fabulous room rate and, when my sister checked in, she got a free upgrade to a view room. Stunning view any time of day and we sat out on the patio for a late dinner and watched the city. I realized after the cruise that I had left my toothbrush charger at the hotel. They had it bagged with a note stating the date and room number. I have never had luck getting a lost item back from a hotel before. I was dancing in the lobby. High end bathroom products in the room. I liked them so much I took them with me on the cruise (I'm not a fan of liquid bath soap). Continue reading... 1 Cruise, 16 People, 1 Wedding = Longer Cruise Next Time!

Caribbean Princess 3000 passengers is too many for our liking, but excellent service by kidfixer
To make this review more useful, I'll try to write in sections. OVERVIEW: I love cruising, in general. My room is cleaned 3 times a day, my groceries bought, meals planned, cooked, and cleaned-up, entertainment choices laid out, etc. What's not to like? Well, several things. Too many passengers means that entertainment/lectures are not available to everyone wanting to see them. Getting on and off the ship requires extra time, which shortened every port day by 90 minutes on average. But a large ship also has more offerings than is possible on a small one. FOOD: The dining options were plentiful, and you could eat 24 hours a day, if you wanted. The quality varied. On Deck 15 are the Horizon Court and Cafe Caribe. For breakfast, they typically offered similar fare, although CC is smaller, so cannot offer as much. But they are adjacent, so if one was lacking, it was easy to go to the other. During lunch, the options were a bit different. For example, one day CC offered a sushi bar while HC had the usual variety of salads, fruit, sandwiches, hot foods, and the ever-present desserts. Continue reading... 3000 passengers is too many for our liking, but excellent service

Celebrity Solstice Great Cruise Down Under by gsully
We're home from a Celebrity Solstice cruise/tour starting in Auckland, NZ on March 16th. This was our 2nd Celebrity cruise ( the first was many years ago), and was chosen because of it's itinerary and the reputation of the Solstice. We've never traveled that far from home before (we live in Tennessee), so about the only negative about the trip was the air travel. We left Knoxville for Auckland on March 11 arriving there on the 13th, using Air New Zealand premium economy seats from LA to Auckland. Compared to Delta, ANZ is in a different class. The seats were great, food fantastic, and plenty of entertainment throughout the 12 plus hour flight. I had pre-booked the Supershuttle from the airport to the hotel and that went very well. We stayed at the Hilton Auckland on the harbor and had a harbor view room. A great choice for luxury and comfort. The harbor views from our room and other places in the hotel were fabulous! The food there was great, also. There are many places to eat in the area around the hotel. Continue reading... Great Cruise Down Under

Carnival Triumph Triumph Review 9/14/2013 Sailing by stewpapa
Triumph - Post Disaster and 2.0 upgrade! ' It IS all about US! Triumph Review 9/14/2013 sailing The Triumph is very special to us as it was our first ship on our honeymoon in 2000 out of Florida. It was the latest and greatest cruise ship in the world and quite expensive back then. We had no idea we would ever be able to afford cruising again. But, here we are 13 years and 16 cruises later. Mainly, thanks to the decrease in cruise prices and the start of Galveston cruises, both of which made cruising very affordable for us. We were thrilled when the Triumph moved to Galveston and booked it as soon as we could. We sailed it for the second time in late 2012, not long before the disaster of 2013. Now, we were excited to get back to our old friend, the Triumph, after being refurbished and the 2.0 upgrades. We were not disappointed. We had no friends or family with us this cruise and decided to take it easy and this cruise really became ALL ABOUT US! And the Carnival crew and staff did their part to give us another great cruise! Continue reading... Triumph Review 9/14/2013 Sailing

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