On board the Scenic Sapphire

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Calgary, AB Canada
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For those of you concerned with the negative reviews of Scenic, I say don't worry about them. On board the Sapphire heading from Amsterdam to Basel and everything is at least a 4.5 rating in my opinion.
Sunshine Coast Queensland
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Hi cruiseryyc,

Glad that you are enjoying the Scenic cruise. We did the Jewel at the beginning of August and everything was fantastic, at least 4.5 star cruising as far as we were concerned.
Enjoy the rest of your cruise.

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and it was awful. Sounds like same cruise,odd such different opinions??
Anyone else have this experience?
When I read these negative reviews,makes me second guess my choice.
Then I read a good one and feel better.
Guess I ll just have to give it a try in June and see for myself.
Calgary, AB Canada
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Scroll down and see some other positive reviews, including mine. I would not hesitate to recommend Scenic and plan to use them again next time I river cruise.
GTA, Ontario, Canada
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Timing is everything
The crew make a big difference
We found the ship was fine the food was just passable

The tours were good, some of the port stops were not in the town centre so needed buses

Our main complaint was the boxed frozen food ... I was served smoked trout for an appetizer that was mushy & clearly past it sell by date

It seems to be hit or miss with Scenic
I will not be spending my $$ with them again

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Joined Jun 2009
of river cruising,it seems hard to believe that a LUXURY line would be serving frozen food.How can it be rated 5star if thats the case?
Surprised more people haven t complained about this.
The crew is important,but there should NOT be that big of a difference between ships.
Anyone else have comments?
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Perhaps 'cruiseryyc' could comment on the food as he/ she found it.

I would really appreciate a more recent review of the food being served.
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Calgary, AB Canada
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Joined Mar 2001
Here is what I said in my review:

"Since food is so subjective I hesitate to mention it, but no one should go hungry on a Scenic cruise and there is always something to choose from. Everything that I ordered was cooked to perfection and there was nothing that I did not like. We loved having lunch in the River Cafe which offered salads, open faced sandwiches along with hamburgers and fish & chips; and always an ice cream cone to finish the meal. On Scenic, all drinks are included all day long and they certainly did not skimp on the amount when pouring them."

Now as to "boxed frozen food" - I have had that and what we got on our cruise was nothing like that. As a matter of fact we watched the crew one morning bringing all the fresh food products onboard.

I doubt you will be finding any more recent reviews of the Sapphire as there was only one more cruise planned after ours for the fall.
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and that makes me feel better,the thought of poor food for a week is not too appetizing.
Know its not up to ocean ships,just due to size,I guess.But in 10 river cruises its been pretty good.Some better than others,of course.Odd but the BEST I ve had was on AMA in Vietnam(and I wasn t expecting THAT).
All in all, the best way to see much of the world.
But nice to get what you pay for and expect.
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and realize there are negative reviews as well as positve.

Since I ve already put a deposit down,will just have to HOPE for the best.

If its a bad experience,I won t go again.Plus, will post a review.

My TA said this was a "luxury line" and giving them a try due to best itinerary for area I want.Brochure looks GREAT,but do know they had their ISSUES with the river flooding and ended up with bus trips.Guess a few companies handled it much better.

Having been on 10 river cruises with all the top companies, I realize every ship,country,crew,etc....can be different,,,seems a roll of the dice sometimes.