Hideaway Island, Vanuatu.

We visited this resort for the day whilst in port on a cruise ship. This would be the 4th of 5th time we have visited Hideaway Island, and it is still one of our most favourite places in the whole wide world. We had picture postcard perfect weather and word is certainly spreading about this place, as it was packed with the most people we have ever seen there at any one time. We could not get anywhere near the restaurant/bar area or under cover, but were able to get a lovely position under one of the palm trees. They have had sand shipped in, and spread over some of the public area, making it much easier on your feet.

The coral in the water is deteriorating, but they have started a revitalisation program which is pleasing to see. Hope it works. Fish is still abundant.

Entry to the island for the day has gone up to 1000vat or A$12 per person per entry. Snorkel gear hire is on top of this.

Return taxi fare from the town was AUD$50 for the taxi, not per person. The taxi waited for us at the drop off port until we came back.

A local beer - a Tusker - cost VT400 but at the supermarket was VT215.

It was best to pay for everything in AUS$ as the exchange rate by vendors/taxi drivers was very high. For example 1000 vat or AUS$10, whereas the actual exchange rate was more like 750 vat or AUS$10. I think the rate was rounded up as it is easier to work out!!
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