Same sex or no sex?

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Joined May 2012
Although my partner and I have been together for over 33 years, we still seem to get some unpredictable attitude from certain co-cruise guests. It's to the point that, although we're about to embark on our third cruise this year, after our eye-brow-raising reception on our latest cruise last May, I haven't even bothered to sign us up for the roll call on the cruise we'll be taking in November.

So please, here on an anonymous forum, this is the time to speak up. Would you prefer that two women together or two men together on a cruise just keep to themselves and not participate in cruise life? There's obviously no right answer nor no wrong answer, I'd just like to hear your gut-response! Don't feel as if you'll be pre-judged by me because you won't be.

So what is it, same sex or no sex?
The Woodlands, Texas
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I'm up for meeting interesting couples, period. I've had a great time with same sex couples on past cruises with Celebrity. I feel like unless you're interested in starting a sexual relationship with someone, their sexual orientation doesn't matter one way or the other, known what I mean?
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We enjoy meeting interesting people regardless of any other factor, couple or single, gay or straight...

As has been discussed many times here, Holland America, and probably other cruise lines, have been quite diversified in all respects. Maybe a few of the pax haven't, but I would guess you will feel quite comfortable.
Beautiful BC, Canada.
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I think you will find that most of us don't care about your sexual orientation, and you would be welcome any roll call. Quite recently - well a few months ago - one of the regulars on here held us spellbound with his reports of a gay charter, and we all vowed to go on on of those cruises one day.
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I think it would be a shame if you did not participate in cruise life and I'm sorry you don't want to join your roll call. You must have had a really bad experience on your last cruise. I hope you enjoy your next cruise fully and meet more accepting people.
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I have been with my partner for 30+ years. We have taken numerous cruises on HAL, and have never had any problems with two men traveling together. We have met some great people on all of our cruises. In fact we have never had any problems on any line that we have cruised. We have cruised on all of the major lines.
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I don't know what sort of 'unpredictable attitude' you encountered on a prior cruise but I would pay it no mind.

Perhaps it just me, but race, color, creed or sexual preferences has never been an issue for me while cruising or otherwise.

Life is really too short to consider such mindless issues IMO.

However, the 'human condition' surely exists none-the-less.

In any event, have yourselves a wonderful cruise!

Be well.

Bon Voyage & Good Health!
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Life is good!
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I'm heartbroken you feel the need for this post. But that's the world we live in unfortunately.

Fortunately I believe strongly you will be welcomed and the overwhelming majority will welcome you as they would any other human being. On our recent cruise there were quite a few same-sex couples and not once did I hear, see, or notice any different behavior toward them.

Enjoy your cruise!
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Makes no difference . Period. .

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No issue for us whatsoever. We take people as we find them. Life is too short to worry about that. This is not an uncommon issue where we live and where we have lived in the past. We are not uncomfortable in the least.

But, we are fortunate in that we live in a country where same sex marriages/common law unions are legal, in fact it is against our version of the constitution to deny this right. And fortunately, public opinion has followed.
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Ignore them....... they aren't worth your attention.
Go, have fun, meet lots of nice people and enjoy your cruise.
No one will ever please all the people all the time.
Perhaps you (sadly) deal with this in your everyday life? If so, a cruise population is a slice of the demographics. What exists in society as a whole, exists in similar percentage among a ship full of cruisers. However you deal with it at home, deal with it on a ship.

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sail7seas7 At yahoo .com
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Saskatoon, Canada
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Absolutely not! There's no reason why you should have to keep to yourselves - you have every right to enjoy all aspects of your cruise as much as my husband and I, or any other couple does. We would welcome you to our table and enjoy your friendship any time!

Smooth Sailing!
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Central Florida
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If you are happy people, I'm happy with that and for you. Whatever your relationship is, if it works for you, it works. I've never batted an eye as I really don't care about who you or anyone partners with. I hope someday I can make you feel as accepted on a HAL or any other cruise as my partner and I have always felt, which is how it should be for all of us.
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Regards, Rich

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in the South
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I too am sorry you felt you had to post this. Don't worry about those "eyebrow raising guests." They don't know what interesting people they might be missing. As for DH and I, we find all people interesting ... short, tall, skinny, fat, gay, straight, white, black, brown or green. As long as you are not a "grump" we will happily cruise with you. Please go and have a great time.
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Ottawa area, Canada
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I agree that there is no reason to isolate yourselves on a cruise. Otherwise, you might miss meeting us. (joke)
We have also met many interesting and different people on our cruises compared to our regular, everyday life.
People from all over the world, with lots of different travel experiences to share.

However, I might just mention that we had one cruise with my older parents (87 &93) and you have to realize, at that age, some of their 'filters' are turned off.
I was a little nervous that one of them might say something before we could run interference. However, it turned out to be fine with no worries.
I'm just saying this from my experience and not that everyone of advanced age is like that. I don't mean to insult anyone or any age group.

So, go and enjoy your cruise, join the rollcall. You'll meet lots of wonderful people.
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You're welcome at our table, so join the party and ignore the self-righteous judgmental people. You have every bit as much right to have a fabulous time as anyone else. If they have a problem with your preferences, it's THEIR problem. Don't let them make it yours.
so. cal.
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I can only tell you that from my perspective I think things are changing. My sister and I cruise together all the time. When ever we are ordering anything we are usually always asked if our partner would like something. First couple cruises we used to say that we were sisters. Now we don't bother. We just answer. So we think things are changing. And we just love cruising with fun people who enjoy life but dont act crazy.
Dunedin Florida
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On the 2008 world cruise we ( DD and I ) were at a table for six with 2 couples one straight and one gay that had been together over 50 years. K lost his partner almost a year to the day after I lost my DH . We still cry on each others shoulders, as the pain is the same when you loose a loved one.
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Sorry you have experienced this aboard HAL and other lines before. I would assume most active CC posters are Gay friendly and non-judgmental. But HAL cruisers do skew to an older demographic where I can see less tolerance of others lifestyles. I even have seen several Rainbow flags in peoples custom signatures so I assume the CC community is Gay friendly.

I'm straight and live in the SF Bay Area, the Mecca of the Gay World, lots of friends and co-workers are gay and even married same-sex couples. One of my retired co-workers is Lesbian and loves cruising and has been on several
Gay themed cruises.

14 States now have same-sex marriages, polls indicate the majority of the US citizens approve of it, things are changing. Maybe someday soon HAL will marry same-sex couples on board.

Hope this helps,

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