I always count it a good year when I add new friends to my list....and this year, I add 4 great ones: Jim and Bella from New York and Mike and Wendy from North Carolina! Thank you for making my spring Southern Caribbean cruise so great!
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"You'll find me where the music meets the ocean....."

Vista Roll Call Spreadsheet

2004 Conquest Cruisin' with the Tide
2005 Glory Cruisin' with the Tide
2008 Valor Vagabonds (Sisters at Sea)
2009 Miracle Lovers (Sisters at Sea)
2011 Liberty Libations (Sisters at Sea)
2012 Liberty Tides (Liberty Belles)
2013 Breeze Tides (Lushes at Sea)
2014 Glory Belles
2015 Breeze New Friends!
2016 Pride
2017 Vista (Miracle Lovers' Reunion!)
"But I took a sip, and yeah, it felt good on my lips...."