transatlantic weather in April

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Hello all!

I know this topic was kind of discussed in past threads, but was hoping to get a better idea of this. We're thinking of taking a transatlantic next April, but have no idea what the weather will be like. Kind of concerned about cold temps and not being able to enjoy the deck outside. I know others say the weather is unpredictable, but I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been taking a transatlantic during April, and maybe after hearing a consensus of "good weather" or "bad weather", it will give me a good idea of what to expect. I know this may sound silly, but does anyone ever see iceburgs?? I always think of the Titanic when planning a crossing in April. Thanks!!
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Not really a good answer to your question, but we did a South Atlantic crossing,late Mar 98, Recife Brazil to Dakar Senegal (voyage from Buenos Aires Argentina) to Barcelona Spain, and the ocean was like a millpond all the way.

Reference icebergs, same year (Aug 98), same ship (Royal Princess), on a far North Atlantic crossing via Iceland and Greenland, we did see icebergs between Greenland and Newfoundland, in same general area that Titanic went down. Most of them were quite small, but there were some good sized ones to the Southeast of us, according to reports from the bridge.
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We went Southampton to New York on 16 April this year arriving 22 April.

It was cold, windy and wet. We had a balcony but apart from braving the wind to stand on it for a bit of fresh air we didn't get to use it at all. We managed to get exercise by walking around the deck (deck 7 I think) a few times each day but there was no opportunity to sit outside. The pool by the stern was empty and had a net across it for safety. The sea was pretty rough, my wife became sea sick and had to have a jab from the medical center.

However, you may be lucky and have fine smooth weather. But don't expect it to be warm !!
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I was on the maiden Westbound transatlantic crossing of the QM2 on 4-16-04. It was great, if you like "weather" and rough water which I love. We had 60 ft waves and gale force winds for a couple of days. That being said the maiden eastbound on 4-25 was like glass and absolutley beautiful weather. I have crossed 8 times total (QE2 & QM2) and the bottom line is, you can never tell what the weather on the Atlantic will be.

Bon voyage
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Hi all,

Are there any others reading this board that can add to the database of what the temperature is like on an April Transatlantic?

I am especially wondering if a coat is a prudent thing to bring along, or totally unnecessary. We would really like to leave coats behind because of their bulk, but do not want to be forced below deck because we did not bring the right top cover.

I understand that the bottom line is that the Atlantic is unpredictable, but the more experiences posted here, the better we spring crossers could gamble with our suitcase contents.

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We too did the tandem crossing - but on QE2. We left Southampton on 19/4/04 and on the first part of the trip had extremely dramatic seas. One wave washed straight over the bridge and landed in, and filled to a depth of four inches, the front balcony!

But, as has been said above, coming back it was a lot smoother.

You cannot guarantee the weather.
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I am glad you are asking these questions as I am a fellow passenger this April.
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Originally posted by Paul NH

Thanks for the feedback. What was the temperature like? Did you need a coat to go out on deck, or was a jacket/windbreaker enough?


I -like Kindlychap- was on QE2 for the Westbound Crossing (April 19-25, 2004) leading into the Tandem Crossing. As he indicated, it was rough (2 of the days, but fairly moderate the other days), but to answer your question about temperature - it was mild: in the 50s F. I would think a lighter jacket, a windbreaker, etc. might be all that you need.

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Unfortunately, you can't predict weather on the Atlantic. It can be completely calm and smooth as glass in April, or stormy and rough in July, and vice versa.

I find it's best to be prepared for anything.
Valley of the Sun, Arizona
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Spring on the North Atlantic. We have experienced everything from warm and calm to snow. Generally you will have a noticeable swell and cool to cold weather. As for a jacket, remember, you are making near 30 knots on a transat. Even on a calm day it is windy on deck. Nothing in the world like being on deck in cold, blustery 28 knot conditions.
All the best,
Upstate New York
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Thanks again for the feedback. I am looking forward to the April experience. Looks like a several layers of clothing, topped by a sweater and a windbreaker might do the trick if the weather is on the colder side of things. Cannot bring ourselves to bring coats, though. Too much additional bulk.

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When we crossed on the last leg of the ss Rotterdam's World Cruise in 1986, I kept a copy of the "Abstract of Ship's Log At Noon":

3/26- Wind:14 kts. Sea:Slight Air Temp:61
3/27- Funchal --------- Air Temp:59
3/28- Wind:09 kts. Sea:Smooth Air Temp:61
3/29- Wind:09 kts. Sea:Smooth Air Temp:63
3/30- Wind:12 kts. Sea:Slight Air Temp:63
3/31- Wind:24 kts. Sea:Rough Air Temp:66
4/01- Wind:09 kts. Sea:Smooth Air Temp:63
4/02- New York City

On a Transat. in the Spring you just never know.
Delaware Valley PA
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We are frequent April crossers. You can expect temperatures in the 50's and maybe 60's. But also consider the wind chill factor as the ship travels 25-28 knots. I would not recomend spending money on a balcony, it's unlikely that you will spend much time there!