Review from our Explorer Cruise VERY LONG!!

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Hey Everyone! We were on the Explorer from 7-17 until 7-24

We had a great time here are some of the things we did:

We arrived in Miami with plenty of time to get to the port. There was a long line to get on to the boat, but it was not too bad. While we were waiting in line they were handing out our new itinerary (we got switched from Western to Eastern). We thought that this might be happening so we had planned the Eastern excusions just in case (thank goodness we did)! When we got on the boat we were able to get into our rooms right away, which your not "suppose" to be able to, but if the rooms are ready you can! We dropped off our carry-ons. Then we headed up to the excursions desk. My husband was looking forward to scuba diving, the excursion desk recommened he book both in St. Thomas and in Nassau (for some reason the scuba place wasn't sure if or when they ould be going - they had to make sure they had enough people he ended up cancelling the one in St. Thomas because he heard Nassau is a great place to scuba out of the two). Then we headed up to the windjammer for lunch. That night we met our waiter Milton and his assistant Erica they were both from Jamaica and really nice! Also our head waiter Vinod was from India, he was great too.(we had early seating which non of us have EVER had but we ended up really liking this time to eat). There was 6 of us on this cruise together. After dinner we went to the welcome aboard show. This included meeting our cruise director, Clodah O'Connor (she was very funny), the comedian Michael Dean Ester. and then the RC singers and Dancers. After that we walked outside (love looking at the ocean at night, and moonlight. It was REALLY windy every night outside. We took some funny pictures of our hair blowing EVERY where!
Monday was an at sea day. We layed out, enjoyed the nice sun, there was some breeze but it helped because it would have been WAY too hot to lay out with out it. Monday was formal night, I had brought some formal dresses, but in one of the shops I saw some dresses that i thought were pretty. So us three girls went down and I tried on a ton of dresses! I found one!! That night before we had dinner we had drinks in one of the bars up high (the viking lounge deck). Then after dinner we walked around the deck outside (this became a nightly ritual). Then we saw the Late Night Adult Comedy Tuesday: We were layed out in the morning (we didn't get to San Juan until 2pm). Then we went to San Juan and walked around (we didn't book any excursions there, not a lot we wanted to do there). Then we got Rained on BIG TIME! (Poured). We did do a little shopping but not a lot, mostly kept running into the store fronts avoiding the rain. We attempted to go to Senor' Froggs but it was packed. So we just headed back to the ship. That night it was Casual. After dinner we went to the Family Feud Game Show. Okay, Nothing against kids AT ALL (I have three of my own, but left them at home). But they need to have more adult games on the ship and stress that only adults are allowed in). When they were chosing families to go up to play there was a family of three young kids behind us and this little girl was STANDING, yes standing! On the table and SCREAMING VERY loud (her mother suggested she do this). But I didn't like the way they picked the families. He told people numerous times to stay in their seats but they would run up to him on the dance floor/stage and then he would pick them. (no, we didn't get picked, but we DID follow the rules)!!. It was still funny to watch though. Oh..earlier we had played putt putt golf. That was a good time!. Wednesday: We went to St. Thomas there we did the biking tour (we had fun doing this, but we got muddy!) That excusion also took us to Honeymooners beach. We stayed there for while. Then we went back to the ship to change our clothes and went Parasailing. It was a tandem one. My brother in law and sister went first then my other sister and I went next. My husband and other brother in law didn't go, but were able to ride on the boat and watch. It was fun, but we actually got sea sick from the boat ride out there (we never actually got sick but FELT very sick) it was a fun experience though! After we were done with that we went shopping. My husband suprised me and told me I can pick out an anniversary band (it will be our 10 year August 12). So I went from store to store trying to find the perfect one! I got one! )
that night was Casual or caribbean attire. That night my husband I went to the "Love and Marriage" game show (the other two couples went to bed). But we ALMOST got on stage. It was between us and another couple and the audience had to yell for us. The guy running it was like "oh..I guess the other couple gets to go up" Needless to say I was dissappointed, but it was still a fun show to watch. Thursday: St. Maarten: We did the Dolphin encounter. This was a fun time. I have actually swam with dolphins before, but this was still fun. We also got to go to the beach for a little while. Afterwards we went back to the ship and hung out. This is the island that 4 people were late getting back to the boat! I am sorry, but If I know I HAVE to be back on the ship at a certain, you bet I will make sure I am back ON TIME! They had to send out a little boat to get these four people. They were walking (or should I say running) down the walk way when the boat was pulling away. Friday: At sea day: Formal night. We hung out on deck and layed out, downfall was there was not a lot of breeze this time, which made it VERY hot to lay out, so we layed IN the pool (in the shallow end). That night we say Roger Beh (comedian and impressionist) he was funny, did good impressions. Saturday: Nassau, Bahamas. We were getting ready to go to breakfast when we heard the captain announce they were slowing the ship down because we had to save a local from Nassau who had been stranded at sea on his sea doo since Wednesday night. So of course a lot of people ran upstairs to watch. We video taped it. We were wondering if they just leave the sea doo floating there or does someone eventually go and pick it up? Well, after that we layed out for a while (yes, I like to lay out)!! Then we were finding out since we were going to be arriving to Nassau later then planned that some of the excursions were being canceled. We went up to check and ours was not (we did the sting ray at blackbeards cay). But my husbands scuba was cancelled. He was NOT a happy camper (since this is the only place he was planning on scuba diving). But we ended up having fun with the stingrays. We didn't have anytime to shop though, which was downfall. That night we had our last night with our waitstaff. We were really happy with them! We went to see Comedian Darrell Joyce (the adult one) he was VERY VERY VERY funny, we were laughing SO hard!! Then we walked around the deck. Sunday: our plane was scheduled to leave Miami at 11:15. They had us getting off the boat between 10-10:30 which we thought was cutting it really close but we figured they knew what they were doing. Well, they ended up calling us earlier (they called our color at 9). Well, we got in the LONG LONG Line and waited. Please to you future cruisers don't take cuts! After we passed this one part we noticed that people were cutting in front of other people (they were behind us, because if they were to try and cut in front of us I would have said something!) :O) Then we headed to get our luggage which took a long time too. Got to the airport to our gate, then like right away (it seemed) they were announcing our name saying "last call" We hadn't even realized they started boarding the plane! All in all it was a fun trip! I am sure I missed some things we did! We did spend time in the casino, my husband got a massage in the spa, my brother in-laws used the gym every day. Played Bingo, watched the "quest" game (I didn't watch it). Also my sister used the track every day too. There was a day that the ships pool was really wavy and it was like a wave pool. That was fun. My husband and brother in law also played basketball, dodgeball and volleyball. My other brother in law did the rock climbing wall. We did have lunch at Johnny Rockets on one of the days. We are glad to be home, I missed the kids but it was a well needed and deserved vacation!

Sorry this was so long!!
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NCL - (2/03)

Sisters and Husbands Cruise & Our 10 yr. Anniversry
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Thanks for the review!
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Thanks for posting your thoughts -- I've been looking forward to hearing an Eastern review for a while. We can't wait !
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Ken & Kathy Hazlett
Rochester NY

Not exactly cruising, but Ken (in 4th grade) sailed New York City to Gibraltar on Italian Line's "Rafaelo" in January 1966 and Great Britain back to NYC on Holland America's "Statendam" in September 1966.
Royal Caribbean "Sovereign of the Seas", 12/98 (4 nts)
"Cruise Virgins" deflowered. Awesome food and "shooter" drinks. Missed Coco Cay due to high seas, but had a great "day at sea" on the way to KW.
Carnival "Sensation", 07/00 (7 nts)
A balcony suite shared with best friends, lunch with Emeril in New Orleans, and a surprise proposal. Swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman was a blast, and you can't pass up a trip to Hell.
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Key West was in the deep freeze, but margaritas at Jimmy Buffet's helped. Cozumel was toasty.
Carnival "Paradise", 12/01 (7 nts)

A perfect honeymoon on the only totally non-smoking ship --- what a breath of fresh air !
Royal Caribbean "Explorer of the Seas", 10/23/05 (7 nts)
The threat of Hurricane Wilma made departure interesting. The Meet & Mingle and spending time with other CCers was awesome. RCI's food IS better than Carnival's, and Portofino was a real treat.
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Thanks for the great reveiw....7 more long months till we sail!!!
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Tammy...would rather be cruising then working!
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Thanks for posting a review. I so can't wait until it's my turn in September!
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