"LIVE" from Quantum of the Seas - Jan. 23, 2015

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Hello everyone. . . I am happy to report that I will be leaving tomorrow for my 10 night sailing on Quantum of the Seas. I last sailed Quantum of the Seas in November 2014, and it was very nice. The 2 night sailing was not enough. I will be able to truly enjoy the splendor of this lovely ship over my 10 night sailing. My 2 Night Sailing can be viewed HERE

My cabin will be a little larger this time. (My last sailing was in one of the Superior Studio Balcony Cabins . . . It was a little small, but for 2 nights it was no worries) This time I will be in a standard Balcony (198 sq ft) so I may have a little more room to stretch out.

The format here will be similar to previous “LIVE” posts as I will document my view of the ship daily with many images and lots of commentary. There are still many questions that seem to be asked about Quantum of the Seas. There are still many areas that I have not been able to view. I was on the ship for 2 nights but we were only at sea for about 36hrs.

I have read some excellent reviews and a few complaints about the Quantum Class, but over the next 11 days, you will have a front row seat to view this “Amazement of Modern Technology” through my eyes. I am really hoping for a valid wireless connection and have heard that the Wi-Fi signal is still being worked on for maximum bandwidth.

Our (scheduled) ports of call for this sailing are San Juan, St Thomas, St Maarten, and St Kitts and I am looking forward to a little warmer weather than we have been having so far in 2015.

I will be staying up in NJ near Cape Liberty for a pre cruise rest tomorrow, and will be up bright and early for my sailing on January 23. The forecast for today is snow and tomorrow it will be very cold . . . No worries, as the temperature should increase daily for the next several days while we approach the Caribbean.

This should be a fun cruise, so sit back have a cup of coffee (I will be consuming a little Starbucks myself), and join me for a fun and relaxing cruise aboard Quantum of the Seas.
Thanks for tuning in !


Quantum of the Seas in Cape Liberty

November 2014 - Radio

North Star Entrance

©Google Street View 2014

North Star from Deck 15

November 2014 - Radio

Sunny Solarium

November 2014 - Radio

Indoor Pool

November 2014 Radio

A short "Preview" Video

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Thank you Radio for another live review....you always do such an amazing job!
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Thank you Radio for your time and effort. I am soaking up as much Quantum info as I can until I board on February 20! Have a great cruise!
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Have a fabulous cruise - I will be following along
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Can,t wait for your reviews
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Looking forward to following you on this cruise.

Bon Voyage!
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Very much looking forward to your commentary. The quality of your pictures is amazing - can't wait to "sail with you." We sail March 1 - looking forward to all your documentation - we appreciate the time you take out of your vacation time to let us all join you!
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I m truly anxious to hear your impressions of Dynamic Dining. My husband, extended family and I were on the New Years Eve cruise and the lines and wait time were excessive even with reservations. Food was never really hot except for ice cream which always arrived half melted and the staff was stretched thin!
Felt so sorry for them! We are boarding again on Feb. 2nd and hoping things have improved.
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Awesome... following!! Be brutally honest with your thoughts Radio, let's hear from you how many problems there really are for you, or if things are smooth from such an experienced cruiser with so many other excellent balanced reviews. Your opinions hold a lot of weight here with many CC'ers.

Have a great cruise!
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Following along, have friends on this sailing as well. Will be fun to watch travel with all of you .
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Have a great trip!

PS Should this thread be moved into the Countdown to Quantum area so it is easier find?
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I'm really thrilled that you are taking your time and minutes to post your live review!! We are not new to cruising, but will be sailing our first RCL in March on the Quantum as a diamond member because of our points with celebrity. We are very excited to sail RCL and Quantum! Any and all information and pictures will be eagerly awaited!
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Radio thanks for doing another LIVE review. I read your 2 nighter and I was hooked. I've been trying to figure out a way to book the Quantum every since. LOL!! I want to cruise on this ship soooo bad. 3 more weeks b4 bonus time. Hopefully the BONUS gods are great to me this year and I get a little extra so I can blow it on this cruise!
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Radio, I can't wait. Wish we were able to enjoy it along with you and our other cruising friends BUT, well you know.

I am so glad you are on the RCI board, it is much easier to find and subscribe here. It seems that the Quantum forum is a Quantum only area where the RCI is one where all folks who enjoy the entire fleet can find the results of your experiences. I know you have a vast following who anxiously look forward to your next report, as do I.

I shall be glued to the web in rapt anticipation of your next great report.

FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS to all on this sailing. Don't FDGB.
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Following you will make the next 39 days until we are sailing Quantum go by much faster. Thanks and enjoy your cruise.
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