Just back from CB.....anyone else in love with Bert Stratton?

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We had a FABULOUS week on Caribbean Princess! Guess I had to sail on RCCL this past April to realize what a great product Princess has. Loved everything about the cruise, but in particular "Bert Stratton." He is in Crooner's Lounge in the centrum and is the best entertainer we have ever seen (after 16+ cruises!) Anyone going on CB soon, be sure and stop in to see Bert---you won't be disappointed. He is a wonderful pianist, singer and comedian all in one!
If anyone has any questions regarding CB, feel free to ask.
Very depressed right now........knowing the ship has sailed already and I am not on it!
Oregon, USA
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We saw Bert on our May 04 cruise to Alaska on the Diamond. He was fantastic and we went to his show every night. It's nice to luck-out with something like that. He was faaannnnntaaaasstic!
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Blackwood, NJ USA
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Bert was great on our CP cruise this past May.
Here's a link to his pic: http://images9.fotki.com/v189/photos...IMG0023-vi.jpg
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We've been lucky enough to sail with him several times- he's just wonderful!
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We saw Bert too last summer on the Diamond. We happend upon him by accident, but just fell in love with him. Anyone who is on any ship he is on should make his show a "must see." It seemed as word got out his shows got more and more crowded every night.

Thanks for mentioning his name -- it brought a smile to my face just thinking about him.
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We did a b2b cruise in July this year and we spent almost every evening listening to Bert. He was fabulous. We filmed him singing a few songs and have entertained quite a few friends since coming home. The guy is brilliant.
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It's "so good! so good! so good!" to hear that we are not alone with our feelings about Bert! We bought his CD and I am sad listening to it, wishing I could be watching him> :-) His contract is through Oct of 2006 on the CB, he said, so we are going to sail her again, and he is one of the major reasons! He also has a web site, if anyone is interested: www.bertstratton.com. Love Princess and love Bert!
Nova Scotia, Canada
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We were on the CB July 23 sailing. We are truly "Bertified". What a talent!!! Do not miss him. He is outstanding!! We saw him 6 out of 7 nights and bought the CD. A mother was passing with her 7 month old baby girl and without missing a beat asked the mom what her name was and her age. He then started singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider and so on. He finished with Lullaby and Goodnight. It was wonderful. The baby actually watched him through the whole thing.
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I love Bert too! If you don't already have it, send away for his earlier CD -- One and Only. I love both of his CDs and listen to them very often -- okay, well almost every day. They really help keep me relaxed in traffic on the way to work. I've even written him requesting he produce another CD!

He's definitely the highlight of the cruise for me. We'll be on Caribbean Princess in Sept. and I can't wait to see Bert again. What a great guy and terrific talent!
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I'm gonna be on CP next week and I'll be sure to check him out. Can't wait!
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We have been on 34 cruises and Bert is by far the best entertainer that we've ever seen. We have seen him on 4 Princess cruises and are booked in February to see him again. In addition to his website mentioned above, you can also read comments about him (and add your own) at www.bertstrattonfans.com. He is definitely an entertainer not to be missed!

Cincinnati, OH
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I just checked. He'll be back from another vacation just in time for our December 17th cruise. Good news! My dad loves piano music and I think he'll just love him!

If you want to ensure that he is on your cruise, check www.bertstratton.com for his schedule.

Happy Singin' and Sailin"
Houston, TX
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Redjoan, I'm am sooo happy to hear that Bert Stratton will be on the Caribbean Princess through October 2006. He is so great! I was so hoping he would be onboard for our Cruise Critic group cruise next August.
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Lakeland, FL
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Thanks for the link to his website!! Phew !!! He disembarks with us so we'll get to see him during his last week onboard before his vacation!!!

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Houston, TX
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We could certainly do that on the August 19, 2006 Caribbean Princess Cruise Critic group cruise! What better place than the Caribbean Princess!!!

I know I'd like that! If I had enough people in the group that wanted to be part of a "Certified Bertified" activity, we'd do it and I'd even contact Bert Stratton and let him know our group was coming.

Anyone interested please email me or post on the group message board forum site--see the link below.
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Tampa, FL
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Montgomeryfamily: I've seen your posts for a group cruise in August. Sounds really tempting to me, but I'm on cruise restriction for the time being -- LOL! Guess I overspent our cruise allowance for this year. You'd have to be sure that Bert wasn't on vacation at that time since he's on vacation that week this year.
Houston, TX
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Marly, I understand. You'll have to start saving those pennies. Did you see that thread about raising money for your cruise by selling on E-Bay? LOL

I've already emailed Bert Stratton to make sure he will be onboard when we come next year. I expect to hear back soon. Hope we don't have to shanghai him. LOL
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