getting from Cannes to EZE

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Has anyone gone from Cannes to Eze, and if so how? The ship offers a trip including Nice for 5.5 hours, and we feel this will be too rushed in Eze. We would like to be able to spend a few hours there.

Most of the posts talk about getting there from Nice or Villefranche.

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the train from Cannes to Villefranc will take about 50 minutes or so. a block from the train station you can catch the bus up to Eze. Well worth it. If budget is not a consideration have lunch at Cheve d'Or in Eze. Pass on the complimentary glass of champagne when you come in because it isn't complimentary! Lunch with wine about 80 euros each including tax and tip. the greatest view of all time.
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We are thinking about renting a car from Cannes to eze and are wondering about parking near the botanical garden. Does anyone have any information of this item.
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First, this thread would get a lot more comments if it were on the France board (hint to the mod). Regarding parking at Eze, there is a car parking lot right outside the entrance to the small town (it is also where the buses stop).

As to getting from Cannes to Eze, if one used the train the closest train station to Eze Village is called Eze/Bord sur Mer (this is past the Villefranche Station). There is a small bus stop right in front of this tiny station and there is a bus that runs up to the Village. The only problem is that the buses to Eze do not run as often as many would prefer and you can sometimes wait over an hour for a bus. This is why we usually rent cars since we save lots of time not waiting or having to adapt our schedule to buses.

Whenever I post on the subject of Eze, it is hard to resist mentioned St Paul de Vence which we think is a far better destination (especially if you have a rental car). Eze Village is cute, has some nice views, and a few nice shops, but it is essentially a tourist village (this is not all bad). In fact, most of shops and cafes in Eze Village close-up in the winter when it is outside of tourist season. With a rental car one could actually visit Eze, St Paul de Vence and also pay a visit to Nice.

If one can get to Nice in the morning we also strongly recommend paying a visit to their famous Flower Market which is located on the Cours Selaya in the old town neighborhood.

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Hi Hank

Thanks for all the great information. I find the functionality of the forum boards a little confusing so am glad you saw my question.

We just have one day as we are on a cruise and we tend to overpack our days. Something we are trying to cure ourselves of. The gardens at Eze really caught our eye but since you mentioned St. Paul de Vence, it is very tempting to stop there as well. Timing wise, I'm wondering if we'd be cramming too much in if we do both. We'd also like an hour and a bit to see Cannes too. The car rental station opens at 8 am and we sail at 6 pm. We don't want to be running to the boat. Been there, done that.

Your thoughts

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I agree that St Paul de Vence is a much more enjoyable and slightly more authentic town than Eze. Eze is hardly worth more than a quick stop and to go by bus can be torturous. The views are pretty spectacular from there but the town somehow reminded me of Disneyland as it was too perfect and touristy. I also don't think the garden is anything special. On the other hand, St. Paul de Vence seems more vibrant with a working side of the town and cute streets for somewhat touristy shopping. Consider Antibes, instead of Eze. There is a wonderful Picasso Museum and a cute town. If planning to do Eze then Nice is a great town, too and also has a flea market and the nearby Chagall Museum. You could do three towns in a day but not including miseums. If you are a real Chagall fan, skip the town of Nice and go directly to the museum. Definitely rent a car or consider hiring a guide to save even more time.