Navigator Review from 4/24 Sailing

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Well I enjoyed reading all the reviews before my cruise so I thought I would add my experiences.

Flew from CT to Miami, arrived at the port around 10:00, was not able to board so we dropped off our luggage and walked over the bridge to a shopping area, nice place to walk around. When we got back around 11:30 we were able to get on the ship. It was the quickest, smoothest process I have ever experienced.

The ship is beautiful. I thought the food was very good. Toward the end of the week the lunch buffet got a little old but the dinners were great. On lobster night the lobster tasted so good and juicy. The sea bass was also great. We ate at Portofinos twice. What a meal to remember. I think they had to roll us out the first time. Desserts are exceptional. Service was wonderful. They aim to please. There is always so much to do on the ship that you can never fit it all in. You have to sleep sometime. We enjoyed the wine bar, they have a sampler at the end of the menu where you get to try four different wines (2 oz) . This was a fun thing to do before dinner. The pub was always fun too, lots of singing and drinking. We would always go to the Cafe Promenade around 5:00 for quite time and little sandwiches. We had a balcony room which was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and ready to have fun.

The ports were nice. Did the BOB in St. Thomas, walked around Atlantis in Nassau, had friends meet us in San Juan and take us to a beautiful beach - (lots of construction in San Juan and we did not dock at the place where we were suppose to in Old San Juan so there was a mix up there) Coco Cay is a fun relaxing time. Lots of sun.

We packed "adult beverges" in our suitcases and had no problems. It wasn't like the cruise line didn't make money on us, our bill was quite substantial anyways. I cannot imagine what it would have been if we didn't have something with us.

We also did the "Rasul" treatment in the Spa. This was great. As a couple you cannot have any inhibitions whatsoever in doing this. It was a blast. The price was I believe $49.00 each but if you spend $150 or 175 in products you got the treatment for free.

The only bad part of the whole cruise was when you get off the ship. The baggage is put on a carousel similar to the airport. This takes a long time and there were lots of people who could not find their luggage. We got off the ship at 8:00 am hoping to have a nice day in Miami, instead we ended up staying looking for luggage until 12:00. Someone had taken our luggage by mistake ( I even put a ribbon on the handle) Luckily the person who took our luggage (didn't they read the luggage tag???) lived in Florida and was able to bring it back to Royal Carribbean the next day. They said that they are sending it to us via UPS but we still have not received it. Hopefully soon. So everyone make your luggage very recognizable to you.

This was my sixth cruise, (3rd on Royal Carribbean) and I like this line the best. You cannot go wrong on the Voyager class ships.
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I am sailing on her on the 22 and I just have a couple of questions... 1) What all does the Rasul treatment include? Me and my bf are thinking about doing it, but I would like to know what exactly it is, or what happens. 2) How was the Dungeon? Where there a lot of people in there at night, and how old was the general age? I am 20 and am brining people that are my age that have never been on a cruise before and want to make sure that they will have fun in there. and last but not least 3) If you did go into the Dungeon how strict where they about checking IDs at the door? and I forgot one more thing, 4) what type of adult drink di dyou pack in your suitcase? I am thinking about packing some and wanted to know what you packed and how you packed it.
Thanks a lot


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We did Johnny Rockets probably only once on each of our RCI cruises. Kids were there all the time. It was never busy even for free. If I wanted to eat there and really fancied it, $3.95 wouldn't stop me. I can't beleive it would anyone else. It's not much more than the cost of one beer.

Perhaps it was emtty because all the kids (most) are in school now. That'd be my guess.

I for one, sure ain't ever gone hungry on a cruise, JR's or no JR's.

Glad you had a super time.

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We were on the same cruise and had alot of fun!

I've never done the 'rasul' but it sounds quite similar to something on DCL. Here is a great review of the similar treatment on DCL -

click here for Surial review

I had to laugh at your luggage situation. My DH and I joked [although quite seriously] that next time we are buying hot pink luggage!


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Me and my hubby were on the 4/17 sailing of the
Navigator, we also did the Rasual....WOW, Very Nice!!!
First they give you sea salt to rub all over your body for exfoliating, then you shower it off. While you are doing that the Rasual chamber is getting very steamy. Next we went into the chamber and applied a few different moisturizing products to our face and pick an
aromatherapy fragerence. Then the real fun begins, you rub the mud all over each other bodies, and you have the chamber to yourself for
about 30 minutes I believe it do whatever you want...They make a point of telling
you there are no cameras in the chamber, so have fun.....It's very steamy and slippery. When your time is up it rains in the chamber and
washes most of the mud away....very cool.
Then you go back to the shower and get off the access mud, next they had several other body moisturizing products to apply afterwards. This was one of our trip highlights... Our new cruise tradition.

Bon Voyage,
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what did you think of the Bob excursion? We have booked this for our Navigator cruise in June. Also, do you remember the name of the beautiful beach you went to in San Juan, and was it good for snorkeling?
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Rasual sounds awesome. Hubby and I will have to try that!! We are going on 10-30 and counting the days!! Thanx for the review. ~Lady_K

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I enjoyed the BOB excursion, the person who runs it was a lot of fun. Although, when you are down it seems really surreal and things don't seem the right size. It's hard to explain. You go down 8-10 feet and the motor scooter is very slow so your finger gets sore pressing down the button. At one point I felt cold and began to "think" of things and thought that I could easily freak myself out if I wanted to, but I kept my head together and thought if I wanted to get out I could just easily swim to the surface. Equalizing your ears was strange. Don't forget to bring an underwater camera. The guides take the pictures for you since you cannot really manuver the BOB and be snapping pictures at the same time. I am glad that I did this but don't think I would do it again. I guess I won't be taking Scuba Diving lessons any time soon.
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Princess # 1

We went to the Dungeon and it was great. I am not really sure how strict they are at checking ID's because when we went in there wasn't anyone at the door because it wasn't really busy yet.

As far as the adult drinks go. We brought bottles of wine, a bottle of Vodka and the single bottles of Bacardi Breezers (or whatever those are, sold in a four pack) The single bottles were great to have around the pool. We packed them in a bag and just got a glass of ice from the bar. We just wrapped our clothes around the bottles without any problems. (I brought a lot of clothes so things were well cushioned).

Have a great time