Guidelines by the Community Manager for posts looking for others to share a tour. Please review these before posting!! thanks...

**UPDATED Personal Ads for Those Looking To Share "Tours" **

Cruise Critic's policy has always prohibited advertising in any form on all of our message board forums, including our Ports of Call boards. Personal ads are no exception. If we allow advertising of this nature these boards would be nothing more than a supermarket corkboard of "ads", and you will find it increasingly difficult to find information of substance.

Also, you are never totally sure that it isn't a TOUR OPERATOR themselves, posting as a member, in order to get you to contact them. Any instances of this practice should be reported immediately. Please use the Report Post icon located in the upper right corner of the post.

Therefore, personal ad-type posts looking for members to "share" your excursion, or posts mentioning that a few more spaces in a van are available and you should contact so and so, are not allowed here or or on any other forums EXCEPT the specific ROLL CALL thread for your cruise line, ship and sail date.

***The best place to find others who would be willing to share your tour is the ROLL CALL for your specific sailing. What better place -- you're already chatting with folks, and sharing your upcoming plans. That is the spot -- almost like "direct marketing" to those who will be on your ship. In this way, too, it accomplishes Cruise Critic's goal of not having boards full of ads... making it difficult to find the good stuff.**

If you need help finding the specific ROLL CALL thread for your cruise line, ship and sail date, please read the Sticky titled What is a ROLL CALL and how do I find mine? at

Questions/Comments/Concerns regarding this or any of our other Community Guidelines should be addressed to me at [email protected]com and not posted on the boards. Those posts will be removed and you will not receive an answer to your question.

We thank you for your cooperation,

Community Manager
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