Worst Cruise Packing Mistakes

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Hey there cruisers,

We are compiling the worst cruise packing mistakes we've made so others can learn from our unfortunate -- and sometimes hilarious -- mishaps. If you have any you would like to share, they very well might be published!

We look forward to reading (and grimacing) along with you


~Brittany Chrusciel, Associate Editor, Cruise Critic
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Like bringing 6 pairs of shoes once!
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Sorry but I am the queen of packing light and I don't make mistakes!
I can't imagine taking all the things I read that people "must have"!!
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Originally posted by silvercrikhix

Like bringing 6 pairs of shoes once!


Rule of thumb... Lay it all out, remove half. Double the budget

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My rule of thumb: If it doesn't fit in one carry on, it's not going.

Packing mistakes? If traveling with multiple family members, putting all clothes for one person in one bag. Instead, cross-pack. Make sure that there's a bit of clothing for every person in each bag. That way, if one bag is lost for any reason, one person is not left with nothing to wear.
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We left our garment bag hanging on our bedroom door many, many years ago. We could not dress for formal nights. It actually turned out to be a good thing because we realized that we don't really have to dress formally and they fed us anyway.
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We had a group going with us and a bunch of people over our house the night before the cruise. The adults were staying up as we had a 2:45 AM bus pulling up (I am always a hot with the neighbors....) but we sacked the kids out in our 4 bedrooms, one of which was ours. I pack the night before and had started packing and then go occupied on something....probably an elbow bending event. My wife moved my suit bag out of the bedroom. Time marched on, I forgot all about it and when it was time to leave. my bag was closed and zipped and we loaded up the bus and off to the airport.

Fast forward to getting on the ship, we get our bags delivered and am unpacking (we had a bunch of people in our cabin for sail away - we were staying in the Captain's Suite on the Liberty) and I discover I have no pants....zero.... I was def on the receiving end of a lot of humor from all in our group.
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The first cruise I packed a different outfit for each night. Big mistake. Now I pack things that are mix and match and have never brought more than a carry on. That same cruise we brought walkie-talkies. Another big mistake.
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Too many clothes!
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We actually like to have options so we definitely over pack. However, I don't see the problem in doing that? We have 2 suitcases each that once they are dropped off with the porters aren't a problem at all. It's not like we have to lug them around or anything. We do dress up every night but that's what we like to do. We probably don't wear a third of what we bring but that's ok since we don't know which third that is going to be before we cruise! Unless you are flying I don't see the big deal about over packing. Just gives us more options while we are on the ship. That being said I know every one is different but if you are new to cruising don't worry about over packing is my take. Happy Cruising!!!
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Absolutely over packing!! 2 outfits a day plus a dinner outfit per day and all the shoes to match each outfit!! Not anymore!! No need for all that!! Almost every day (depending on ports) you're in a bathing suit all day! 2 shoes for dinner and a couple flip flops that match everything is good enough!

PS - cruising maniac - we had friends who forgot their garment bag one year with their formal clothes as well. However, they realized this at the airport - drove all the way home and back to the airport. Well, they missed their flight! Jumped on the next flight out so wasn't too bad. The kicker is - one of them got sick the night of formal night and they skipped it anyway. So never got to dress up in those formal clothes they missed a flight over!! It was - and still is - quite funny!
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Almost had to go Chip n Dale style once, as I packed my tux but forgot my shirt!
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My husband, who is a XXL, forgot swim trunks on his 2nd cruise. So...we did find him a pair in the 237843 shop we looked at in Nassau.

Fast forward to our 4th cruise. He also forgot his swim trunks. This time? Found him a pair, too tight pair, from a Jamaican street vendor...Pretty sure they were from 1996.
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I always overpack. I don't know if it is a mistake though- as long as you aren't paying for baggage, choice is nice.
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I do over pack I confess
I am OCD when it comes to wearing the same outfit twice esp. in hot weather
We do fly and am allowed one free check in bag each (50 lb ) ad one carry on free so never an issue for us
If not cruising I pack less because we stay in condos that have washer/dryers but am not going to waste my cruise time in the laundry room
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Once packed all of our shoes in one suitcase and then promptly forgot to bring it. Went on the trolley tour in Key West and just looked for shoe stores.
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My tip is just to make sure you have the toiletries you need.
Once in the middle of the ocean, your resources are limited, unless you want to pay a price.

On our first cruise (Dream) my husband got a bad sunburn in the first port.
ALOE! Why didn't I think of that?!

$25 for a bottle of aloe in the Carnival gift shops.
That was in April 2012..
We cruise again in December of this year and I am bringing that same bottle of aloe!
5 cruises later and I still have it, LOL.
Better believe I am going to get my $25 worth.

We tend to still over pack.
I am OCD about not running out of things, so maybe that is why?
Better safe than sorry.
It's getting less and less though.
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Packing rule #1, do not do laundry and pack the morning you are going to leave. Because you (oh, yes you will) wash, dry and fold your son's underwear and socks, put them on top of the dryer to grab on your way out of the laundry room and forget them. And your 10 year old son will be going commando and sockless for an entire cruise. Pack ahead, people, pack ahead!
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My DA acidently only packed one shoe of each pair 😉 shoes. I once had a bottle of sun lotion split in my case and ruined half my clothes. I always double bag any liquids now 😢
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I also tend to overpack. I am the type that will take stuff "just in case" solarcaine, Pepto-Bismol, cold medicine, zantac ( you get the drift) I also take dble the supply of prescription meds ( ie if a 5 night cruise I will take a 10 day supply AND a copy from the pharmacy listing all our meds). I overpack, clothes, shoes, you name it. But we drive to the port. I figure this is the only time I can "dress" for dinner.