The Big Red Boat

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What Ever Happened To........???
A place to discuss the glorious past of cruising...the ships, the people, the cruise lines, the ports that bring back those wonderful memories.
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jax fla usa
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Joined Apr 2003
the oceanic (big red boat) is back in service in either barcelona or another port in that part of the world she is all white again and has been renamed has been back for a couple of years
Clear Lake Shores, Texas
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You want information, I have information.
Last modification: 02/27/2004 Identification

Register Number: 982D35
IMO Number: 5260679
Ship Name: OCEANIC
OCEANIC (1985)
Call Sign: C61F7
Ship Type: Passenger ship
Connecting District: BV MADRID (MDD)
Port of Registry: NASSAU
Main Class Symbols : I 3/3 E
Service Notations: Passenger ship

Navigation Notations: Deep sea
Additional Class Notation(s):
Machinery: MACH
Type of Survey(s): CSH , CSM (06/2001)
Chain : Ch 80 Q2
Gross Tonnage 69: 38,772 (Estimated)
Net Tonnage 69: 11,631
Gross Tonnage: (Estimated)
Net Tonnage:
Overall Length: 236.00 m
LPP: 213.22 m
Breath: 29.40 m
Depth: 14.70 m
Draught: 8.78 m
Freeboard: 6130 mm
Hull & Cargo
Place of build (Country): MONFALCONE
Year of Build: 1965
Yard N°: 1876
Hull Material: Steel
Nb of Watertight Comp.: 15
Number of Cont. Decks: 11
Machinery Aft
Number of Holds:
Total Capacity of Holds:
Number of Tanks:
Total Capacity of tanks:
Tank Max Pressure:
Transport Type:
Cargo Hatchways:
Main Products:
Minimum Temperature:
Cargo Handling:
LBC: 92,149
Hull Alterations:
Transformation Year:
Refrigerating Installations
Temperature range:
Nb of holds:
Total capacity:
Insulation material:
Insulation lining:
Propelling Type: Steam turbine
Year of Build:
Place of Build (country): AND
Power and rating
Total Power (kW): 39279 kW
Total Power (HP): 53367 HP
Propelling machinery
Internal Combustion Engine :
Electrical Propulsion Generator:
Electrical Propulsion Engine:
Steam Turbine Engine: 4
Gas Turbine Engine:
Boiler: 4 CHO 288 m² / 55.00 bar
Electrical installation
Power Voltage: 440 V
Lighting Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Main Engine Driven Generators:
Steam Generators: 3 - 21039 kVA - 16830 kW
Gas Generators:
Diesel Generators: 2 - 12626 kVA - 10100 kW
Emergency Generators:
Propellers and propellershafts
Propelling system: 2 Screw Propeller Solid Ord 5.00 at 150 rpm
Speed of the ship
Speed: 27.3 kn
Capacity of bunkers
Fuel Capacity: 6030 m³
Refrigerating Installations
Refrigerant type:
Method of cooling:
Means for distribution

Capt mike

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Monarch 98
Monarch 99
Monarch 00
Splendour 02
Rhapsody 04
Elation 04

Arvada, CO
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Joined Mar 2003
Just like many of you, The Big Red Boat was our family's first cruise. The characters were in fact Looney Tunes characters, so I think it must have been around the time when Disney was no longer affiliated with Premier. We did do 4 days at Disney World followed by a 3 day cruise. That was still the biggest inside quad my family and I have ever stayed in. I can't believe how small that ship is compared to those I have been on since, but we still had a great time. My children still remember their first cruise.

Big Red Boat - 6/97
Ocean Princess - 3/2001
Explorer of the Seas - 3/2003
Star Princess - 03/2005
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Joined Mar 2007
I used to be a youth counselor on the Oceanic from 96-97 and then moved up to Assistant Cruise Director and was with the company until it folded in 2000. I miss that ship. It was my whole life for 4 years!!
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The BRB (Oceanic) was our 1st cruise and the suite we stayed in wasn't that much bigger than the oceanview cabin we had on the Sovereign, but boy did we think we were big shots! Of course we did have 2 bathrooms. My DD still has great memories from that cruise. I think it'll always be her favorite. Long live the Big Red Boat!
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RCCL Brilliance/ Panama Canal 12/06
RCCL Enchantment /Western Caribbean 11/05
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RCCL Enchantment/ Western Caribbean 11/03
Big Red Boat/ Bahamas 12/95
Rhode Island
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It was my first cruise as well! We loved it! In comparison to other ships, it was so small, but I didn't know it then. Ok, (I was single) and I made out with the Elvis impersonator! LOL My GF and I hosted a party on the last night, and couldn't believe how many staff and guest's showed up in the aft lounge. I gotta go find those pics! We had a Maddona impersonator, Elvis, and I can't remember other's but it was awesome. Even the waiter's and crew showed up.

My GF and I were laughing at ourselves, thinking, "Who are we to host a party and invite the staff?" LOL But we did and it was a blast!
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Hi we did the starShip Oceanic 2 times .also 2 time when she was Home lines Oceanic ! one time on the Majestc and one time on the Atlandic also .All cruise when our boy"s 15 7 16 were very young . great family cruise line .
Mr veendam
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Orlando, Florida
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Originally posted by brn2crz
This should explain some!
Wow, thanks for that link. Very cool to see the ships back then. The Big Red Boat was my third ever cruise when I was a teenager, not long after being on the Dolphin Seabreeze and the Regency line (of which I guess they went out of business too huh?)
Amazing to see the difference in how far the ships have come.
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First ever cruises were on Regency Sun and Dolphin SeaBreeze - ~80s

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baltimore MD
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The BRB was my first cruise in1989 as well. Back then it was billed the official cruise line of walt disney world and had land/sea vacations packages. In jan1997 I took my Honeymoon on that cruise. Sad to say the marriage sunk like the cruise line.
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delaware county , pa.
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my family sailed on the big red boat way back when but we must have the been the only ones who went on the atlantic. i believe she was the smaller of the two. we had a great time and as many have said thats what got us hooked on cruising. we ended up doing 13 DCL cruises and have switched over to rccl for price and more to do.
Greenville, SC
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The Oceanic was our first cruise too. We went on her for our 10th wedding anniversary. We have fond memories of our first cruise ship
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Rhode Island
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I found some pics but I have a hard time posting them.

Let's see if this works? Cool! This was my GF Joe, myself, the Captain, several guest's, and all the way around to Opal the CD. She was a sweetheart. I uploaded more pics for some reason didn't get them to come up. This was nov 16th 1999. the Captains name was, (If I can read his signature?) Antonios Psillakis. I'm not sure if the next word is Mustez, or Master. I even found my Elvis picture! LOL
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December 2 2007

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Golden Princess
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Big Red Boat

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I love the Big Red Boat. I went on it in high school with my parents. It was my first cruise as well. My mom is a TA and says so many people thought they were much better then Disney too.
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This was our honeymoon cruise!
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Kansas City, KS
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It's interesting that this thread has a new life! The Oceanic was my first cruise as you can see in my signature. It didn't seem to have much for my then teen sons, but I became hooked on cruising. That cruise holds a special place in my heart, as it was the last trip that my youngest son took with us-he passed away just 6 months later.

When my older son and I were in the Med in 2003, we saw the stretched Oceanic anchored at Villefranche, France, and were able to identfy the cabin we had back in 1990. So unless somthing has happened to her since then, she is still sailing.

If Pullmantur bought her, and RCI bought Pulmantur, that makes her a part of RCI, if I have the info correct.
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Rhode Island
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When a thread is moved, where is it moved too?
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In the picture above, Opal was not the CD, she was the Social Hostess. She worked for me for 2 years when I was the Assistant Cruise Director. That picture brings back so many memories.
Coastal SC
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Originally posted by love2 travel
We did the Majestic/big red boat for our honeymoon 10-89.

The ship was bought from Princess (still had princess- stamped towels etc).
In '92 we were on the BRB; I think the Oceanic (that sounds so familiar). We were a family of five all in one room. I was 13, my older brother 15 and my younger brother 12. I remember that because I wanted so badly to be in the oldest youth group that was allowed free reign on the ship like my big brother, but instead I was stuck with my little brother with supervision and a curfew. This poster I quoted said that this ship was bought from Princess. Does anyone know if that is correct? We went on a cruise when I was 8 (that would make it '88 or so) and I semi-recall Disney characters on that cruise, but I was so sea-sick I don't remember much but being in bed a lot (I had a top bunk which I think made it worse). For years we had the drink glasses in the cupboard and I think they said Princess but there was no ship name on them. Were the ship names the same as when Premier bought out?
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