Retired Military Wearing Uniform on Formal Night

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I was just wondering if there are any retired military who have worn their uniforms on formal nights on any cruise line?

I was also wondering what the general thoughts are about doing it?

Any retired military care to comment?
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Absolutely yes and please do it! Have sailed with a number of active and retired Army/Air Force and the majority of them wore their "dress blues". It was an honor to be in their company. Wife and I work for the US Army and if you're on any ship we're on you can have a drink on us.
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I have seen it many times on formal nights. There is never a problem with it and you should be proud to where it there. It is also a very good conversation piece if you are at a table with strangers.

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Originally posted by Joedog
. . wondering what the general thoughts are about doing it?
A pun? susana.
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Yes, we have seen retired (and active) military in dress uniform on formal night. If you are retired (and the uniform still fits ) wear it with well deserved pride.

And, thank you for your service to your country.
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If the military has no prohibitions about their retired wearing the uniform, who am I to object?

I'd love to see more retired proudly wearing that "badge" of honour.
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There may be a little problem getting a Marine Corp SWORD pass security.
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Originally posted by Joedog
I was just wondering if there are any retired military who have worn their uniforms on formal nights on any cruise line?

I was also wondering what the general thoughts are about doing it?

Any retired military care to comment?
Considering the trend on Vista ships, fatigues will fit right in.
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My husband isn't retired military, he is a Lieutenant in the fire service and he wore his Class A uniform (the dress uniform) for formal nights on our cruises. He's had quite a few people come up and shake his hand and say thank you ... not to mention how great a man in uniform looks ! Wear your uniform with pride !
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Originally posted by Joedog
I was just wondering if there are any retired military who have worn their uniforms on formal nights on any cruise line?

I was also wondering what the general thoughts are about doing it?

Any retired military care to comment?
Have seen it many times. Wear it and be proud. Thanks for serving, and the drinks are on me.
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I have worn my Mess Dress on formal night, and will do so again. Luckily, swords are not part of this uniform. (There are sharper knives in the kitchen, tho, than most ceremonial swords). The Captain was very surprised, and our dining room steward insisted on calling me "Captain". I didn't mind (or correct him).
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I guess I'll be the lone voice to advise against it. It must just be a personal thing (I'm active duty myself), but I tend to think the military uniform is intended for use in military situations or when representing the military. Here's an example:

When I go to a friend's wedding and am part of the wedding party, and it's a military wedding, I'll wear my mess dress. But if I went to the same friend's wedding as just a guest, I would wear a suit.

Other than looking for those ego rubs from thankful fellow passengers and crew, why would you wear it on a cruise? I hear the "pride" argument, but you can very suitable carry yourself with pride and represent the military well through your behavior, courtesy, and bearing while on board. Anytime you strike up more than a passing conversation with someone your military past will surely come up, and then they can be impressed with you and how you represent your pride than with the uniform itself.

Just my three cents...
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Interesting point of view iceman - I guess from the fire service theory, they try to wear the dress uniforms to as many happy occasions as possible. For fire department personnel weddings, often it will state on the invitation "Class A uniforms welcomed". Seems like for the fire service, the Class A's only get pulled out for funerals, and everyone is happy to wear them for more joyous occasions. I can promise you, I know of no one that wears their Class A "looking for ego rubs".
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I agree with iceman, I don't understand the need to wear a dress uniform in a non-organizational setting. It does apppear to be solicitious. There are many civil servant uniformed positions, would all of these be appropriate to wear a dress uniform on a cruise ship, I think not? Should our police officers, toll booth officers, sanitation workers, traffic enforcement officers, etc. wear their dress uniforms ?
All of these professions are honorable , but they do not belong out of
their environment.

I am not here to blast our military. My spouse is a veteran, who served his country with pride.
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Have seen people fro several nations wear their military uniforms on formal nights.

If you want to, do it.

If some people don't like it that is their problem.......

James Vrhovac
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I'm siding with the "wear your uniform and we'll all be proud" side.

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What I posted on this thread elsewhere:

As the son of a retired full bird with 34-1/2 years in, I say, you earned it, you are entitled.

Having said that, it should also be noted that some shipmates will love it while others may see it as a political statement which differs from their own. In my father's case they would be wrong. He is proud of his service and his accomplishments. He uses the honorific and could care less what others think wearing the uniform "means".

Still, on a cruise, he wears a tux on formal nights.

And, having said that, I might add: I'm not sure why a retiree would want to. I have an Eagle Scout uniform of which I'm proud, but have no desire to wear. But if I see an elderly man wearing a Boy Scout uniform, I too may read more into it than just an elderly man proudly wearing his Boy Scout uniform. No disrespect intended. I'd just be curious as to why he's wearing it.
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It saves buying a tuxedo, I suppose. How would you feel about an officer from another, non-allied country wearing his nation's Dress Uniform?

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