Noordam--Aft Cabin--Navigation Deck--Yea or Nay?

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Arlington, Virginia
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I've read several posts saying that having an aft cabin on an Alaska cruise is a good thing because you can get a good view of everything.

I can get a good deal from a travel agency I use on an aft cabin on the Navigation deck on the Noordam next year for an Alaska cruise. I know that it is directly under rear of the Seaview Pool deck.

Any pros or cons to booking one of these cabins?

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Big yay! On the Niew Amsterdam we loved the aft though occasionally water drips when they clean the deck and there is some soot at times. Still love the aft!
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We had an aft on Navigation deck on Zuiderdam a few months ago.
We loved it but it did have the air conditioning problems that seem to happen on a lot of HAL ships in the aft sections. It was on our deck and the one below us.
Might not be an issue in Alaska.
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Originally posted by sagafemina
Can you get to other decks from the aft Nav deck of Noordam? Can't see any steps
No steps at the aft staterooms. You will have to walk to the nearest elevators/stairs (about 3 minutes).
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We were in 8147 this past May on the Noordam. The balcony is large! It doubled our time facing the Glacier when the ship was rotating. That was the only time I noticed the people up above. The best part was I lost @ 10 pounds that my DW said was due to walking aft to the cabin! We enjoyed it so much the DW insisted on another Neptune for our next cruise through the Panama Canal.