New SUMMIT Photos (some of them)......

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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Are now on my webshots. Anyone who would like to see 27 new photos
can just click on the addy below (in my signature).

Now I know I should just go find a good digital camera because then
it wouldn't take me 90 minutes to get these onto my desktop and then
uploaded to webshots

And I cannot get the 2nd disc to show me anything either I wonder
if the gal forgot to put them on it. I have 13 more photos but can't get
them to show up. Everytime I put the disc into the harddrive nothing
happens any experts out there have any suggestions for me?

The first disc worked can see the 27 picutures right?

Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy the photos. Hopefully I will get the 2nd
group on there this weekend.
Brentwood, TN
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Hi Lois,
The pictures turned out great. I'll have to upload mine as well.
Great memories of a fantastic cruise.
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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Joined Jan 2003
Hi Mari great cruise that is for sure!

I am hoping one of the many PC People on here can give me some
advice about this 2nd disc.......I am still computer challenged
got one disc loaded and can't get the other one to work
Lakewood, Ca
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Oh Lois, you're making me cry.

Darn, that was a great cruise. I hope the Infinity measures up.

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Wayne, MI, USA
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Great pictures, Lois. I especially enjoyed seeing your wardrobe. You looked great even with your closed eyes.
Yippee, it was a great cruise.
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1/4/15 Eclipse to Southern Carribean B2B
8/31/14 Summit to Bermuda. Very nice cruise

1/4/13 New Zealand/Australia. I love NZ
11/20/10-Summit to the Caribbean. We had a good time.
6/9/10-Constellation to Northern Europe and Russia. Very smooth seas. Saw history come to life.
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11/28/09 - Crown Princess to Western Caribbean
7/19/09-Star Princess to Alaska - I enjoyed Victoria, BC and the evening whale watch excursion.
2/18/09-Emerald Princess-Southern Caribbean.Loved Bonaire
11/29/08-Summit - Transatalantic -Had a relaxing time. Loved the Canary Islands
8/1/08-Millennium, Seward to Vancouver. Had a wonderful cruise and a great family time.
1/28/08 - Constellation, 11 Day Ultimate S0uthern Caribbean - .
1026/07 - Summit, Hawaii Circle - Wonderful sea days and met great CC people
2/3/07 - Summit, Panama Canal - Fascinating, Interesting and a great time.
10/5/06 - Constellation, New England/Canada - Met great Cruise Critic people, have lots of new friends and it was an awesome cruise too.
2/25/06 - Constellation, Southern Caribbean - A wonderful cruise
2/18/06 - Constellation, Southern Caribbean - First week of our b2b. Great trip
10/10/05 - Summit, Mexican Riviera - Wow! What a Great Trip. Great New Friends from the CC Board.
7/22/05 - Summit, Alaska - I want to go again!
2/12/05 - Constellation, Another great Southern Caribbean cruise.
7/25/04 - Infinity, Alaska, a great place to cruise.
2/21/04 - Constellation, Southern Caribbean - Another incredibly wonderful cruise
2/22/03 - Constellation (Just a wonderful, wonderful cruise); 2/22/99 - Mercury: 2/99 Monarch of the Sea
Moorpark, CA
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Hi Lois,

Great photos, as always. You sure looked like you were having a great time!!!!
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Great photos, Lois! Cruising is sooooo relaxing, and the smiling faces in your photos are a nice reminder of the friendship and fun that we all look foward to on our next voyage, no matter how far in the future that sailing might be! I viewed your pictures and found myself smiling, too! I haven't had much time to notice my own countdown clock recently, but your pictures had me checking the numbers and hoping that the days fly by so that I can step onboard and actually live that "cruising feeling" again! It looks like you all had a blast! Good for you all!
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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Jill, don't cry...look how many cruises you have booked

Hey Gina.....thanks! And I just uploaded the rest of them too

Total of 39 now
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now if he is on our cruise in a month (11/20). Great photos, all the people you knew & played with. So the eyes were closed for a shot, that is a mini-nap so you last all night! Smart cruiser you are Lois.
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now if he is on our cruise in a month (11/20). Great photos, all the people you knew & played with. So the eyes were closed for a shot, that is a mini-nap so you last all night! Smart cruiser you are Lois.
Rhode Island
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Great photos Lois. Thanks! I have to upload mine soon. We had such a great time on this cruise. Wish I were back on the Summit now....

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Pittsburg, California
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Hi Lois, nice pic's (as usual).
I know you will probably get a million tips on going digital however:
First cruise I had a regular camera, now on our second Kodak Easy Share. It is so easy to use and you can do so much with the editing process. X-mas is around the corner, if you begin to look for a camera be sure to include the Kodak East Share.
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Jacksonville, FL USA
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Hi folks, thanks for the compliments

Cat, I know I should get a digital. I would like to find a place that
will take the time to show me everything......a camera shop maybe?
I know that would be more $$ rather than going to a Target...but not
sure how knowlegable the staff is at the Targets/Walmarts of the world.
After all this time I know I should take the step and get a digital....
I am just a bit leary of learning it all. But everyone says it is
so easy.........
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Loved the pics, Lois! I prefer photos with people on them anyway! Much more lively!

Btw.: My camera is a Sony Cybershot - I just love it. It's my first digital camera, but it's so easy to use that I feel I've had it for years (in fact it's only been about two months).
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[email protected]
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As we love their products from TV's to Laptops!

A great place to go for a great deal on Sundays after reading your newspaper or their web site is OFFICE MAX. They had one great deal on our Sony 5 mega pixel camera that we got for $199 a year ago there. Even WalMart wanted $399. They are great at letting you play with it there, trying photos that they delete when you are done, etc. They will teach you what to do with the photos after you have taken them, basically taking the memory stick out & putting it into you computer slot, printer slot even Sony TV slot to view, save, print. Or to a WalMart to put in their photo machien slot to print photos fast.

I took very good photos of the Med, and I am far from a photographer. Sony cancels red eye, if you are sneezing during a shot it comes out clear. Amazing cameras.....
Harpenden, UK
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Lois, I've just got a Sony Cyber-shot to take with me on my upcoming trip. It's small and pretty compact and I am very pleased with it. I am like you. I have little knowledge of photography and have always been a point and shoot expert and nothing else. The advantage with this seems to be you can use it just like that or there is also the option of making it less "automatic" and you can have a bit of fun with playing around with the images. There is a pretty sizeable set of instructions and I will have a read as I go along. I wouldn't worry too much about a camera shop going into great detail. It would take them forever to explain everything and you would forget most of it anyway. It arrived in the post with the instructions, I unwrapped it and have already taken some test pictures. It was very easy. I've even downloaded some to my computer. Into the 21st Century with aplomb

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We also have a Sony CyberShot. It's quite easy to use and the instruction book is fantastic. I was so impressed with the ease of use that I bought one for my daughter and granddaughter (15 at the time) and they use it all the time. I can even take a short movie with it. And, it's good for taking digitals of the house for insurance purposes, and storing them on a CD. Ours' came from Circuit City.

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Lois, I forgot to tell you the most important thing about a dig camera is that you don't need film, and if you goof up a photo, "delete," which was a favorite word of mine in the beginning!!! You have no idea how many photos of sidewalks, fingers, etc. I used to take and view when the photos came back! No more!!!

Lakeland, FL, USA
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Lois - Does anything happen at all when you load the disk (the one you can't get pics from) into your computer? If not-
  • Right click on the "Start" button (assuming you have Windows XP).
  • Select "Explore" from the little menu that pops up.
  • An Explorer window will pop up with your file tree/list.
  • Look up and down the list until you find your CD ROM drive (sometimes Drive E:, and may have a little bitty CD as an icon).
  • Click on the CD drive, and look at the window on the right. Is there a list of pictures there? If not, your disk may be empty. If they are listed, click on the first one and it should open in Picture Viewer.
Sometimes disk don't have the auto-run file on them, and you have to open the files manually with the above process. Another way to tell if the disk has something on it, is to look at the back side of the disk. You should see a difference, from the inside out, in the shiny area, indicating the area of the disk that's used. If there aren't many pics on the disk, the used area may not extend very far from the middle. If you have negatives, you can always go back to the store and have them put on a disk.

For folks new to digital photography, check this out:

Also, the Nikon School that's presented around the country in major cities is well worth the effort. They have great classes, including beginner level, taught by professional photographers. The photography shown by the pro's is almost worth the money by itself. I went to Nikon School in Orlando when I first got a digital camera and found it valuable. I've been into photograph about 28 yrs, and just switched to digital in '02. It's certainly different to start with, but once you get used to it, it's great. The big plus is NO FILM. When on a cruise, I sit down every evening and delete bad pics to free up more room on my card. I take 4 - 256MB and 1- 128MB cards with me, and I've yet to fill them all up, on cruises as long as 15 nights. With digital, I take a lot of pics, and often many views of the same scene, then when they are on my computer at home, I decide what I like and don't like. Sure beats throwing prints in the trash when doing it the old way.You don't have to have a Nikon camera to attend. I also went to their regular photography class a few years ago. Here's the link:

When we were on Mercury for our cruise to Alaska, there was a couple on the ship teaching digital photography - Sarah & Bradley Weber. Their class was excellent for beginners. I bought their book "All Digital Cameras Made REALLY Easy III." The classes are free. Their web address is:

On an upcoming cruise out of FL, where I'm not going on an airplane, I'm taking my 35mm SLR outfit with me (my camera bag is sieable and kind of heavy), in addition to the digital camera. I'll use the film camera sparingly, for unique shots, especially beautiful scenery, etc. I'll have them put on CD's instead of prints.

Hope this helps.

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