this was my first cruise. i had a blast.

we stayed at the radisson at the port. had a great room we had a direct view of the ship from the second floor. our room was clean got there around 1:30 on sunday and got our room right away.
sunday nite we went and ate at grills. i called ahead so that we wouldnt have to wait when we got there. we were seated immedietly. we didnt got till around 7:30 so didnt get to see the ships leaving out sunday. we decided to enjoy the pool all afternoon.

monday morning. we were up and downstairs waiting for our shuttle. probably the only thind with the hotel that was very unorganized. we had a shuttle for 11:30 but ended up on one for 11:00 wich was fine with me.
i was cruising with my mom and 16yr sister.
we got to the pier and was on the ship by 11:30.
we took our own drinks and water. and bottle of vodka. we packed it in our suitecases even sent a small popup cooler with ice and drinksin it through checked baggage.
it toook my like 3 trys to get through the detectors finally had to take my shoes off. that was kinda funny. it took us less than 30 minutes to go through the whole process.
boarded the ship. we were on deck 2 inside cabin(will deifinetly not ever stay on deck 2 again. as long as i was in the cabin at nite the first 2 nite i experienced motion sickness so i didtn stay in the room much.
we ate lunch at windjammer. the food was ok. i want really hungery considering i had like 4 yellowbirds as soon as i got on board.
we had our luggage as soon as we got to our room they had all the doors locked until 1:30.
my sister laughed when she saw she was sleeping on a bunk. we got everything unpacked and put away so we were able to function the whole week,
there were alot of seniors on this cruise and kids and most senior were on deck 2 we didtn get towel animals until the last 2 nites but that mainly because my sister was in and out of the room. the beds did get made and turned down that was about it.but im sure that was do to the kids were keeping them busy one morning i was walking to breakfast and looked down a hallway and there was glass broken everywhere.
we did had to kids that were on the elvators everytime we got one they claimed they were operating it lol. i thought it was funny.

cococay. tues. we snorkled all over the island i enjoyed that did a little shopping and had a coco loco. definetly have to have one. hair braiding was not badly priced there . if your going to get it done i would reccomend it there. they dont hassle you about it like they do in nassua.
did the chocolate buffet the wait in line is worth it.
dinner was good. we had good table mates they had a teenager with them so my sister stayed busy and out till late most nites. dinner menu was ok. they had ceasar salad as an option everynite so i was happy.
wed; nassua.
walked around a little did the strawmarket. it was too hot and to crowded got what i needed and got out. did get a few things cheaper that what they were asking.
we took the boat ferry to atlantis and back it was only 6 bucks.
whatever you do donot pay for the tour of atlantis on the ship. we met a coulple who paid like 45.00 person to do the tour. we did the same tour for free we just walkedin the hotel and started walking around. sat and the casino for a bit playing the nickel machines. i like history and historical sites so atlantis was cool for me.if you dont do anything else while in nassua definetly you have to see atlantis. we were off the ship by 9:30 did our shopping walked around senor frogs and went over to altantis we were back on the ship by 4. hung around the pool that evening and ate at windjammer.
after the first day you never really saw the kids or teenagers. they stayed to there selves and were wellbehaved from what i saw.
i enjoyed my cruise it just wastn long enough. will definetly do another next year and wil take my kids this time.
im curiuos too see her after she is in drydock.
she was very well kept everywhere we went they were cleaning ever the room stewards seemed to work allday and into the evening. our bathroom did have a smell the first day but didnt notice it anymore.
i will have pictures uploaded later this weekend.