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Anyone use the internet cafe's on board? Can I bring my laptop? I know there will be fees (as with everything) but I wondered if I could bring my own laptop and use it there?
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Yes, I bring my laptop with me.... same cost as far as the package minutes. If you don't have wireless, you can rent one of their cards.
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Originally posted by Mom2Joce
thanks for the reply, we DO have wireless so all i need to do is pay i guess...great I'm all for easy!
I think I heard about some internet cafes near/adjacent to the ports. Perhaps you can scope that out for us?
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i know of an internet spot right on the cruise docks in Grand Cayman I used the public library....a short walk from the pier....minimal cost at both places...
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Originally posted by Mom2Joce
Anyone use the internet cafe's on board? Can I bring my laptop? I know there will be fees (as with everything) but I wondered if I could bring my own laptop and use it there?
I can't answer about this ship but I'm sure it's the same on most. I was just on the GLory, brought my laptop and signed up and pd for a package of mins. Make sure if you sign up and use your laptop, then do NOT go and use their computer, you will get charged again. It's one or the other. The guy never told me that, and the 2nd day I was in the area of the internet cafe' and decided not to run and get my laptop and just use the ships computer, big mistake, I got charged per minute for it. I also ended up getting my pkg price refunded because the internet was down/offline most of the cruise when I'd go in to get online. ( we had been through some rough storms) Just remember, use one or the other..
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Can I access the internet while on board?

For those guests who want the option of staying connected to the everyday world, we have implemented Internet Cafes fleetwide.

The Cafe is open 24-hours a day and features private workstations with the latest flat panel computer terminals. Guests will have the ability to send and receive e-mail and access Internet sites. Guests can access their home account through AOL, Hotmail, Juno or Yahoo or have the option of setting up their very own temporary account on board with our CruiseE-mail.
The computers are equipped with WordPad.

The Internet is accessed via satellite through a satellite modem and guests are able to surf the internet as if they were at home. Files can be downloaded as "read only" but cannot be saved, since a floppy disk cannot be inserted into the PC's.

The Internet connection speed is able to connect with bursts of 2.5 megs and 128 kbps upstream.

If Palm Pilots are wireless than guests can take advantage of our wireless access.
Guests may bring their own personal Laptop for use on board by using our Wireless Internet Service.

If the laptop is not equipped with a Wireless Internet Card, guests will need to rent one from the Internet Cafe.

If the laptop is running on Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 95, software will be installed in order to run the Wireless System. This will take approximately five minutes.
If the laptop is running on Windows XP, the above software is not needed. The Wireless Internet Service is compatible with a Wireless 802.11b card, which is the industry standard.
Even with the wireless service, guest's personal Laptop must be used in close proximity of the Internet Cafe. It cannot be used in guest’s staterooms.

Internet Cafe Price List
Charges for the following services will be billed directly to guest's Sail and Sign Account as follows:
A one time activation fee is $3.95.
To obtain a temporary account while on board, the set-up charge is $3.95.
To print information, the charge is $.50-per page.
To utilize the service of the Internet Cafe, whether using a private workstation, renting a laptop or using the guest's personal laptop, the charge is:
$.75-per minute.
Block of Minutes (no refund for unused minutes):

3, 4 or 5 Day Cruise
30 minutes for $16.50 (.55 per minute).
60 minutes for $24.00 (.40 per minute).

7 Day Cruise or Longer
100 minutes for $55.00 (.55 per minute).
250 minutes for $100.00 (.40 per minute).
To rent a Wireless Internet Card for a guest's personal laptop, the rate is $10.00 per day. To rent a Laptop, the charge is $35.00 per day; optional insurance is $10.00 per day.