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John Heald just posted on facebook that there will be no more complimentary room service between 10pm and 6am. Menu prices will be $2-$6. He said this is being done because of food waste.
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And then he wants us to tip them one to $2 in addition. I know I'm going to get flamed for this and I don't care. I guess the tip money will be going to food now.

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Takes forever to get pizza late at night these days. Once they charge for room service line will get even longer.

Also the only time we usually get room service is debarkation morning where we get a quick breakfast and head off the ship.

The cutbacks never stop
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Originally posted by Jeni99
I thought the same thing actually... but wonder if they are going to add on the 18% too? I mean the $2 per item? My fiancee gets cereal and milk for his midnight snack... that could get costly for something we thought was going to be free when we booked.

get it in the morning and put it in your fridge till night ,or bring a box with you from home
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Now a little planning will be required. Go by the deli before getting ship-faced and stick a couple sandwiches in the refer for my midnight snack!
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I'll flame you too. If you can't afford to tip, don't order room service. Get your happy PJ'ed butt out of the room and go get your own food for free.

This is like people who don't tip the pizza delivery driver because they have to pay a delivery fee, even though that fee is not passed on to the driver.

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That's fine, but if they're charging an additional fee late night, the service time better improve!

I'm not picky, but when I finish up a long night at the casino, I always like something to eat. The pizza line is always ridiculously long, and the ice cream machines are always out of service late at night (even though they are advertised as 24/7 option). Last cruise, I was saved by the little boxes of cereal already being out on Lido Buffet!

I sure hope John is right that they are increasing staffing at the pizza place!
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Bummer for me. Late night isn't an issue. I daily request coffee before 6:00 am from room service.

I know it's usually not available at Lido buffet areas because I have tried that route. I have tried many times and am very familiar with little signs saying sorry, coffee machine is being cleaned.

Eliminating early morning free coffee from room service is pathetic.
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6 am is very early to me
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10pm is FAR too early and 6am isn't early enough. I could see 12am to 4 or 5am.

Based on his original explanation of food waste, how many people are wasting food at 4 or 5am?

We usually don't get back into the cabin until midnight or so and we always order a chicken salad sandwich, as well as a BLT. Nothing ever gets wasted.
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I am very glad to see Carnival implementing this. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 22 years and by far one our biggest expenses is the wasted food from our free breakfast bar. It is simply amazing to see the food thrown away on a daily basis. Just because it is paid for with your room, there is no need to be wasteful.
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How sad is this!

We are not too far from picnic tables, benches, and plastic utensils.
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Yeah, I got bored too. Thank God they cut the signatures.....
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Originally posted by keene state mom
get it in the morning and put it in your fridge till night ,or bring a box with you from home

Grabbing in the morning is a great idea! Will do that as for bringing with us.... ummm it was thought of in price we paid for in cruise thanks! As well, already bringing one of (twins) my two years old food for whole cruise.... so not adding in binging on more food.

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As long as I can still get my midnight sweet potato fries I don't care, was paying for those anyway.
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Not happy about this one bit. This is one of the perks I have enjoyed in the past with my family. BTW, we tipped and NEVER ordered food that we couldn't eat.
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Originally posted by coevan
I'll flame you, what a pathetic thought. You are going to punish a room service attendant, it's not his or her fault. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are probably the same person who stiffs a server for a meal improperly prepared
You can say what you want but it's not my fault either
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No coffee on debarkation morning while you dress!
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Originally posted by picomullet
No coffee on debarkation morning while you dress!
I agree 100%. I could have sworn that 24 hour a day complimentary room service was included with my cruise when I booked and paid for it!