Just back from THE DAWN 5/16-5/23

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I'm going to try and keep this as condensed as possible...Also, this review will be a bit choppy. I'm going to write it as a recommendation as well as a review for all the future Dawn Cruisers (lucky ducks!) To start, embarkation was a BREEZE! We got to the pier at 10:30am and were on our balcony at 11:05am enjoying the beautiful weather with a drink. * I don't know if this is the norm because there was NO ONE disembarking when we got to the pier. There was a charter the week before so they may have disembarked earlier then normal.
Our room was a BA Cabin on the 10th floor #10678 and adjoining #10680. BEAUTIFUL! I can see how three people can be a tight squeeze but for two it is perfect. Loved the bathroom. The Balcony was more than adequate and with the adjoining staterooms door opened, it was huge!
EXCELLENT! I am a very picky eater and could always find something for breakfast and lunch at the Garden Cafe (A buffet style restaurant). I loved the burgers at Bimini had one a day. For dinner Nothing can beat the ambiance of Venetian. It is a very upscale, classy restaurant that resembles a grand ballroom. Impressions was very nice and was more intimate than Venetian. Did not make it to Aqua. We made reservations for Salsa twice, LOVED IT, and La Trattoria once -- no one in my group liked it everyone felt that it was not as good as the others. We broke down and ate at Cagney's the last night (cover charge of 20.00 per person) It was the best steak I had on the cruise and also the best cheesecake (mouth watering) BUT the food for free is, IMO, so good that I don't know if it's really worth spending the money.

Well, not a show person so obviously no help there. Modal Magic was an excellent band. Don't miss 80's night, it was so much fun. This band could be found numerous nights in Spinnakers lounge. Caribbean Wave was also great.
The casino was huge compared to other ships I have been on. ALSO, the slots hit constantly! Saw many people hit for 1,000.00-2,000.00 as well as smaller payouts which everyone in my group were successful in winning. All of us came out about even. Oh, don't miss the Jeopardy machine right hand corner of the casino it's the only one there but it is lots of fun. I miss it already!

Well, there were some wonderful staff members as well as some less then gracious ones. I feel that the staff on other cruise ships were friendlier but I do not want to take anything away from those who were wonderful on the Dawn. Unfortunately, it's those who were lacking that I tend to remember too.

Port Canaveral: Went to Islands of Adventure using the Express Pass. Loved the park, did not need the express pass because it was not crowded at all BUT with the summer approaching I would look into getting one.
Miami: Stayed on the ship and enjoyed the quiet especially at the pool. We did take a taxi later in the day and went to South beach but could have easily stayed on the ship.
Private Island:
Get there early and leave early. It gets crowded quick. Beautiful Island but plan well. I feel that going for three hours in the morning and returning to an empty ship is quite relaxing.
Also left ship later in day and went to Atlantis for 2 hours. It's an absolutely gorgeous resort and much of it can be seen except for the pools.
As you can tell, I was more into the ship then the shore excursions. I just loved the boat so much that I would have rather been on it most of the time.

Disembarking was easy enough. We stayed in our room until we were called (although there was a delay) We did not leave our stateroom until 11am. But we were out on the street by 11:30. Tip: have the taxi pick you up across the street. The traffic in the pier was horrendous!

I never could have imagined a better Cruise. It was the best vacation I have ever been on. Stress free, relaxing entertaining and beautiful. If you've booked a cruise on the Dawn enjoy it and apprecitate the experince, it's one of a kind. Those of you who haven't booked yet... What are you waiting for?

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Welcome back!!!!! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed The Dawn, I loved her also. ...Linda

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Thanks for making me even more excited....we have a long way to go but it's great to have something to look forward to.

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Countdown - Dawn 11 day cruise

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Thanks for the great review !!!!!!

I will be on the Dawn in less than two weeks.

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Thanks so much for your review. Short and straightforward!! I can't wait to go on our cruise. The time is moving faster and faster, yet it seems that September is SOOOOOOOOO far away.

Glad you had a great time.

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Thanks so much for your wonderful review. We are sailing on the Dawn this coming Sunday, May 30th. Even though I have been looking forward to it, I'm that much more excited after reading your post!
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Thanks for the great reveiew. I cant wait to get on the ship.
Knight..You come off as I get on...Have a wonderful time and enoy the week.


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Thanks for taking the time to post your review. So few do.

There is a great tip for next year hiding in the review. If you want to pick a week that will make embarkation a snap book the same week next year.

The Dawn is already chartered by the same orginization next year. Book 05/15/05 and walk onto the ship early.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by smeyer418:
will they also have the one day mothers day cruise again next year?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Not sure what they will do with the open day but the charter is two 3 day business conferences. If the 8th is mothers day it could be a repeat 1 day as well.

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Welcome back Iritch! Glad you had a great time.Question about formal night - Is it just one restaurant that goes formal? and how formal is formal? Thanks

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All of you will have a blast on the Dawn!
DBIO530: Cheaper by the Dozen & Something's gotta Give, Just Married, Master and Commander and Lost In translation. I never went to the cinema- watched portions in the cabin.

sasisu: "Optional" Formal night is on Monday. i am the type of person who spends most of my days in pajama's and sweats (2 daughters 2 and 4) SO the cruise was a perfect opportunity to dress up and feel more like a wife than just mommy LOL You could eat anywhere but I feel the best place to experience formal night is in the Venetian. Words can not describe the beauty and class of the Resturant. As far as how formal to dress since it's freestyle it's up to you. You can walk into the same resturant with some one in a pair of kakis and golf shirt - with you dressed up to the hilt. I did notice that many of the older couples were dressed up formally. Although, there were many my age, early 30's, who were also quite formal. I dressed up every night and my husband wore a suit twice. Do what's comfortable for you! But I would save your favorite dress for formal night!

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DivaG:
Thanks so much for your review. Short and straightforward!! I can't wait to go on our cruise. The time is moving faster and faster, yet it seems that September is SOOOOOOOOO far away.

Don't wish your life away! The anticipation leading up to the cruise should keep you for awhile. Enjoy life and know you are very lucky to experince something many don't get to!

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Just wondering...does the Dawn have a solarium pool or a heated pool? I'm going in november and just wonering how the pools will be.

&nbsp;Untill the honeymoon cruise!!!!

Thanksgiving on the Dawn!!!!

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There is a heated pool in the spa, small but nice. I'm not sure what they would do for the first days in the cold weather but I'm sure as you get towards the caribbean the outdoor pool will be opened.