Carrying your seepass

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How do most of you carry your seapass around.. Seems like you need it for everything on the ship, so I wondered what the best way to carry it around is. And do I need to carry mine and hubby's or just one of them around on the ship?

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Originally posted by joy22kar
How do most of you carry your seapass around.. Seems like you need it for everything on the ship, so I wondered what the best way to carry it around is. And do I need to carry mine and hubby's or just one of them around on the ship?

If you have a pocket you can carry it there, or in a water wallet. Some folks punch a hole in their card and carry it on a lanyard. Since the Seapass card is also the key to your room, you should each carry your own card in case one of you wishes to return to the room and the other wants to be able to purchase something in the shops or in one of the lounges in the other's absence.
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I carry a very small purse, so the sea pass goes in there. The reason for the purse is camera, reading glasses, lipstick, seapass, cruise compass. If I find I don't need the camera, lipstick or cruise compass, the sea pass goes in either a pocket or I stick it in my bra.
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I love the lanyards, esp. for kids. We made our 12 and 15 year-old wear them and they never lost their cards! DH balked and carried it in his pocket, I wore the lanyard about half the time, used pockets the rest (just not the same on formal nights unless you have a jewel-encrusted lanyard ).
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Witz Box. You can go to their website and see what they look like. They are waterproof and you can put your Sea Pass in there and your credit cards/money when you get off the ship. Surfers use these, too. You can wear it under your shirt when you're on land. I love mine...found out about it on this site.
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get a lanyard. They can poke a hole in it without a problem. That way I can tuck it into my shirt to carry off the ship too and not advertise the "tourist" thing.
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I went to Wal-Mart and for like $2 I bought those coiled bracelet thingies. Don't know the name of them. Go to the pursers desk and once they punch a hole in it (somewhere by a corner) thread it through the key ring side of the "coiled bracelet thingie". The one I bought could be connected and worn like a bracelet or unconnected and cliped onto something. I bought clear so it didn't stand out like a sore thumb. They were probably the best things I bought to prepare for our last cruise.

Oh, and I found them in the area by the jewelry and key chains. On one of those round turnable tables in that area.

I also bought the next lanyards and quickly realized it would get on my nerves.
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Walmart also has those little recoil zip line thingys like some people wear theri badge at work on. you clip it to your belt or waistband and it zips out far eough to unlock key carded doors then zips back. Found them at Walmart on a round rack in the jewelery depratment with the keychains. 1.97 each!
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We use retractable ID reels (some people call them zingers). They are sold at most office supple stores. They are a little round plastic reel about the size of a gold dollar and 1/4" thick with a little metal clip on the back. There is a little clear snap loop dangling from it. You can either hole punch the seapass or use a clear ID holder (sold right next to the reels).

We use the clear holder, because then you can also use it to slip your driver's license into when traveling through airports. I just slide the clip onto my waistband, and then every time someone needs to see my ID, I just pull the clear holder part to them. When they let go it goes straight back to my waist. I've had several security people tell me that is the best idea they've seen (I have a job that involves a lot of flying).

The other cool thing about this is that you can flip it backwards and have your holder tucked inside the waist of your pants. Then it's not visible to anyone, but is still there when you need it.

The reels are usually available in black or white plastic. I think Office Depot has the clear colors of red, turquoise, purple and crystal.

The one in the picture is one I "customized". I found a button I liked at the local fabric store, then I went home and ground the shank (loop) off the back using hubby's bench grinder. A Dremel tool might also work. Once I had the shank off the back, I used some clear silicone adhesive glue (sold at craft stores) to glue it securely to the center front of the reel. After 24 hours it is set and ready to go.

Besides buttons, you can use coins, old costume pins (with the pin part ground off), charms, and other found items near the size of a quarter. For my IT Manager hubby I made one using the clip from the end of a network cable as the decoration. He uses it at work because all the doors there require to wave a security card in front of a reader to unlock the door. I also made hime one for travel with a push button LED light glued on the reel. He LOVES it. He uses the light to see down into the black carry-on and laptop bag while sitting on a cramped plane, etc.
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I have a very small "pocket wallet". Mine is from Vera Bradley, but I have seen others. I put my Sea Pass in, a couple of "business" cards (I'm actually retired, but made my own on my computer), just in case I want to exchange name and address with anyone. When leaving the ship I stick a credit card in and a few dollars. They go in my jeans - shorts - skirt pocket very well.
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For our last cruise, I bought everyone a lanyard at the local five and dime store (yes, some still do exist) for $1.00. Someone on the Disney Cruise website bought a whole box of plastic ID card holders that harmonymouse mentioned, and was giving them away for free if you sent a self-addressed stamped envelope, which I did. (This was years ago, and I didn't know at the time we could punch holes in them.) This worked perfectly. We were able to slide our cards into the holder and wear them around our neck. The kids never lost theirs. The only down side to the ID card holder was you had to remove the pass to unlock your door, no biggie. When we entered our cabin, we hung them on the door so we would remember to bring them with us when we left again.
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Originally posted by MszKitty
sea pass goes in either a pocket or I stick it in my bra.
That's where I keep mine also LOL

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Originally posted by mbisson
That's where I keep mine also LOL

uh huh, Monte. The pocket or the bra?!?!??!
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I purchased some "Tommy Hilfiger" lanyards at my local dollar store which have a clear pouch attached so you can slip your key card or id in them. We use them when we go to the nascar races to hold id, credit card and small amount of cash. They also sold "jewel" encrusted lanyards.
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I haven't used it yet, but my new IPOD case has 2 slots for credit cards and has the option of hooking to a belt loop, or I can add a hand strap or a over-the shoulder strap. I'm so looking forward to sticking my seapass in one of the credit card slots!
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Originally posted by Merion_Mom
uh huh, Monte. The pocket or the bra?!?!??!
Depends on my mood.

Reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode!