Just wanted to wrap up my review, sorry this has taken so long!

Some items to bring to everyone's attention:

You now get towels in your cabin to use at the pool. They leave you a note stating if you don't turn them in, you will be charged the $20 per towel. Screws you if someone gets ticked off if you have been away from your seat too long and moves it. I know one day my husband went to lunch and take a walk, one girl came up and was totally ticked off that she couldn't have his chair. Sorry, but we had 10 of us all sitting together and his was the only empty one. . Next time I'll give him a timer not to be gone too long!! We would like to say thanks the to people who kept an eye on our chairs while we went to our TA's thank you reception for an hour. We were all sure we would come back to our chairs being gone. Since it was later in the day, guess nobody wanted them! I guess I might just bring my own beach towel next cruise!

Buying booze the 1st night:

We were on the Voyager 2 yrs ago and you could purchase your bottles the first night (any night infact) and pay a 1 time corkage fee for as many bottles that you bought (rest of the week it was a per bottle charge). That has stopped, they now deliver it to you saturday morning. No big deal to us, we did bring a little bottle with us and only ended up having a couple drinks from it anyways. My son did buy a bottle on one of the islands and was expecting to have it taken when he boarded but they never did. Again, no big deal since it was for a buddy of his back home.

Overall comments:
We had the time of our life. Sure there was the virus you had to be careful about, but we were not going to let it dampen our vacation. I sure if one of us had come down with it,it would have. But we were lucky I guess. I know I woke up monday morning not feeling good at all and couldn't eat all day, but I'm sure that might have had something to do with the fun time we had sunday night! Food was good to us, again, we don't do 5 star so, it was good enough for us! Entertainment, we enjoyed all the shows we went to. The Quest...what happens on the Explorer stays on the Explorer as we said in our group....good thing!! But we do have some interesting video and pictures!!! Service, no complaints from us! Wish I could get someone to make my bed everyday, pick up the bathroom and put a napkin on my lap everytime I sat down at a table at home!!! Hey, you can wish at least!! As for the ship, sure there was some wear and tear, but if you had 3000 people passing each week at your house, what do you expect it to look like? I noticed crews painting, cleaning and repairing things all week.

This was a perfect trip for us and wish we going again!! Looks like I will have to settle for a weekend on the Majesty in Dec!!

Any questions, feel free to ask! To all of you that we met while sailing, we enjoyed your company!!

Forgot to add, thanks to whoever had our cabin before us. They left us their unused C&An coupons, which we left all of our leftovers for those coming in after us!!
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