fire on star

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Brickell, Miami FL & Naples, FL
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A major fire broke out at 3 am last night. Our balcony was completely engulfed in flames, it was a wall of fire. Steve and I have lost everything but the clothes on our back. 120 cabins are completely destroyed. We sat in our muster stations for 7 hours with no air and no food. It took them 4 hours to finish roll call. I don'tthink I've ever been so terrified. We're in Jamaica and have no idea what is going to happen. Thankfully all were accounted for though there were injuries and some heart attacks.

Florida's Gulf Coast
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Wow, Carolyn, I'm so, so sorry that you've lost all your belongings. We've been getting sketchy reports, but don't know much. Someone's TA said that only 1 cabin was affected; someone else said that their parents are on board and reported much what you did, but without the detail. Where was your cabin? Hopefully, your valuables will be okay in the safe. It's supposed to be fireproof, isn't it?

Does the damage look like your cruise will be able to continue? Without all your belongings, will you try to head home from Jamaica?

I hope you're feeling calmer and safer now. I hate that you were all so terrified.
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Hi Carolyn,

We sailed together on the Golden to Europe.Fire?Every cruisers worst nightmare. How frightening not knowing what will happen next. What caused the fire? Happy to know you and DH are safe. Did you have your children with you? Can I do anything for you?

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Ohio USA
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Originally posted by cjskids
A major fire broke out at 3 am last night. Our balcony was completely engulfed in flames, it was a wall of fire. Steve and I have lost everything but the clothes on our back. 120 cabins are completely destroyed. We sat in our muster stations for 7 hours with no air and no food. It took them 4 hours to finish roll call. I don'tthink I've ever been so terrified. We're in Jamaica and have no idea what is going to happen. Thankfully all were accounted for though there were injuries and some heart attacks.

Carolyn, I know that you were looking so forward to this cruise, I am so sorry that this happened and I am so glad that you are alright. It all sounds so terrifying. Let us know how you are doing.
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How terrrible for you! I'm glad you are safe, and hope that everyone else is as well. Thank you for posting your comments.
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Tallahassee, Florida
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I am so sorry for this horrible event happening during what was supposed to be a fabulous time for you. I'm very thankful you are not hurt. Material possessions can be replaced, your life can't. Please stay safe. I loved all my time on the Star and hate to hear something like this happened to a beautiful ship like her.
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We're glad that you're safe and were able to get out of harm's way. If you have AMEX, go to their local branch and they'll forward emergency funds to you. Also, if you have any need for contact #'s, let us know on the board and everyone will surely be helpful.

Stay safe. Star was a great ship. Hopefully Princess will be able to treat you guys right and get you back in good shape.

In our prayers,
Commack, New York
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I am totally mystified as to why the fire was not controlled by the sprinkler system? If the sprinklers were operating properly, the fire should have been confined to the cabin of origin? CNN has just reported one death and several injuries.
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Statement on Star Princess

This morning at approximately 3:10 am local time, as Star Princess was en route from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay, a fire broke out in the passenger accommodations, and spread to adjacent cabins. Passengers were immediately notified of the fire using the public address system and requested to report to their muster stations. We are currently completing a full passenger check to account for all passengers and crew.
The fire is now out, however there is still residual smoke throughout the affected area. The cause of the fire at this time is unknown.

The ship is carrying a total of 2,690 passengers and 1,123 crew members.

A full damage assessment is being carried out at this point.

Authorities were immediately contacted regarding the incident and we continue to work closely with all relevant parties.

Star Princess sailed from Fort Lauderdale on March 19 on a western Caribbean itinerary with calls at Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Montego Bay and Princess Cays.

A special number has been set up for inquiries from immediate family of passengers who are currently onboard: 1-800-693-7222.
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So horrible! Fox news just reported one person dead in the fire aboard the Star. My sympathies to the victim's family and friends and God's blessings on those who came through unharmed. A special blessing on the cruise members who risked their lives to extinquish the fire and prevent even more injuries or deaths!''

Especially sad, after justing hearing the news about the cruise ship passengers who lost their lives or were injured in the tour bus accident in Peru.

We all think of cruising as fun and relaxing, but there's always that other darker, side of any shiny coin...
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From the Princess website:

"We deeply regret having to confirm that there has been one passenger fatality following a cardiac arrest, two passengers with significant smoke inhalation injuries and nine passengers with minor complications resulting from smoke inhalation. The injured passengers have been stabilized in the ship's medical center."
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CNN said one person had cardiac arrest and 7 were treated for smoke inhalation. Please keep us posted on this, what a horrible way to end a cruise!
Hopefully Princess will take good care of their passengers.
Brick, New Jersey
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Oh my, so sorry this has happened. Thank goodness you are okay.
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a picture is up... serious damage
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Another CruiseCritic member posted these actual Webcam shots of the fire
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Wow! And I thought that our experience in February during the Grand Princess "tipping ship" incident was scary. This one has it beat 7 ways to Sunday.

Condolences to the family of the passenger that died, and best wishes for a safe trip home to everyone else on board. As long as you're OK, the rest is just "stuff."
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Reports are coming out that this fire was caused by cigarettes in a cabin. I am sure, after investigations are complete that they can determine exactly what cabin the fire started in. Hope the persons in that cabin have enough insurance to pay for the millions of dollars it will cost to repair the ship and reimburse other losses, much less the guilt they must feel for causing the fatality. I really wish they would only allow smoking in designated public areas, but I am sure that will never happen.