How low can I expect the price to go?

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Hi everyone,

Don't know if anyone else has been following the Explorer eastern Carribean sailings out of Bayonne (May 19, June 2, June 16), but just two days ago it seems that the "guarentee rooms" went into effect, and the inside rooms dropped from $1099 to $699. This is my first time looking to book a "last-minute" cruise, and I was just wondering...

...will the guarentee rooms be around until these cruises are filled to capacity, or could they disapear at any moment? it possible for the prices to go EVEN lower as the sailing dates aproach? (Maybe $599 for an inside?)

...our goal is to get on the June 2 sailing, when do you think is the latest we could/should book this?

...has anyone done a guarentee room on RCCL and were you happy with the end-product?

I'm sure I'll be heading over to a TA sooner or later, but it doesn't hurt to ask first

Thanks all!
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I would book now through RC and ask if the price drops even more could you call for a credit (it would most likely be an onboard credit). I would hate to see the category you are looking at "disappear". Don't wait! It seems like when these price drops happen the cabins book fast.
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If you already have a date picked - June 2 - then book it. The rates could even go up - you don't know and there's no guarantee. As far as a guarantee room, the closer to the sailing date, the odds are greater you will not be upgraded and will end up being at the front of the ship. If you don't care about what room you will have - go with it. If you are particular, select the room you want. I've ended up with port-holes on guaranteed outside booking a month out before. It was absolutely fine for me though. I'm booked for an outside guarantee for my upcoming cruise to save a few $ and am hoping for the best.

They run the happy hours the last month before the ship sails if you want to take a chance and wait it out. They do this to fill up the ship. Your TA could tell you how much of a % the ship is booked up to date. It's all a gamble on pricing when it comes to RCCL.
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Is it cruise time yet?

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If you want to play a game of "chicken" with your cruise, wait it out. If you think that it's a great price NOW, book it and enjoy your cruise.

If people could predict things like this, there'd be a lot more millionaires cruising from the killings they made on the stock market.
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Indeed.....we are getting a lot back from this sudden drop in fare, this was such a nice surprise. According to our TA, RCL will credit us back the money difference that is owed to us on our card, but I like the idea of that becoming onboard credit (cruzr44's post). Wondering if that's an option instead of getting the returned funds back to us?

My question is, is it only the inside cabins that got the cuts in prices? We're booked for the June 16th cruise.
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Originally posted by johnjen

My question is, is it only the inside cabins that got the cuts in prices? We're booked for the June 16th cruise.

They all did, except for suites and above.

Insides are $599 (compared to $1099)
Oceanviews are $849 (compared to $1399)
Balconies are $999 (compared to $1599)

Thanks for the tips ladies and gents!