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I am not going to post a lengthy review but am certainly willing to answer questions. This was a nine-night cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, to Port Canaveral, to Charleston, to Hamilton, to Nassau, to Fort Lauderdale. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip (though I'd substitute Savannah for Canaveral). The suite, the service and the food were all top notch. We're already planning our next outing!

[I'd say there were about 375 passengers, out of a potential capacity of 490. 60% were from Florida. How do I know? They gave us a guest list with names and home towns of all the passengers. I know they did not do this on our first Seven Seas trip last summer in the Baltic (on the Voyager).]
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My previous thought was that RSSC gives out passenger lists on longer cruises. Passenger lists were published on a 14 day trans canal last year on Navigator. Now you received guest list on a 9 day cruise on Navigator. So now, I don't know if it's a Navigator thing or a cruise length thing?

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We have received passenger list on 19 day Mariner and 14 day Voyager but not two seven day cruises so your theory makes sense.


12/19/02 Mariner
05/24/03 Diamond
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When you say gave........was it left in your cabin, like a daily news letter or did you have to ask for the list? Also, when docked in Hamilton how was the view? Reason I ask is I am contemplating a Bermuda cruise and I was wondering if it makes any difference as to whether or not you are on the port or starboard side while docked in Hamilton. Thanks!
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We are leaving on the 19th on the cruise you just returned from. Sailed on the navigator last year and really liked the ship. Can you give me any info on what you liked most about your different stops? Hope the weather is good. It was raining there the other day. Starting to pack and getting excited.
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As to the passenger listing, I haven't a clue what their policy is regarding size of ship or length of cruise. As I noted earlier, we did not get one on our Baltic cruise last year.

Regarding ports of call, I'd advise them, as I said before, to substitute Savannah for Canaveral (sp?). Charleston was the most charming place we stopped, though Hamilton was lovely, too. I didn't care for Nassau.

In another thread on this board, the question of which side of the ship is "better" in port in Hamilton is being discussed. As at least one poster there has noted, both sides have great views. We were on Deck 7 with a city-side view, which was very nice. The other side has a wonderful view of the harbor. Either way, you can't go wrong. (I think I would have preferred the harbor view, but certainly did not object in any way to the city view.)
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We received a passenger list on our first Mariner 7 night cruise and have never received one again.
We will be on this same itinerary starting Monday. I would rather go to Savannah as well, but I am looking forward to the Space Center.

Next Up - Bermuda April 19, Navigator
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I have never gotten a passenger list on my RSSC cruises, (only up to 10 nights) We'll see what 11 nights brings in June. Just got off a 10 night cruise on Silversea, and it was published like a little booklet, very nice.
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I believe that the passenger list was left at each cabin the same way dinner invitations were handled. As I recall it arrived toward the end of the cruise, but I wish it had been in the cabin when I arrived as I have to work very hard at remembering names. No, let's not go into any Freudian interpretations of a shrink who can't remember names. Just forgive me if I have to ask a second or third time.