BUTLER on MARINER -- Do they press your clothes?

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Leaving soon on the Mariner.

Have a Butler for the first time.

Have heard that they do press your clothes for you, but have heard different things, i.e., they will press your clothes for you, but only ON THE FIRST DAY?

Also, is there an additional charge for the pressing?

Thanks so much !!
Charleston, SC
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That is really interesting. Have had butlers on several cruises - pressing was not offered, not asked for and not done. I just used a hand steamer and hoped for the best! Will check this out with butler on Navigator this fall.
Austin, Texas
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We will have a butler on the PG in a couple of weeks. Besides pressing - any other secrets they'll take care of that we need to know to ask for? I know they'll make dinner reservations and bring cocktail hour appetizers - anything else?
Miami, Florida
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I believe they will press one outfit for you the first day. Another secret is that you can have mixed drinks at dinner also complementary. Make sure and try the Hinano beer on the Gauguin (it is the local beer).
Have a great trip.

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When we have cruised on Celebrity, I've sent all my husband's dress shirts and whatever else needs it to be pressed. I can pack so my clothes are usually fine but don't even try with the shirts. I figure why press them at home only to have to redo them when on the ship. It makes the packing a lot easier too. On Celebrity it wasn't too expensive. I also bought a steamer for our 14 day trans canal trip and never used it.

Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.
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No irons in the staterooms aboard RSSC ships. Voyager and Mariner have wonderful irons in the self service laundries. We had a butler on PG and on Voyager. First day they will do pressing for you free, as long as it's not excessive. We've always found that clothes will hang themselves out in a day or so as long as they're properly packed, so we only ask to have things for the first night or so pressed.
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Thank Doug,

That's good to know, I forgot about the pressing in the Lauderettes!! One less thing to pack, or one more pair of sandals (depending on how you look at it!)

And I agree that if you pack things properly it helps. I always try to pack my nice dresses, pants, etc., so that each one is in a bag from the cleaners. The extra air around the clothes is supposed to prevent wrinkles -- it really seems to work.

Mahalos !!