Food on Royal Caribbean

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Miami, Florida
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Has it improved at all? We went on Radiance to Alaska and the food was disgusting. I was really disappointed, because I had taken Princess years before and ate like a pig. I'm taking Royal to the Baltic this summer and am hoping that they have improved.
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I went on the Sovereign in November and didn't think it was that good. However, I was really anticipating excellence from reviews I had read. I guess it's all very subjective. However, I hope that you like the food better this time!
Vancouver, British Columbia
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We just came back from the explorer, western carib, considering they have to wine and dine some 3500 plus passengers for 7 nights 3 meals a day, I thought the food and the service in the dining room was exceptional, the windjammer and island grill became very boring after the second meal, same old buffet everyday, Johnny Rockets was excellent. Overall the food was very good. Some of the meals in the dining room were outstanding, others just very good.
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I agree with jackiegurl - I was on Explorer in May '01 and will be back on it in August and the food was really good. Dinner was a treat every night - lobster tails, rack of lamb.
Miami, Florida
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Well that's encouraging. When we went on the Radiance, to Alaska, no less, we didn't even have one night of lobster or anything of the sort. They didn't even have fresh salmon. They had farm raised salmon every day that was way overcooked and I was really excited the one night that they had halibut, thinking it would be fresh, but alas, it wasn't, and it was overcooked! So I'm hoping it was just the ship. Cause I've heard from others that the Radiance was awful and Brillance was great! Cause I love to eat!!! Maybe I won't gain as much weight though
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Hate to "burst your bubble" of hope but at New Years on Brilliance the food was just "average" at best.. the decent meals were had at Portofinos or Chops.. getting meats cooked anything less than medium took major effort w/wait staff... and even then it was somewhat disappointing.
Hope you have better luck.
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Just back from Brillance 4/9/04 sailing and the food was excellent. No complaints at all in the dinning room, the Windjammer or Seaview Cafe. Only tried Chops, which was fabulous, not Portofinos. Wait staff was also super and met or exceeded all of our expectations. Hope you have the same luck we did.

Spring Tx.
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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by camella:
Has it improved at all? We went on Radiance to Alaska and the food was disgusting. I was really disappointed, because I had taken Princess years before and ate like a pig. I'm taking Royal to the Baltic this summer and am hoping that they have improved.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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We were also on the Brilliance on 04/09/04 and while the food in the dining room was okay it certainly wasn't as good as on our previous four cruises with RCI or as good as our one cruise with Princess. In my opinion I would give the food on this cruise 3 stars down from the 5 stars on all previous cruises.

Long Island, New York
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I;m surprised to hear that so many people were dissatisfied with RCCL's food. We sailed on the Explorer and Adventure recently, and the food was very good. Maybe not superb or 5-star, but definitely better than average. No real complaints from my tamily regarding the food.

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I think the food in portofinos is excellent.

The main dining room is good. Nothing exceptional. Lobster tails, shrimp scampi, grouper were all very good.

I would love to try Celebrity or Disney though. Supposedly they have great food.

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Oklahoma City
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Also on Brilliance 4-09. My husband had a tenderlion and a strip steak, both of which were medium and nicely pink. He said they were very good. I raved about the vegatable curry. All other entres were good to very good but not outstanding. I thought the food was better in the Windjammer than Voyager's Windjammer, and it wasn't bad. Just that Brilliance had more selections. And Brilliance buffet pizza was great.I can't imagine a 7 day cruise with no lobster as the original poster stated about Radiance! Maybe it was a shorter cruise?
Atchison, Kansas
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I was on Navigator of the Seas in October 2003 and I thought the food was awful. We only ate in the dining room twice for dinner and once for lunch. All were awful. In fact, at lunch I sent mine back for something else. The room service was very disappointing. You could get burgers but you would get a very dry bun. The best thing we got with room service were cookies, ice water and salad.

The windjammer wasn't very good either, but once again you could eat enough soup and salad to get full.

The best meal we had was at Chops. It was worth every penny.

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Kilgore, Tx
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Sailed on Majesty of the Seas this month and I thought the food was great. The steaks were cooked just like I like them...medium rare and juicy. They had great appetizers. Loved the creamed mushrooms in puff pastry, the cold cucumber soup, Mmmm, now I am getting hungry.

Majesty of the Seas 5/04

Carnival Ecstasy 12/13/04
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I was on the Legend sailing to Hawaii in May. The menu choices at the dinners was terrible. When we finally chose something from the lousy menu, the food arrived tough, tasteless or dry. Sailing for 5 days before we got to Hawaii, I felt like a captive victim. I couldn't wait to get to our first port of call so that we could go to a decent restaurant. I don't know how the rest of RCCI's ships are, but the Legend certainly leaves a lot to be desired.
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Over the years RCCL's food has gone down in quality. I sailed on the Granduer of the Seas this past April. I was a bit disappointed. The desserts are plain BAD. We found ordering icecream with choc. syrup & cherries was a better choice. When the head waiter mentioned something about this not being on the menu, we told them it should be
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Is it cruise time yet?

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west chester
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I don't think I will ever sail with RCCL again. Much like Doughboy, we loaded up on soup, salad & bread. EVERY MEAL was a disgrace. How can they manage to get repeat guests? All meals tasted like they were flash frozen in one of those boil in a plastic bag things. I am not kidding you the food was horrible. On the night they served lobster it so water logged and just awful. We sailed last Thanksgiving on Celebrity's Summit and it was not too much better. Their selections on their menus left an awful lot to desire. Not as bad as RCCL but not too much better. Try a different cruiseline, it can't hurt.
san diego
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Hi to ALL...
I have read your comments, but no one mentioned the budget constraints that the chefs are under. I have been told that RCCL has a budget of $1.00 per DAY per passenger for Pastries, yes, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,all together. The food budget looks to be around $7.00 per day per passenger, IMHO. The food is very good based on that information. Raddison uses a budget of over $35 per passenger per day. I enjoy Italian pastries so Princess's bakers are the best for me. RCCL has a Franco/ German flair or at least onboard the Serenade of the Seas, which is alittle tame for me. Each to their own.......Dennis
Long Island, New York
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The desserts on Princess are very good. The desserts on RC and Norwegian tasted like defrosted things that came in a cardboard box, there's no way they were made on board. They looked very nice but had NO taste. I see the biggest difference between cruiselines food at the buffet, and Princess Horizon Court is always good with a wonderful selection. As for RC and NCL, yuch. Sort of like school food. The dining rooms on all three were very good in my experience.